You Require To Play Golf Story

Golf Story just may possibly be the greatest sleeper hit of 2017. If you enjoyed Stardew Valley or Mario Golf it is a Must play on the Switch – I loved every second of it! Let’s talk about why.

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Almost….hole in one
158 yard par three, pitching wedge. a best arching shot, I believed it was in the hole. it wasn’t, it backed up and stopped right here.
By rozic on 2007-09-22 15:07:26

TaylorMade continues its long-running regular of excellence with the men’s Burner Steel fairway wood. The club is distinguished by the company’s SuperFast technology, which reduces the total club weight to market a faster swing speed and more ball-crushing distance.



Inform you, the TaylorMade Burner Fairway Wood functions Dual Crown Technologies that weighs much less than a common crown. Saved weight is redistributed to give the burnera 35% decrease CG (center of gravity) than the prior Burner, advertising a greater launch and higher flight for more carry and distance. Meanwhile, the quick-searching triangular shaped head permits an even lower CG placement, making it even simpler to get a strong launch.


The shallow club face design and style of the TaylorMade Burner fairway wood moves the centre of gravity decrease and additional back in the head to make it easier to hit higher and longer, from virtually any lie. The matching headcover is included free when you location your order through the web site!


By developing a club that players can swing quicker–and that delivers a larger average ball speed on mis-hits–TaylorMade has enhanced a player’s range significantly from shot to shot, making it a lot more enjoyable than ever to hit from the fairway. The Burner Steel’s large steel clubhead, meanwhile, promotes the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of any fairway wood in golf, adding to the club’s forgiveness. And thanks to the club’s repositioned center of gravity, which is positioned low and deep within the club, golfers will a get pleasure from a regularly higher and lengthy launch.


A buddy of mine said, “Even though utilizing the club, I was extremley pleased with the way you could handle the flight of the ball. This is my second burner club, and the head has fallen off of both of them. When they remain togeather the’re a fantastic club to have along.”


In a word, like the Burner driver, the TaylorMade Burner fairway wood is all about distance! Employing SpeedFast technology the entire club is lightweight for added distance!

50 thoughts on “You Want To Play Golf Story”

  1. I really wanted to try this game now, but when I looked it up I see it’s just on the switch.. oh well, one day soon I hope I’ll get one 😀 Then I’ll definitely play this game!

  2. Mario Golf on the Gameboy Color was actually my first game I ever played.. and with mario odysee, botw and this game being up Im really tempted to get a Switch

  3. I bought this shortly after it came out and it’s become my earthbound (if that makes any sense? Like the game people who don’t play games would never have heard of, but i’ll aggressively recommend it anyway) and there’s so many reasons why. I try to explain why it’s so phenomenal, but the best way is for people to just play it and experience it’s brilliance. I genuinely felt weirdly emotional upon finishing the game because holy shit does it draw you in and you really come to love the world, the characters and even golf… Which i guess i’m not a huge fan of but damn i enjoy golf story xD

  4. I believe i’ll get to like it more as i play it, but there is one thing that gets me EXTREMELY angry while playing: The fact missions don’t just fail when you have insufficient strokes to actually complete the objective the mission asks you for, but you actually need to spam them to restart the mission. It doesn’t makes sense.

  5. I bet this game was based on that one episode of _Steven Universe_ in which Steven periodically plays a golf themed RPG throughout the episode.


    Game breaking bug soft locks the game state – Save & Quit in Tidy Park Mansion during the party.

    Devs on this game are incompetent, submitted patch to Nintendo 3 weeks ago. Still not pushed to customers.

  7. I was pumped for this, got it an hour after it dropped and adored every moment. The tutorial is sooooo my bro and nephew….. “want a sausage roll?” Hahh

  8. WARNING: Don’t save INSIDE the Tidy Park Mansion/Club House. This will result in a game breaking bug (you become very small and can’t interact with anything or leave the mansion).
    The devs are already aware of the bug and said they are working on a patch but my game didn’t got a patch until now.

    It has some other minor glitches/bugs but overall it’s a pretty cute and fun game. I still enjoyed it when i played through it a second time because of the Tidy Park Mansion bug.

  9. I’m gonna grab this at some point. I played the crap out of the Mario Golf GBC game and this reminds me a lot of that, but with more silliness. It’s gonna be hype. But I’ve got so many games going on right now lol

  10. I LOVED this game. It was definitely worth every penny, but there’s an issue I had that maybe someone could clear up for me. Sometimes the writing sounded like it was translated from another language or something. Certain punch lines made no sense or weird phrases were used. (Like how so many characters say “sucked in!”.) Is this game British or something? Also, what’s a sausage roll?? That sounds delicious.

  11. Whenever you say “Stay Frosty My Friends” JackFrostMiner’s voice comes into my mind, as he also says “Stay Frosty My Friends” at the ends of his videos too.

  12. Got it. Bored halfway through. It was overhyped by Nintentards because they had no games at the time. They’d give pong a 10/10 if it launched back then.

  13. Man i love your reviews cause it look like it was made with a lot of thought and love.keep up the good work

  14. You need to play "That Dam Level Redux"!

    Look at this game!
    I want the suffering to be spread as much as possible!
    Too little people have played this game!

  15. "Course record is currently 22. We think its pretty close to optimal. Sub 22 might happen, but it won’t be until new tricks are discovered".

  16. Well fuck. You really sold this game to me. It looks really frikken fun right now and that’s saying something as I’m all but entirely immune to advertisement, partially due to being from a semi-poor family and am a millennial, but no judge me though bro.

  17. I loved the game but I have to admit you just can’t recommend it to anyone that dislikes golf games based on similarities to Stardew. Even if you play a few rounds at a time, the game’s still pretty much built around the sport, and I enjoyed it much more because of how much I also like Mario Golf

  18. I would disagree about the part saying it slipped under everyone’s noses, it’s the most owned indie on my friend list, above stardew valley

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