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“The Zombie Drug” by Kyle

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The stories are allegedly true, claimed by the respective authors.

The Poison in Me
Information/Credits: comedy-of-terrors.tumblr.com/submit/166455985338/the-poison…
By dysangelion on 2017-ten-16 eleven:27:30

No matter if they legitimately exist or not, zombies are a fragment of the well-liked culture.  When we say zombie, it largely is a matter of a reanimated corpse, but also zombie could be human getting that is managed by someone else by use of magic. They seem in horror and fantasy themed fiction and entertainment, usually designated as silly, distracted, collapsing corpses, hungry for human flesh.  They may be concerned as a succession of the image of the vampires.

The current conception of the zombie has its essence in the cine of George A. Romero from 1968 – Night of the Living Dead.  From then until now, the thought of the present day zombie has being bound with the “zombie apocalypse”.  It refers to a society demolish as a consequence of zombie rush, described in numerous zombies – relevant media.  The most celebrated zombie – themed television presentation most likely was Thriller, Michael Jackson’s brief movie and music video, directed by John Landis that grew to become one particular of the most well-liked music videos of all time.  Zombies also grew to become a portion of the modern literature so the zombie fiction came on the scene as a exclusive literary subgenre.  They take a portion in the gaming also, zombie video games are 1 of the most liked video games…

Quite amusing point, related to the zombies, are the guidebooks for zombie survival.  No one has seen gang of “undead” walking round the streets, but these guides exist, there is an critical number of books, content articles on world wide web.  Potentially the most properly – recognized guide of this gender is The Zombie Survival Guidebook, written by American writer Max Brooks, published in 2003.  In the book he writes about “situations” of zombie aggressions in historical past and offers comprehensive methods for the ordinary man or woman to survive zombie attacks.  For the ones that are impatient to go through total book, right here are a handful of basic rules how to survive zombie meeting.

When the zombies are collapsing your door, you ought to stay amazing they are slow so you can possibly run away if you bond to the rules.  It truly is pleasant if you have a handful of principal factors with you like archery, great flashlight, foods and water.  Coming phase is to protect your area, do what you can to defend each and every entry, but in any case, stay place and often have an exit techniques.  The principles explained that it’s not critical if the zombie was your best buddy or girlfriend place a slug in their head, due to the fact if you don’t do that, they will kill you no matter what.  Be tolerant waiting for rescue, but begin creating your extended phrase plans for survival.  And additional really essential issue, never get surrounded because you are dead if you do.

Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I discover creating as one particular of the most proper ways to express myself and I like when it seems beneficial for the other folks as nicely.  

53 thoughts on ““Zombie Outbreak” – Accurate Scary Stories”

  1. I seriously visit your channel the most for scary stories. I hope to see more asian scary stories those ones are my favorite!

  2. i could live peacefully with the idea of a zombie apocalypse caused by some weird vodo shit but this ir real and scarier is that we wouldn’t be able to do much against it (mindless strong beasts with smart people leading them ) not so fun. …good video anyways,keep it up 🙂

  3. I am hooked on scary stories, and most don’t really creep me out, but this one scares the shit out of me. Because I can totally see this happening. I mean, we already willingly gave up our rights to privacy in the US following the 9/11 "terrorist attacks". What more will people be willing to give up in the name of "safety" from a government intent on complete control of its people?

  4. There’s no need to do this shit the world government has already established a totalitarian regime. Not through fear but through our anger and egos. All of these guys running around saying wake up or open your eyes or calling people sheep are helping to keep them looking in the wrong direction and keep the oppressors right where they want to be. There is no nwo coming. that shit has already happened and right now we’re all too egotistical and emo to do anything about it.

  5. the theories in this tale are fucking terrifying… more then the drug the idea that the world would be come a place where freedom is non existent curls the toes and makes ones hair stand on end…

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  7. I’m not sure what’s more confusing. The fact this has the word ‘true’ in the title or the ‘Poo-Pourri’ commercial that played before it.

  8. best story I’ve heard in a long time! but Kyle the owner of this story I completely agree with everything you said/stated too many people on this earth are blind and don’t see the bigger picture. Good Narration!

  9. Way to much useless info in the beginning of the first story!!
    In the future cut out more of the fat from the story. ??

  10. I use to work at a store and a girl who use to frequent the store. she told me that her husband was involved with bath salts and that the fbi had seized their stuff.

  11. This video is, by far, the scariest video you have posted. I truly believe this is true, and currently happening. I have read about and seen people i used to know actually hooked on these exact drugs. It’s terrifying.

  12. God damn dude, your channel is awesome! I love how you add the pictures as well to fuel the listeners imagination, subscribed!

  13. Crazy good job, my friend!

    But I have to say, after 17 + years of political research and interest, this story was extremely disconcerting…

    This was terrifyingly accurate regarding government experimentation on it’s populace…

    Take care as always…


  14. This video scared me probably the most out of any vids, cause it is totally possible that this can happen. And I don’t believe in Zombies! But it makes sense that this can happen in our world, in our future. Dear God I hope not.

  15. I would not be surprised if this is true. There was a experiment that the us government did on a town of in Guatemala or one of those countries I can’t remember the name. But they offered the citizens shots for diseases instead they injected them with syphilis. And of course they didn’t know and did not get treatment so the ppl that didn’t die were left sterile,blind and with other symptoms.

  16. If this apocalypse would happen i would think these drugs or the government trying shit and it doesnt work or trynna bring the dead back to life

  17. I know it’s not the main point but, the poor guy he said it rained the day he was born and even the heavens knew it was not a day for celebration. I hope he knows rain brings life, a rainy day is the ultimate celebration in 90% of all places.? so sad tho.

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