[Vietsub] Christmas Fairy Tale With SNSD

DSC_8934 – Georges Island
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This is George’s island in Halifax Harbour. It was originally named Snowshoe Island. In 1749 it was named &quotGeorge Island&quot after King George II, and then, in 1963, it was renamed &quotGeorges Island&quot. It was component of the &quotHalifax Defence Complex&quot from the mid-18th century to the 2nd Globe War, with Citadel Hill and Fort Charlotte on the island. For almost two hundred years Georges Island was the scene of continuous military activity. Tales of executions and hidden tunnels surround the folklore connected with the island. It had an Island Prison Camp, a Appear Out Level, an Acadian Prison camp, and a Quarantine Station. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The first lighthouse on George’s Island was established in 1876.

Lighthouse Area: West side of island
Lighthouse Now: Commenced 1918, white Octagonal concrete tower
Light very first lit: 1919 – red lantern
Tower height: 052ft feet.
Light height: 056ft feet.
Light assortment: 13 miles.
Light characteristic: Fixed White (1992).
Light automated (destaffed): 1972

The Tall Ship &quotLiana’s Ransom&quot is witnessed here near Georges Island, it does sailing trips in the harbour during tourist season. It is a 65 foot, steel hulled schooner developed in Houston, Texas. Development started in 1998, but she was not launched until 2002.
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  1. Fabulous scene Dennis, interesting sail boat and I love lighthouses! Thanks for the detailed write-up too…nice work my friend! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Beautiful shot my friend !!!!
    love it !!
    keep it up
    & Congrats on explore my friend, U deserve it !!

  3. There are a lot of really great things about this photo. Love the light house and boats. What a grand spot. Nicely done : ) Car

  4. Dennis this is beautiful is that a lighthouse in the distance, wowza amazing! Have a wonderful Friday my friend

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  5. To bad I don’t understand what they say but they look amazing and the soldiers are having a blast it’s a common language when people smile and laugh.

  6. The tall ship is a work of art. How fortunate to have her in the vicinity of this fascinating little island. The history of the place is fascinating. Are tourists allowed on the island now?

    A really wonderful capture!!!

  7. Wow, Dennis, terrific ! Love the composition colors and light…brilliant !

    Have a lovely weekend, warm greetings and hugs , Heni .

  8. Great shot, lovely view. If it were me, I would straighten the island for a more natural feel.

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  9. Wonderful … the island looks so pretty! Must be great to stay there on a camp ;-)! Thanks for the informations!

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  10. Dennis, this is such an awesome shot and flickr wont let
    me fav it??? strange things happening today.

  11. พอสาวๆออกมาทหารก็ทหารเถอะใจละลายเลยนะ?????????????

  12. nice scene
    you always manage to get your views so peaceful. mine tend to end up somewhat the opposite. I must try to get some scenic views with a peaceful aspect.
    thanks for sharing

  13. Yep this is another photo for hubby – he loves all the detailed stuff -he loves this shot too. Hey ho and up she rises – I like the water and the sails – yeah a definite winner for me.

  14. Excellent composition. Everything is placed at the right positions. I very much like the ship at the left side. This a very beautiful scene Dennis.

  15. Another beautiful image, thank you so much for the text…this is a interesting history…congrats my friend Dennis! Have a great friday…

  16. Precious capture Dennis! Awesome view ! Love the sailing boats! Very interesting informations as well! Have a nice weekend my friend! Ciao Anna

  17. I love boats, especially old ones, and the one you’ve captured on the left is just gorgeous. The lighthouse adds a wonderful finishing touch.

  18. What a gorgeous place, Dennis, and a fantastic shot!!!
    Hope you have a FAB Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

  19. Oh my god! It’s sure different with the other girl group who visit army.. SNSD so elegant like a Queen.. without to much sexy outfit and movement, they are just wooooooow!

  20. THE GUY AT 3:24 LMAOOOOO!! Also this really makes me miss OT9?? I will continue to support both snsd and Jessica because they’re all queens!

  21. ba điều quân sĩ Hàn Quốc tôn trọng thề vào mỗi buổi sáng đó là tổ quốc gia đình SNSD

  22. Lovely scenery! After seeing all these wonderful photo’s of Nova Scotia it mkes me feel like I want to visit. I ‘ve been across to Toronto a few years ago several times…. I think it’s time for another trip!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Excellent photo


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  24. What a beautiful place! I would love to have a house right at the top 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

    This photo took my BREATH away

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    "collect 5 Green Breathtaking Awards to get a Gold Award"

  25. Omg the army/soldier is the big fan boys of SNSD they really love SNSD,me too i really loveu SNSD I’m the one big fan of SNSD if I’m there sisigaw talaga Ako Ng bang kalakas lakas OMG SNSD i want you to see in personal we loveu SNSD

  26. Ahh Georges Island..My late Husband’s favourite spot as a kid……Thanks for sharing this one……..It’s special for me ….;)
    Great shot and thanks for the detailed description too 😉 Great read!! Have a great weekend Dennis.

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