Wyatt Earp has been portrayed in numerous motion pictures and tv shows by some of Hollywood’s greatest actors, like Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and a lot more recently, Kevin Costner, but these well-known fictions frequently belie the complexities and flaws of a guy whose daily life is a lens on politics, justice and financial chance in the American frontier.

As a younger man, Wyatt Earp was a caricature of the Western lawman. He acquired notoriety as the legendary gunman in the shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, but shortly soon after his death in 1929, distressed Americans down on their luck transformed Wyatt Earp into a folk hero, a central figure in the narrative of how the West was won. Celebrated as a guy who took control of his very own destiny, Wyatt Earp came to epitomize the town-taming marshal accountable for bringing the forces of law, purchase and civilization to the Wild West.

Wyatt Earp’s actual lifestyle story, though, was more challenging than the romantic legend. He invested his youth carousing, gambling, and visiting brothels – often just one stage ahead of the law. A wanderer and an opportunist, Earp was ever in pursuit of better fortunes in the next boomtown. He spent most of his daily life roaming the West, supporting himself with police work, mining, gambling, saloon-trying to keep, and actual estate discounts. Right after the tragic death of his youthful wife, Earp fell in between prostitutes and gamblers and remained closely connected to this underworld even right after turning into a lawman. Soon soon after settling in the burgeoning silver mining town of Tombstone, Arizona, Wyatt Earp and his brothers grew to become involved in a feud with the nearby Cowboys which culminated in the notorious 1881 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Although it lasted much less than a minute, this infamous gunfight blurred the boundaries of law and criminality, and grew to become a symbol a chapter in the winning of the West. In revenge for his brother’s murder Earp took the law into his very own hands, killing at least three of the nearby Cowboys before lastly leaving the territory of Arizona for excellent.

In his later on years, residing in a modest bungalow in Los Angeles, Wyatt Earp was haunted by his previous, and fretted above his legacy. He died just before he could witness his redemption as an enduring and admired hero in the American imagination.

Background Story
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  1. there’s the other side of the OK Corral . which I don’t need to go into and piss everybody off but it’s a fact

  2. There’s no such thing as a "real" story. Even 30 seconds after it happens, someone has forgotten one fucking thing or another. Or they think they saw something they didn’t. 20 people can witness a bank robbery and you’ll get 20 different stories. Yet, 100 years after the fact, someone knows the "real" story?

  3. In the photo at 14:46 , he actually looks like Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday in the 1993 version of Tombstone! How ironic is that! ???

  4. Some Wyatt Earp justice needs to be done to the gangs, cartels, and terrorists that threaten the lives across the world.

  5. How many of us had or still have a "Doc" figure in our life?  You know that person that most people don’t get but you seem to click just fine with?

  6. OK now tell the truth. Those erp boys were nothing more than game professional money grubbers. Pushing local drunkards into a fight that would be better left alone. The younger brother went back to Arizona just to foolishly make a name for himself and was gunned down as he deserved. Those devils make history what it is. One big lie.

  7. Buried in Colma, CA. Had 3 separate residences in San Francisco. Referee’d a heavyweight title fight in the late 1890’s with his gun in his holster..

  8. I like the story of Wyatt Earp. I have been called a cowboy because I have been a horse man. I have a gun hip that I have wore a six gun before I shoot fast, and I double bull’s eye hit exactly what I shoot at. I target practice, but I don’t kill innocent animals unless I need food. I am a cowboy because I follow the same credo the shoot it that was portraited by actor John Wayne. I agree with Wyatt because I don’t find anything humorous either. I could of lived in that time. I open up a can of whoop as like Wyatt. I like the saloon girls too.

  9. This isn’t a bad little ‘documentary’. But I would recommend a book by Casey Terfitiller called "Wyatt Earp: The life Behind The Legend"., it’s available new and used on Amazon,and is very well documented, the bibliography is larger than most books, and better done than a lot of doctoral theses. A damn good book, also documents Earps friendship with John Wayne.

  10. Before it even starts its accuracy is suspect when they get the date of the gunfight wrong.
    It was October 26th, not 29th.

  11. Wyatt Earp was a man at the center of a gambling ring and a prostitution ring in Tombstone. That’s how dedicated to the law Wyatt Earp was.

  12. The thing I most admire about Wyatt — perhaps his only admirable trait really — is his loyalty to Doc and vice versa.
    Three scenes from Hollywood:
    Where Wyatt meets Doc in Kostner’s movie; Doc’s deathbed scene in Tombstone; and the scene by the river after killing Curly Bill.
    Creek Johnson: Why are you doin’ this Doc?
    Doc: Wyatt Earp is my friend.
    Creek Johnson: Hell, I got lots of friends.
    Doc: I don’t.

  13. It’s crazy how the word cowboys has changed now since then. Wyatt was amazing in so many ways to live such a life to become a documentary

  14. An extremely well narrated documentary with eloquence and sincerity. Now combined with the plethora of knowledgeable comments below, this is a pictorial history lesson for the world to savour., Was Mr Earp a legend ? Absolutely, and still is.

  15. I’m related to Wyatt Earp. I’m related to his mother “Virginia Ann Cooksey (earp)” . That means Wyatt was my great,great,great,great cousin.

  16. There was two factions trying to control Tombstone.The Cowboys,and The Earps.The Earp brothers had badges,and public backing,used it to get control and vengeance.Both factions were only looking out for themselves and wallets.

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