UNO Disc 2007-2008 – A Tale of two Domes/Mardi Gras

UNO @ Chili Greens – twelve/07
UNO @ Cook Pavilion – one/08
UNO @ Mardi Gras – two/08

Mardi Gras! I (CoLA XVIII)
Nephilim Tale XIV

Although I could dress crazy ample, I pulled out anything new for Fat Tuesday in the Last Round. And yes, I am an actual bartender inside of the sim. I am nonetheless functioning on terminology and sorting my drinks, but I have a choice that will knock you off your seat. X3

Shot in the Last Round bar of CoLA, Satellite.
By GreenHybrid on 2007-02-28 22:49:00

You have been invited to a Ball, but what do you put on? Effectively, that typically depends on if there is a theme for the ball you are attending. Popular themes may possibly be Shakespeare-inspired attire or a masquerade ball.

If there is not a theme for the ball, formal attire is even now required. For guys, a black tuxedo will do properly, ideally with tails. Women have more alternatives for choosing an evening gown, but it’s usually best to put on a lengthy dress. Make certain your gown isn’t also revealing, and it also have to be cozy so you can dance the evening away. Try and pick a gown in 1 of the traditional colours of Mardi Gras, one thing in purple, green or gold. Given that you are going to be dancing most of the evening, it truly is also crucial to stick with cozy sneakers. Women ought to nonetheless dress in heels and guys need to make sure their dress shoes are appropriately shined. Keep in mind that your costume ought to reflect the spirit and spontaneity of Mardi Gras.

Now, that you have found your dress or tux, it really is time to include some flair to your outfit. Some decide on to add simple jewelry or cuff hyperlinks to accessorize their outfits, but it truly is Mardi Gras, so why not have some fun with your accessories? Of program, one of the most famous Mardi Gras equipment are beads. Given that beads are available in all colors and variations, you can match your beads to the theme of the ball you are attending.

Drape a number of strands in excess of your tux or dress, layering the standard colors of the vacation. Are you going to a masquerade ball? A mask will include an component of mystery to your costume, and there are many types that will complement any outfit. A feathered mask with sequins adds some flash and drama, and can either be tied behind your head or traditionally carried on a wand. Maybe you are brave adequate to attempt a fancier mask, or even a headdress. Ornate and elaborate Italian Venetian masks and headdresses adorned with crystals, gold or silver are stunning and unique ways to finish off your Mardi Gras ball costume.

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  1. XD Actually, I’m only scary when I threaten to request country from the live DJs in the city. This is a really fun, alien-like outfit that I look forward to pulling out more. I think it’s from Bare Rose’s Ten Linden store, too.

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