Well being-tale sans and papyrus

An au I’m generating

(I drew this in ibis paint and utilized FlipaClip to make it a video)

Folk tales of Sri Lanka
Mahadenamutta goes in search of new pupils


1 fine morning Mahadenamutta looked at his obedient pupils and said, &quotI consider I need to have some much more pupils to learn at my feet. I’m also acquiring old day by day and my information will go waste if I do not teach what I know to a couple of far more pupils.&quot

The 5 pupils never questioned their guru. So they got prepared to go with the master to find a handful of far more students.

Mahadenamutta led the expedition carrying his walking stick. As usual, he was dressed in a black coat and white cloth. He wore the semi-circular ‘nemi panava’ on his head.

He was instantly followed by Indikatu pencha who carried the master’s precious ola-leaf book. Puvak Badilla looked at the couple of stars shining in the distant sky. Polbemuna carried his master’s betel bag.

All of them – Mahadenamutta and his 5 pupils walked about in so several remote villages from morning to dusk but could not discover a single new recruit.

&quotNow we cannot walk any longer as the evening is falling. Let us remain in an ‘Ambalama’ (a resting spot constructed for weary travellers). Fortunately for them they spotted an ambalama by the side of the road and decided to stay the night there.

All of them have been feeling extremely hungry. Mahadenamutta asked Kotukithaiya to bring some rice. Then he spotted Polbemuna and asked him to bring some vegetables and fish.

&quotRabboda Aiya, you go and bring some bricks to prepare a hearth,&quot Mahadenamutta stated.

&quotPuvak Badilla, what are you performing there? Go and bring some banana leaves to have our meals,&quot he stated.

Indikatu Pencha was ordered by his master to stay back and do the cooking.

Mahadenamutta was about to unwind a tiny when Kotukithaiya returned to the Ambalama without having any rice.

&quotWhat occurred?&quot Mahadenamutta questioned him.

&quotThe boutique keeper wanted one cent more for a measure of rice. So I refused to acquire rice from him,&quot Kotukithaiya explained.

Then came Polbemuna without having any vegetables and fish.

&quotWhat occurred?&quot Mahadenamutta demanded.

&quotSome vegetables are undesirable for phlegm and some fish is not great for our well being. So I didn’t buy any.&quot

Meanwhile, Rabboda Aiya as well returned without bricks.

&quotWhat’s your explanation?&quot asked the master.

&quotI could not locate 3 bricks of the exact same size. So I did not bring any,&quot was his reply.

Puvak Badilla also returned to the Ambalama with no banana leaves.

I found a banana plantation. But when I attempted to cut a leaf a ‘huna’ (house lizard) stated ‘chik… chik’ and I didn’t want to reduce it.

So all of them went to bed without having dinner. -ANCL
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