A zombie horror told from the zombie’s perspective, THE Finish is one woman’s account of the finish of her life, her family members and everything.

Like several single parents in their thirties Zoe is overworked, overburdened and low on organization, and when the zombie apocalypse starts she is forced to face the monster that has taken her over, the horrors he shows her, and her own murky previous.

“…achingly mournful, nearly unbearable…a novella of genuine intelligence and masterful narration…ultimately THE End is an observation of loss…” – from The Slaughtered Bird

Written by Adam M Booth
Narrated by Shiromi Arserio

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50 thoughts on “[ZOMBIE HORROR Complete AUDIOBOOK] THE Finish”

  1. This is a really cool twist on the Zombie Genre. To get a glimpse of what it’s like to BE the walking dead. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  2. I’m thinking about writing my own zombie apocalyptic story but this is def very well written and very interesting.

  3. Whoa! Something different great description of another reality with good articulation. Thank-you very refreshing in a dark way.

  4. The person reading this has a terrible voice for it. I find this SO painfully boring I cannot endure it and had to quit only 7 minutes in. Just too boring, too slow, too … idk. I get that it’s trendy these days to always have female main characters, and there’s a huge benefit to having a female read your novel even if the character isn’t female. But I find it hard to empathise with some banal thirty something office worker fiddling with her ipod music collection and bawwing about shopping centres.

  5. So beautifully sad, refreshing view of "Zombies". I loved it so much I’m gonna listen a 2nd in case I missed something small the first time around. Thanks for writing this and I think your narrator is perfect for this.

  6. I wanted to listen to this, but just too many commercials. At 20 minute mark it had already stopped 3 times for adverts.

  7. A fantastic, refreshing story chalk full of symbolism and shivering analogies. An enthralling and vastly different point of view and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. i have,yet again, fallen in love with an astonishing piece of literature. This is beautifully set up, and the attention to such details, both emotional and physical is just heart and gut wrenching. I wish i could write as well as you. Stay safe, and keep writing!!

  9. Wow! I love this book. There are so many generic zombie stories out there, but this is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the experience. By the way can I buy this book and get it signed?

  10. The last minutes are beautiful… and chilling. The undead, and their thoughts until the Earth is destroyed. (Probably a few billion years more, until the sun becomes a red giant.)

  11. I will start with the bad first. I thought the way she became a zombie was stupid. But I really love this story. It is actually scary and capable of provoking a sense of despair. Two things that so many books in the zombie genre lack. Most focus on the survival aspect of it or human drama in stressful times. This book is so unique. The ending is also beautiful. Could not have asked for a better one. Will review it on goodreads.

  12. This is one of the best written zombie stories I’ve heard. The descriptions and choice of words really drew me into the story. Gifted writer, heck of a mind’s eye to be able to envision this level of detail.

  13. Somehow, I doubt if a decaying, disease activated brain with no blood flow is capable of thought. Although mine still is.

  14. Zombies are typically not my thing but this was a beautifully written story with a very deep storyline. Very well done.

  15. Very intense, the reader grabbed me and pulled me into the experience and I cried at times. Man, I am exhausted – this is awesome. Thank you for posting it.

  16. Great book, extremely spooky. But still really really good. Awesome to see a new perspective on a long dead genera. Hope you write more stories like this one! ?

  17. Very good story man. Am I reading too much into this or are you writing a story about rape trauma disguised as a zombie book? In any case, that is what I am getting out of it.

    Good luck in the future.

  18. I’m not going to lie I’m only 36 minutes in and the entire things been making me kind of feel sick the way this lady explains things is pretty thorough like my body already hurts listening to this is making me want to vomit from like everywhere I love it

  19. Within the first 4 minuets you pretty much gave us the characters life story and more. Stick to a point an adhere to it, one minute we’re in a queue to pay for items in a petrol station the next were talking about how life forces you to work the same job and pay the same bills.

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