This is why I joined the military raw and uncut storytime!

If you’re reading this comment ” Thanks for serving our country

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Toy Story Army Men
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By clement127 on 2014-02-15 23:41:01

The American military does not only leads the planet, they also guidelines the Net in terms of quantity. Hundreds to thousands of blogs devoted to U.S troops, owned and maintained by service personnel themselves are the clear evidences of their dominance in the Internet.

These military oriented blogs are typically associated to the experiences of a U.S troop member as well as of husbands and wives who are patiently waiting for their spouses. Other blogs are kept by parents who are freely expressing their feelings whilst other people are maintained by youngsters who are yearning for the loving arms of their parents. For whoever keeps the blog – every goal all comes down to expressing their thoughts, feelings of sadness and gladness and quiet pleas that are often shouting to the globe.

Numerous military employees shares their stories of day-to-day survival as properly as disappointments to the US government. Whilst other individuals smugly bare their names and positions, some are carrying out their stuffs behind a pseudonym. Such blogs are also filled with pictures with their households and the reality of living in a world of war.

On the other hand, parents, spouses and teens are all equivalent when it comes to a loved one that has been sent to a battle. The prayers of security and maintaining them alive can often be study in their blogs. For these who have lost, posting to their blogs is giving them relief and acceptance – hence opening an additional mean to say what they feel to a loved 1 who will never ever return.

To add far more, there are also other online pages that assistance to the country’s veterans and active military. These pages are normally own by associations and other individuals who need to be included in the virtual neighborhood of brave and loving warriors.

Certainly, the rapidly increasing neighborhood of soldier bloggers is not just dominated by the males in uniform but also widespread individuals who have anything to voice out. Whatever their causes for blogging, each individual basically tell the truth about life and hopes for globe peace.

Liza supports the veterans by getting active in several non-profit organizations in United States. She is also a member of the Liberty Entertaining Pass


  1. I went to bootcamp to CJ so cool but not that hard boot camp cuz you joined the military I went to a boot camp because my sister was being bad in school sad quotes boot camp and my brother too

  2. I already swore in for marines but at the end why would u recommend something dose before the military?

  3. you inspired me to join the military a while ago when i found out about you, i joined as a GSE and am shipping off to basic next month. Thank you so much for you service from one man to another

  4. You got 3000$ a month? Bruh… I joined my countrys military and we got 5$ a day and I was there 6 months. So the total for 6 months was 850$. You got more in 1/2 month than we got for 6 months 😀

  5. Air force dropping in here. Everytime we see the navy marching a unit we get so salty cause their cadence sounds so damn fly.

  6. I’m only 9 but I think when I older I want to be in the military but my mom is not going to let that CJ thank u for what u did for our country

  7. Man I want to be in the Navy my biggest dream just like my grandfather.. Happy veterans day CJ SO COOL?

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