US army veteran’s story: ‘I killed four men and women in a single hour in Iraq’

Workers Sgt Isaac ‘Bone’ Lebonte served with 101st Airborne Division, Chaos Business in Iraq, filmed in 2008 by award-winning photographer Sean Smith.
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Eight years on and now back in the United States, Lebonte tells Smith about his 1st firefight the deaths of shut close friends and his problems adjusting to life outdoors the military

With thanks to Leica and Canon

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Pevensey – William the Conqueror’s First English Castle – and St Mary’s Church (four)
With a background stretching back in excess of 16 centuries, Pevensey Castle chronicles much more graphically than any other fortress the story of Britain’s south coast defences. Starting in the 4th century as a single of the final and strongest of the Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ forts – two-thirds of whose towered walls still stand – it was the landing area of William the Conqueror’s army in 1066.

For the duration of the decades following the Conquest the fort was converted into a complete-scale Norman castle, with a fantastic stone keep and towered bailey wall occupying 1 corner. Later on a twin-towered gatehouse was additional, and later even now it was strengthened and modernised to encounter the risk of the Armada in 1588. This was not Pevensey’s last military support: for the duration of Planet War II, pillboxes and machine gun posts were cunningly camouflaged amid its ancient walls.

An exhibition with artefacts identified on web site and an audio tour inform the story of the castle.

For more info, please visit
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St Mary’s Church, in the village of Westham in East Sussex, is positioned inside sight of the extraordinary Norman Pevensey Castle. Indeed it was the Norman’s who initial developed the church at Westham as the first Norman church in England. Many elements of the 11th Century church are even now visible today but most of the structure of the creating is of the 15th Century when the tower and north aisle had been added. Later the Victorians altered considerably of the interior to their sombre type.

For far more data about the church, please pay a visit to…

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By antonychammond (away4weekend) on 2010-04-22 18:13:21
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Military be  it or hike it


To have a excellent army, you require to be in a position to do the following

Develop it&#13
Help it&#13
Use it&#13
Regenerate it&#13
Win with it&#13
Know it is limits&#13

Each and every part talked about over will be explained in separate sectors, use the index for velocity (utilizing the Ctrl+F attribute).



Build it&#13
Help it&#13
Use it&#13
Regenerate it&#13
Raiding npcs&#13
Know it is limits&#13
Military techs&#13
Create it:&#13

Before you start building your army, let’s concentrate on where.


You need to have barracks to build your troops. I advise getting twelve, but 10 will do fine. Get them all up to level four and 1 to lvl9 ASAP, and then when you can, get them all up to lvl9. The more barracks you have, the more quickly they train, just keep in mind to check out the ‘share production’ checkbox in the bottom left of your troop instruction window. When you’re education your army, make use of the ‘attack hero’ function which cuts the education time depending on the attack attribute of your mayor, bear in mind to switch back as the hero doesn’t have to keep as the mayor all through the education.


Your simple army for raiding ought to consist of workers, warriors and archers. 2k employees minimal in every assault (4k preferred for optimum plunder) and a archer:warrior ratio of 80:twenty. You need to be developing archers right away when you becoming, and after you hit bp’s end, you must have loads of them and a meat shield of warriors.


Note: it’s greater to train 4k archers in 4 slots of 1k, than one slot of 4k!

Assistance it&#13

You have to be ready to assistance your army, usually. If you preserve them on the move when you’re online then they should shell out for themselves and some, but at night they are camped and ought to (if you have a good army) result in a (-) production of foods. If you farm npcs adequate (see five.) then foods should not be a issue.

Use it&#13

A great number of occasions I see folks attacking with 10k cavalry and acquiring crushed. Obtaining powerful units does not indicate every thing, the fundamental principles is, archers &gt the rest. Right here are a few tips for fight:


Each and every unit ranged attacks


This is a great tactic (ranged). If you hit 20k warriors you can kill them all with no losses with a smaller force of archers.  You just take your archers, your meat shield and one of every other combat unit and assault. The opponent if forced to stop to destroy every single sort of unit, giving your archers about 7 added rounds to pound arrows into the chest of the enemy’s troops.




Waves are really beneficial, they come in two main types – plunder waves and trap waves.


The goal of plunder waves is to optimize your plunder charges. You merely send in your attacking force to wipe out the defences, and then have a wave of transports, cavalry and staff hit straight after. Remember to time it proper!


Trap waves function differently. If you discover a city with 4k traps and rolling logs, you don’t want your archers to get killed. So, you send in a wave of warriors (or scouts) to take out the traps, logs and rockfalls. Then send in your main army to wipe the defences.


Medal hunting with scouts


Scouts are low-cost and quick. If you collect an army of them you can hit low degree valleys for rose medals.

Regenerate it&#13

When your troops die, you can remedy a certain quantity of them in exchange for a sum of shiny gold. Just go to your rally stage, choose the medic camp tab and click remedy. There ya go J

Raiding npcs&#13

Raiding npcs is important, they give you large amounts of meals and gold. If you send the appropriate amount of ballistas and transports, you can totally clean an npc out with no losses! The most up-to-date table I could get is this, but patches may have transformed information.


Level 1: 10 Ballista (archery 7)

Degree two: 36 Ballista (archery 7)

Degree 3: 150 Ballista (archery six)

Level four: 200 Ballista (archery six)

Level 5: 400 Ballista

Level six: 600 Ballista (archery ten)

Degree 7: 1000 Ballista

Degree 8: 2400 Ballista

Know it is limits&#13

Each and every army has limits, and each and every army is mincemeat if the opponent as superior technology. I get people with lvl five archery hitting me with 10k archers, my 5k archers wipe them out just simply because I have lvl9 archery. I can not inform you your army’s limits, but take the time to operate it out!

Military techs&#13

Military technologies are any techs which result your army

Metal casting&#13
Military tradition&#13
Military science&#13
Iron doing work&#13
Horseback riding&#13

Metal casting: enhances the speed of mechanics coaching by ten% per degree, this kind of as ballistas and catapults


Informatics: each and every level right here improved the value of your scout reports


Military tradition: each and every level raises your attack by five%


Military science: tops your troop coaching pace by 10% per level


Iron functioning: each degree raises your defence by five%


Logistics: increases your army’s load each and every level


Compass: each and every degree speeds up your infantry by ten%


Horseback Riding: increases mechanics and cavalry speed by five% each and every degree


Archery: five% far more assortment for every single level


Medicine: five% much more lifestyle for your army per degree


Your fortifications are immobile defences located on or close to your walls, they are usually activated and fight even if you near your gates in this section I will give you a number of suggestions of what they do, and then make clear why they are totally useless to any powerful Evony player.


Traps: the only time you must ever construct these is if you have NO other defence and want to shift your sources to conserve them getting plundered or you can develop them in mass. They have an effect on any infantry but absolutely nothing else. Any half experienced player will send a wave of warriors prior to their principal army anyway to activate these and conserve their archers.


Abatis: these are fundamentally your final defence towards city capturers. As lengthy as you are not inactive for too extended, the enemy will have to send cavalry to lower your loyalty due to their velocity. These will wipe them out and cavalry are high-priced!


Archer Towers: they are the only fortification I advise having, and even then, only if you have a big army as well. Except if you meet the requirements all that towers do are make you a huge target for honour hunters like me!


Rolling  Logs: do not get them. Easy.


Defensive Trebuchets: once more, no point acquiring these.


You need to often scout just before you assault!


Scouts are low-cost and fast to construct, they are also extremely quick movers. I usually have about 10k scouts per city or a lot more, this means that you virtually constantly win scout battles.


Scout battles are when you a player scouts a city and the two sets of scouts clash, whoever has a lot more scouts wins, irrespective of technologies.


Tip  if you’re attacking a city a lot more than 10 minutes away, scout it a couple of instances during the march, this must avoid you from becoming surprised by newly arriving troops and fortifications.


With thanks to


Silverfix, for his contributions and his awesomeness


Godboss, for his awesomeness


Elvis Presley for he is the God whom bestowed such awesomeness upon us


Guide by Liam Hayman (Virgait (




Liam Hayman is a sixteen-many years-old college child – just your regular college child. This is why he views his articles or blog posts primarily based on primarily teen problems to be of value due to the fact they are from the eyes of a present teenager!

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  4. I know a guy who was getting shot with an ak from behind from higher ground. He had a grenade tossed towards him and broke his leg from jumping out of the building he was in to run away from it. He turned around with his m16 and put a burst into him. Melted him. Never been so happy to win 6-5 in a game of snd in my life

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  10. a cnn reporter asked a marine sniper

    " what do you fell when you kill a taliban"

    marine sniper answer
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  18. Interesting photos and commentary. William the Conquerer was a fascinating soldier and administrator, but you sure wanted to stay on his good side.

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  20. The people in the comments are trying to side with the people that blow them selves up and kill people for no reason. Think about how many people we have save if we were not there liberals fuck wads

  21. Is that a Serbu super shorty at 1:10? Probably one of the more painful shotguns to shoot, but it’s really not made for fighting anyways.

  22. Good job killing and dying for the satanic elite. I’ll take being a keyboard warrior over a baby killer any day of the week, thank you.

  23. In 1967, Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take human life, "I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed Communists"

  24. Thank you for your service civvies have no idea what soldiers do to protect their freedoms.Its awful leaving the military and heading back to normal life.Transition is slow and painful you sir are a credit to yourself and family god bless you.Brother in arms UK

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  28. Man I was never in combat I was in the Air Force 92-96 I saw some of my friends on CNN when the khobar towers were bombed being showed on tv hurt that shit really hurt me I can never imagine what you went through it hurt me not being there with them because I wish I could be there to help them to get them to safety.

  29. (question for veterans) do y’all enjoy killing enemy’s knowing its keeping them away from people you love and saving friendships

  30. I love my tour in Iraq 2005, despite being tough and I was constantly on patrol in Bagdad securing perimeter around IZ, but still love it .Don’t like to be called FOBIST.

  31. ptsd is made up. y should we thank you it was your decision to sign up. veterans are like homosexuals both of y’all think we owe u something FUCK the government, fuck homosexuals, fuck the military ptsd is made up crybaby ass bitches.

  32. I love old castles and trying to imagine what life would have been like so long ago, probably not half as romantic as we think and a whole lot harder than now. This is a great way to present these pictures, lovely day you had to take them too with that blue sky! Do you have any of Hever castle by any chance – that’s my favourite of all!

  33. From a very grateful American in California believe it or not, *Thank you for your service.* Not sure if I’m equally or more sorry that the government, who people hate but don’t go after enough in defense of our troops, put you in those damn nightmares. But still glad you went and that you are ALIVE.

  34. If you kill human just because your boss tells you then you are s killer. GOD is not happy with people that kill his CREATION.

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