WCW Meng – Stories of the Scariest Man in wrestling (part 1)

WCW/WWF Meng/Haku
stories of the scariest man in wrestling.
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I couldn’t make a decision what to post for Dragonfly Thursday so chose a Setwing following seeing Lacey’s. They had a quite quick season here this year with few around the yard. This guy loved to pose for shots.

I saw yet another Yellow-bellied sapsucker and Rose-breasted grosbeak yesterday, along with Tennessee &amp Magnolia warblers. The female hummers weren’t at the feeder so they should have hit the road to the Gulf … but we did spot one flying by means of the yard last evening.

Swift setwing male
Georgia yard

Winner, 15 Challenges, From your most recent page, ten-12
Winner, Storybook, Tells a story, ten-12
Winner, Thumbs Up, Upside-down, ten-12
Winner, Huge Momma award, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, Insects, ten-12
Winner, Thumbs Up, Two Thumbs Up, Upgrade challenge, 11-12
Winner, Thumbs Up, Wrestling Match, 11-12
Winner, Grandmother award, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, 12-12
Winner, Storybook, By way of the Woods, 1-13
Winner, Game, Horiz/Vert/Diag, two-13
Winner (Sweep), Game, Gamex2, 3-13
Winner, Game, Gamex3, three-13
Winner, Thumbs Up, Wrestling Match 10 Winners Competitors Champ, April 2013
Winner, Game, Game On, four-13

By Vicki’s Nature on 2012-07-08 16:55:39
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50 thoughts on “WCW Meng – Stories of the Scariest Man in wrestling (portion 1)”

  1. Tank Abbott should have been the most feared or Ken Shamrock..Tank had a long history of fighting including a time he fought a group of Samoans and almost bit off one of their noses

  2. In a fight between Batman & Darth Vader the winner would be Chuck Norris, but only because Haku allowed it

  3. Tonga is either the nicest guy in the world or the scariest thing in history.  Chuck Norris holds the door open for Tonga.

  4. This is just showing how haku beat people. Show where the tough part comes in, being tough means you can take punishment as well, not just give it.

  5. Lol I just came from another channel talking about Haku/Meng. It is amazing how this guy suppose to have beat cops down and almost killed them. Almost killed some basketball player by throwing him throw a second story window. Yet he was never arrested. Amazing right? How there are no reports on the news saying a Samoan guy almost killed a police officer.

    I see why people think wrestling fans are pathetic and virgins. If you believe any of this stupid stories are Haku then are you a loser. Every one of these stories are told by wrestlers who in some case are dead. Or never been around Meng. Also these guys are pro wrestlers. Guys playing a fake sport.

    Guys like the Steiner Brothers were also afraid of Ron Simmons. Does that mean anything?

  6. lmao….how many steroids did kevin sullivan have to take to get to that size? kevin looked like the lucky charm;s leprechaun in the 1970’s a weak little thing with a fat pot belly and love handles from drinking beer.

    kevin is a sad ass human and dumber than dirt…the only reason kevin gets props is b/c everyone else in the circus called pro wrestling has an iq around a 23 keving had an iq of 99….moutherbreather who could color inside the lines
    fucking redneck assholes with nothing to offer the world

    hey kevin remember in queens ny in around oct 1993 st paddy’s day you were at glen patricks bar (famous bar b/c jack kerouac used to drink at it on crossbay blvd?) remember i was making fun of you and throwing shit and you at the bar….your little fatso body with the steroid juice hopped off your bar stool and made some kind of boston mumble…i told you right to your small ass head you are in nyc now redneck and i’ll fuck you up…you tried to shove me and my boy jumped up and blocked you and i hit you over the head with that glass beer pitcher…we draggaed you out back and stomped your ass and my dude jackson picked you up all bloody and you still talking shit got put inside that dirty as dumpster…..i slammed the plastic lid down on you and you still popped up like you could do something and my boy handed me a pair of scissors and you quickly put yourself back down into the dumpster….we were gonna hold you down and cut your balls off and force feed them to you….good thing you pulled an oscar the grouch and vanished back inside the dumpster like the white trash nothing you are….we had fun with the cash n your wallet btw…we also took the rest of your wallet and threw it down a storm drain….

    fucking little big man the night he almost got sent to god….little fat faggot on juice

  7. The one in Saint Louis took place at Pops bar and music joint, my dad told me about it because him and my uncle were there, whenever Flair and everyone went he bought drinks for everyone for the rest of the night

  8. Snapped his hand cuffs…… imagine what the cop was thinking about he most have been like "oh shit why me"

  9. Meng is nothing but a fucking crybaby snowflake. I would legitimately call him a fucking wimp to his face and laugh my ass off at his inferiority. He isn’t the slightest bit scary or tough.

  10. Why aren’t their comic books for this guy? Seriously forget Thanos Infinity War should be Meng vs the entire MCU universe

  11. The toughest and scariest man all categories that has ever walked this earth is, was, and will ever be, without a doubt, Alexander Karelin. Meng/Haku wouldnt even qualify as his toothpick…

  12. I Know a guy who is legendary strong just like haku! The guy drinks à 6 packs of booze and do not train at all, he eats in various fast-food but he is shaped like a pitbull and got muscles! I saw the guy fought 5 punks at the same time and cleanly demolish them and he wasn’t Fully commited to the fight

  13. The Jesse Barr story is bullshit. Haku saved his life in Puerto Rico and really fucked up the three men that assaulted Jesse with shovels.

  14. meng lost his virginity before his own dad
    there is no such thing as lesbians. Just women who haven’t met meng

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