Writing Ideas: Satire, you are Performing it Incorrect

Just because you happen to be satire doesn’t mean you can not suck

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Cosmic Trigger Play 4th – 27th May possibly 2017
Adore &amp Will Productions / The Cockpit present:

Cosmic Trigger Play by Daisy Eris Campbell

Adapted from Robert Anton Wilson’s seminal autobiography Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of The Illuminati

4th – 27th May 2017

The Cockpit – Gateforth St, Marylebone, London NW8 8EH

“Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘Illuminatus!’ had a profound effect on me and the Cosmic Trigger Play will no doubt do the same for a whole new generation.” Alan Moore, writer/author of V for Vendetta, Watchmen and Jerusalem

Turn On. Tune In. Locate The Other people

In 1976 revered maverick playwright and director Ken Campbell staged Robert Anton Wilson’s, Illuminatus! – a nine-hour stage epic play that helped launch the careers of Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy. It also led to the backstage conception of a child girl Daisy Eris Campbell.
“one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the previous half-century”
The Guardian obituary for Ken Campbell – 2008

Now Adore &amp Will Productions and The Cockpit are delighted to announce the debut complete run of Daisy Campbell’s adaptation of Wilson’s seminal countercultural text Cosmic Trigger. Element sequel, portion revisit, component homage, portion new writing this is the story behind the notorious conspiracy satire, ‘Illuminatus!’, the extraordinary life of the novel’s author, Robert Anton Wilson, and the unstoppable force that was theatre legend Ken Campbell.

Daisy Campbell says &quotReading Cosmic Trigger changed my life and the lives of many others – and the book is dedicated to my dad! Wilson’s uniquely optimistic and radically agnostic philosophy is incredibly relevant in these crazy times. We are definitely thrilled to be working with The Cockpit on this production. They are the excellent co-conspirators to support us bring the wit and wisdom of Robert Anton Wilson back to life.&quot

The original work reinterpreted world history as a giant conspiracy theory and Daisy’s new operate offers a backstory to the original production, featuring the lives of Wilson and Campbell, as properly as the counterculture figures Timothy Leary, Alan Watts and William Burroughs, whom Robert Anton Wilson befriended.

Set in the late sixties and early seventies, the play recounts the period of Wilson’s life around the conception and writing of Illuminatus. In the course of this time, he befriended heroes of counterculture, took LSD and experimented with the magical rituals of Aleister Crowley with predictably – and unpredictably – thoughts-blowing outcomes.

With many of the original cast returning and Alan Moore appearing via specially recorded audio and morphed video projections Cosmic Trigger is a celebration of all that has gone before it as well as a important venture in its own right. This is a extremely ambitious production, with projections in the round, phantasmagorical multiple narratives, and a various actor performing as William Burroughs every single night, it is designed to evoke the actual-life hallucinogenic trip by way of conspiracy, paranoia and enlightenment that transformed Robert Anton Wilson from ‘Playboy’ editor to significantly-loved counter-cultural icon.

Dave Wybrow, Artistic Director of the Cockpit and co producer of Cosmic Trigger says “We are putting with each other a venue, a tribe and new methods of networking and creating operate. It is about joining low tech to hi tech, low culture to high culture and low budgets to high levels of audience reach and social effect. This initial venture appears at counter-cultural legacy. But the vision is an open artistic community for the future.”

Cosmic Trigger previously played for two days in November in Camp &amp Furnace in Liverpool and 5 days at Lost Theatre Vauxhall in London in 2014 – this is the play’s initial full run.

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  1. My Show Idea features the second total drama contestant voice to be on the same show as Spongebob
    Clarence was the first ( It has the voice for Izzy on the show)

  2. +TheMysteriousMrEnter Trolling isn’t intended to harm someone or make them feel bad.The point is to make people upset with you for a few minutes and then go on with your life without any lasting impact. It’s basically just to get a rise out of them.

    If you bring someone to tears, break their things or generally harm them personally, it’s no longer trolling. Trolling is stuff like standing in the way of your teammates in an FPS so they can’t get by (annoying but ultimately harmless) or snidely replying to an extreme political comment on YouTube (you’ll get them angry for a bit and receive some sharp words but unless you’re insulting them personally it won’t hurt most.) A bully puts people down, a troll just shakes them up for a second.

    Calling an anorexic fat or threatening someone is harassment. Being intentionally obnoxious or annoying is trolling. And if you follow someone around to continue trolling them, it becomes harassment. And it is probably a good idea to not troll children, as they will react much more extremely and feel the sting for much longer.

    The difference (at least for me) is whether your actions will have consequences reaching over 2 hours. If you are trolling, people will be upset with you for a minute but forget about you shortly. If you are bullying, they will still be feeling bad for a long time and might change their behavior negatively because of it.

  3. Heh, I’ve apparently been making satire comments right but using them half right half wrong… I usually try to change someone’s mind but I also like to deliberately piss people off :P…
    Also is using satire as a way to make someone look stupidly hypocritical or just idiotic as a way to change their mind also using it wrong? (You know some people literally need to see their own stupidity or see how wrong they’re doing things to change their ways)

  4. First!

    " pay attention to my pathetic soul, I’m on the brink of sucide because nobody cares about me cause I’m an annoying, stupid, and evil human being."

  5. No, Mr. Enter, anarchy is the desire for the abolition of hierarchical systems. Not the abolition of law and order, outside of a small minority. Go look up Libertarian Socialist for more information on that subject, he tackles it quite well.

  6. A troll jokes for fun, and is generally meant to be harmless. A bully jokes with the explicit intention to cause any sort of harm.

  7. Great video and I agree completely. My only recommendation is that you either speak more slowly or take the marbles out of your mouth. I had to back up and repeat so much that I probably saw half of the video three or four times before I’d seen all of it once.

    Otherwise, it’s brilliant. I was also delighted to learn about the girl who wrote the satirical standardized test.

  8. so if I drew a comic that says Micheal Phelps is secretly a merman, and that’s why he’s so fast at swimming won so many Olympic gold medals…Does that count as satire?

  9. It’s a good thing you made this video, because if Herpe the Love Sore was meant to be a parody of satire with These 3 Guys Day celebrating the antagonists of the subplot who turned out to be soldiers when we were rooting for Peter and his friends for getting their booth back from them, and we would want These 3 Guys Day to celebrate them for not being cowards, then it failed miserably. Instead, it ended up being possibly the cruelest and most insulting moment in the entire show, episodes like 420 and Seahorse Seashell Party and Brian’s a Bad Father included. That’s exactly what you said about National No Spongebob Day in Gone next to Demolition Doofus and One Coarse Meal. June 8, 2017, 10:00pm

  10. I’ve witnessed FATAL and RHW and even shit like Ethnic Cleansing, an FPS made by literal nazis where all the enemies are over-the-top racist, anti-semetic and gay stereotypes, and it just made me laugh at how games made by unabashed bigots with an overtly bigoted agenda tend to be laughably awful in ways that don’t even involve the offensive content.

  11. As an anarchist I don’t trust people not to backstab eachother. That was kind of a strawman to say we do. Rather we’d rather there be a system in place that isn’t relient on having corrupt politicians in office. A better argument is that we have no agreed upon way of how rules in an anarchist society would work. We all have individual ideas about what to do, but having faith that people won’t try to kill, rape, or steal isn’t an idea any anarchist I know subscribes to.

  12. Someone actually sent a picture of a dead Robin Williams to his daughter? Ignorant pigs! What the fuck’s wrong with these people?

  13. look: a troll is a high jinxed man activly trying to hurm random people as his humirous action in order to make himself laugh. For instence: notice how I activly tried to use big confusing word to tell myself the joke of how you would react to that after hearing that you want a calm, reasonable explenation. Next time therefore you wouldn’t be the butt of the joke.

  14. Freedom toons, hunter avallone, they say satire is just making fun of stereotypes. Also, college humor just feeds on the negativity there videos create. They no they’re hated, but don’t care.

  15. I’ve Googled choker memes and I saw criticisms of girls wearing chokers, which feels like satire to me. (But yes, these memes are the reasons why I regret wearing a choker. And I feel proud!)

  16. So is this satire?

    You stumble upon a crime scene. The blaring sounds of the siren echo through the air and the flashing police vehicle lights illuminate the dark alleyway. You approach one of the police and ask what happen. The policemen then responds. " Their been a murder". You then nodded to the policeman and decided to get look at the crime scene. You see the chalk drawn figure on the floor and beside a splatter of blood. You stumble backwards in disgust accidentally bumping into a police officer carrying a sealed bag. You then turn around to apologize to the police officer and you catch a glance of what appears to be an evidence bag. You slowly analyze the bag and begin describing the contents to yourself. The bag contains a small cardboard orange juice carton and the cover of the carton is featuring Simpson characters as a promotional ad for the Simpsons final season. The policemen then ushers you out of the crime scene. End scene.

  17. Btw do you want a deffinition of troll? It has no real deffinition because everyone gives a different one. I can give the deffinition that most trolls use. A troll is someone that says innapropriat or outlandish things just to see reactions. You can call the innopropriat bullying (I personnally see it as tame) but on the outlandish side you have to stretch the truth to consider it bullying. For instance, I saw a troll post on Facebook claiming that her dad was cheating on her, and she needs advice on how to win back his love. How could saying something so stupid be considered bullying unless it somehow triggers someone?

  18. Satire must have a point yes but it will never make the world a better place if we are being realistic. A simple book or game is not gonna change the planet. That is sugarsweet to expect.

  19. Jonathan Swift’s "A Modest Proposal" has been used as example of well written satire. Do you agree or disagree and why? I understand you would be shocked on how academic this sounds but I’m curious.

  20. "A well known natural blogger in Chile died after a brutal car crash after his bike got into a head on collision with a box truck. The doctor overseeing his care was arrested and put on trial when instead of giving him a blood transfusion, he put water into his veins, allowing him to bleed out. He also never gave him any anesthetic During the trial, the doctor argued, saying that the source of the water had a drop of the blood donation in it. Seeing this as a insane excuse, the plaintiff asked him why he did it. He then responded "Well, he said he’d never take any non-homeopathic medicine, so.."
    Did I do good?

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