Zombietale Component one (Undertale Comic Dub)

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I utilised brass tacks to attach his furry body.
He also has a neck hole hollowed out so you can use him like a actual puppet to recite cautionary tales to the kiddiewinks.

Thanks Francesco
By ojimbo on 2007-02-28 05:56:26

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70 thoughts on “Zombietale Element 1 (Undertale Comic Dub)”

  1. As much as I dislike undertale, I have the feeling element 115 has spread through the poor frisk, fucking richtofen…..

  2. I have a bad theory. So what happened was when Frisk fell down she lost so much blood she couldn’t feel anything but hunger. Which explains why it hurts so bad. But the reason they want to eat others is because their hunger is too much too bear, and when they eat someone then it feels better, but they still continue too be hungry and lose blood because their body doesn’t have the strength or whatever to close it fully. And they don’t die because their "determination" seems too be too much at the time and won’t let Frisk die even if she wanted too. And when she bites the froggit he turns into a zombie-like thing because (wait a moment… how does Frisk have sharp enough teeth to bite him?) almost the same reason as Frisk. This is just my thoughts so plz don’t hate.

  3. wait, so.. Frisk is a zombie? holy cwap!

    and that they can actually feel is kinda understandable, since they have DETERMINATION and that makes them different from other zombies that can feel nothing but hunger

  4. i think on mt ebott its a zombie apocalypse and frisk chased somone to the hole and they shot frisk in the head and they fell in and thats why their head is all bloody

  5. Glad to know you’re finally getting down to brass tacks.
    Never fails.

    The dementia comes through in the raw carving style, and it fits nicely with the matted nappy bear hair. Good one.

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