“We Were Wrong About the Zombie Apocalypse” by Mushi_to_Sleer | CreepyPasta Storytime

Zombies are everyone’s preferred Horror Film Villain even if you dont admit it to yourself. This Creepy Pasta Story time from Mushi_to_sleer has a whole NEW take on Zombies… 1 you are going to enjoy.

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Original story:
https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTales/comments/3pb5tg/we_had been_wrong_about_the_zombie_apocalypse/

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My all-natural look… The Iron Bitch.
Men and women mistake me for some kind of zombie when I am in this appear.
Which, I suppose, I should thank George Romero for.
May he rest in peace, but if he chooses to return and hunger for brains, that’s his difficulty.

I shot 9 performances this weekend.
Some had been great.
Some… weren’t.
And I missed a couple of here and there due to RL obligations and scheduling.
Whether that’s my tastes or their talent, I do not know.
Plus, I’m not some seasoned expert critic.
I just shoot things.
Whether a performance is too complex or nuanced for me to capture, or it really is just lame, I will leave that to the pros.
However, as men and women mentioned with Ed Wood, you can not fault him for trying.
Creators will pursue their passion.
I’ll adjust my group memberships and schedules.

A couple of people showed up at Art in the Park.
I guess it was Relay For Life that had every person captivated.
Or the truth that they knew there is be far more of that fucking George the Pirate ruining the otherwise great stories by Caledonia and Trolley.
What ever.
I have a reputation for not taking fans seriously.
Since I hear a lot of &quotYour stories are excellent!&quot or &quotI love the rambles in among stories!&quot and then there’s far more presenters on the stage than men and women in the audience.
Not that I’m complaining, thoughts you.
I’d rather share stories with one pal in a hospital space than on a stage in front of thousands.
It is the heart that counts.

One particular walk on Saturday, a single walk on Sunday.
Starting these days off with a walk.
2mph, 30 minutes, and 2 degrees incline.
Maybe that will make me burn and sweat better.

Astros are nevertheless discovering ways to win.
ESPN is in enjoy with The Dodgers, though.
We’ll see in October who’s proper.
Until then, letting Keuchel and McHugh rest while the scrubs piece collectively some bullpen wins appears like genius.
Hopefully, Musgrove returns to the bullpen or Fresno quickly.
By isfullofcrap on 2017-07-17 07:03:06

Like vampires or spirits, zombies are product of human imagination. They are ghosts which are not salved, bleed alive individuals white and find their surrogate, which has become a deep-seated belief in some South African communities. It was believed that thanks to the sorcerer’s spell, the dead right after burial could be turned into zombies and do negative factors in earlier centuries. For that reason, sorcerers as nicely as spells are always banned in most nations of Europe and Latin America. According to classic imagination, zombies are often described as those who can’t control their brain, act on the dictate of one more person and have rot physique. Usually speaking, vampires and zombies are the most horrific “objects” at that time.


A zombie is a creature that appears in books and common culture generally as a reanimated dead or a mindless human being.


Zombies became a well-liked device in modern horror fiction largely simply because of the accomplishment of George A.Romero’s 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead”.



Zombies employed to be the worry of many people


These walking dead frequently seem with the atrocious kind


Talking about zombies need to consist of a Haitian woman named Felicia Feliz Mentor. Felicia was buried in 1907 at the age of 27. But 30 years later, villagers noticed a ghost woman wandering and groaning in the street each evening. Men and women have been so scared that no one particular dared go out at evening. Zora Neale Hurston, an American folklorist and anthropologist persuaded villagers to locate the mysterious lady and confirmed that this is an insane patient, not the devil.


Zora Neale Hurston – an American folklorist and anthropologist.


Lastly, the story was revealed but remained unexplainable till now. When arrested, the lady said her name was Felicia Feliz Mentor and recognized her husband as nicely as father soon after 30 years of not seeing. Everyone was all panicked and mentioned that Felicia had died long ago, but the woman insisted on being Felicia. When men and women questioned, Felicia could tell accurate memories back. She even remembered exactly where the couple’s bed was. In addition, she mentioned that she was not able not return her home due to the fact of the spell, which created every person actually shocked.

Horrifying walking dead


With the assist of Zora Neale, Felicia was sent to a mental hospital. Physicians who treated Felicia straight revealed her three mysterious things. Very first, she was at the identical age from 27 to 30 which coincided with “real” Felicia 30 years ago. If she had been Felicia, she must have been a 57-year-old lady. Second, Felicia often talked alone with somebody and occasionally with people around as the third particular person. Last but not least, this woman paid tiny consideration to the surrounding planet. Doctors believed that it could be a case of multiple personality problems. Nevertheless, the secret why this woman knew about Felicia’s husband and father 30 years ago was nonetheless mysterious and unexplainable.

Zombie is frequently described as those who can’t manage their brain, act on the dictate of yet another particular person and have rot body.


In Chinese religion and culture, zombies are known as “spooky sorts”. “Spooky kinds” is usually spelled and rather of wandering, they jump up and down to move. That is the purpose why the Chinese usually set higher doorstep to avoid “spooky kind”.

Zombie is referred to as “spooky kind” in China.


In the idea of Western culture, zombies frequently bring unlucky factors to alive men and women. Zombie photos have turn into a lot more well-known than ever when writer Mary Shelley was inspired and developed the most terrifying character of the dead in human history, Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is regarded as a single of the most horrifying monster in the history.



Right now, with the advancement of science and technologies, the mysterious natural phenomenon can gradually be explained clearly. It is also proved that zombies exist only in fantasy and fiction. However, someplace in a extremely remote place of the mysterious African land, individuals nevertheless think that zombies are beneath deep ground and every single night wander in the street.



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50 thoughts on ““We Were Wrong About the Zombie Apocalypse” by Mushi_to_Sleer | CreepyPasta Storytime”

  1. I almost like this….species? Of zombie. As the guy said, they are not being who crave flesh and brains constantly but men, woman and children who rose back from the dead to get the ones who have wronged them in the worst possible way. However it never stated what happens after they kill the person they wanted.

  2. I hate Zombies in any form of fiction but this gets a pass because it actually gives Zombies a deep purpose that I find more interesting than mindless killing corpses thats so fucking boring and played out but THIS is interesting

  3. Imagine the flocks of babies returning to get their moms that murdered them in planned parenthoods all over the country

  4. Man I am wondering how many returned showed up at Kim Jong Un’s palace or every other country’s leader’s home

  5. I got a question, If a guy destroyed a returned whos after them (since they can be destroyed since they’re also flesh and bone), are they safe?
    or another returned will get them?

  6. I’ve been looking for the song playing at 2:15 but can’t figure out the name. Can anyone tell me what it is?

  7. *MCP reads trash like Jeff the Killer*
    *people fangirl over it literally thousands of comments talking about how much they love it*
    *MCP reads an actually good story*
    *people bitch about it*

  8. I think it would be like gods gift to all of us but a curse I am not Christian but still, it would kinda be fun…

  9. let me tell you how it would play out army would wipe them out and burn them to sterilize the bodies and every next appearing would be met with same fate 😀

  10. So is this gonna ever be turned into a movie or at least a made for tv movie/mini series. The concept is also. Zombies with morals

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