Virgin Soldiers (Contemporary Military Documentary) – Real Stories

Award-winning filmmaker Dodge Billingsley tells the story of India Firm, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment – crack US frontline troops.

With some as younger as 19, the invasion was the 1st time any of them had truly been sent into combat. Obtaining joined up with the regiment two months ahead of they went into battle and watched them train and put together, Dodge was capable to knowledge 1st-hand the fears, hopes, black humour and sometimes humdrum day-to-day lifestyle of these younger males as they played a important role in the liberation.

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Pevensey – William the Conqueror’s Very first English Castle
With a background stretching back above 16 centuries, Pevensey Castle chronicles much more graphically than any other fortress the story of Britain’s south coast defences. Starting in the 4th century as a single of the final and strongest of the Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ forts – two-thirds of whose towered walls even now stand – it was the landing location of William the Conqueror’s army in 1066.

During the decades after the Conquest the fort was converted into a total-scale Norman castle, with a fantastic stone preserve and towered bailey wall occupying one particular corner. Later a twin-towered gatehouse was added, and later even now it was strengthened and modernised to face the threat of the Armada in 1588. This was not Pevensey’s last military services: during World War II, pillboxes and machine gun posts had been cunningly camouflaged between its ancient walls.

An exhibition with artefacts located on web site and an audio tour inform the story of the castle.

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50 thoughts on “Virgin Soldiers (Modern Military Documentary) – True Stories”

  1. My respect to them God safekeeping the Marines, Army, which ever branch they’re belong to God bless you all ??????????

  2. Sadly, these fine young men went to die for NOTHING. they didnt go there to fight for our freedom, they didnt sacrafice for us. They simply went there for the agendas of coward politicians. Politicians that dont even give two fucks about casualties and how their family’s are forever affected

  3. I have the intelligence of a doctor but the heart of a soldier. I started off looking up "life as a pre med student" to "virgin soldiers". that just proves the presence of my conflicting interest in profession.

  4. People back have a lot of room to talk on baby kill.HOW MANY UNBORN BABIE ARE KILLED EVERY DAY.IN AMERICA.
    If my neighbor was beating his wife or stepping in.

  5. Not sure what kind of push ups they were doing, but someone should have told them the ground wasn’t on fire.

  6. Just a stupid question here, but werent marines originally meant for assault from sea to land?
    And now they send them middle of desert?

  7. i don’t see very much sweat? i would’ve expected more sweat for all that desert and all that gear they have to lug around. I’m sweating right this second and im sitting on my couch at home. ..

  8. All these stupid comments I can’t take anymore you idiots thinking this is called virgin soldiers because they haven’t lost their virginity are dumbasses they are talking about it being their first tour!?Human stupidity will never seize to annoy me!

  9. afghanistan i understand, iraq…why? A war made from bush’s war mongers and LIES, POOR IRAQIS, IM A VETERAN, so shut up conservative bitches

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