Two Sentence Stories With A Dramatic Twist!

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Remington Stables ~ Ilion NY ~ Ilion Tiny Theatre ~ Historical 1870
Remington Stables is a historic stable creating positioned at Ilion in Herkimer County, New York. It is a massive two-story brick structure built about 1870 as element of the Remington Mansion complex. The mansion was demolished about 1930. It consists of three connecting masses: a two-story, square central block a three-story, engaged tower and a 1 1⁄2-story rear wing. When built, the tower had a pagoda roof, but it was removed in the 1930s. The steady developing has been adapted for use as a theater and utilised by the Ilion Tiny Theatre Club.

NRHP Reference #76001222
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 2013-06-04 11:43:46

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126 thoughts on “Two Sentence Stories With A Dramatic Twist!”

  1. She saw her sister looking straight at her, but her sister passed 5 years ago.

    She closed her phone, feeling the warm memories she had with her.

  2. "YOU DESTRYED MY LIFE!!" He said, punching her with full force.

    The punching bag swayed side to side, hanging from the ceiling.
    (The "her" was the punching bag btw)

  3. As she jumped of the roof, which 10 stories high, she said her last words…

    Before bungee jumping "This is a fun ride!"

  4. Don’t think of something else…

    Two girls were touching eachother with their eyes closed, moving around not much. They woke up from a weird nap and decided to continue on their day

  5. The girl was crying and felt useless, she wanted to kill herself. Kyutie hasn’t uploaded in a week. (We all know that’s never gonna happen)

  6. She frantically looked through draws for something that would save her life… as she found it she ran back into the room but it was too late….

    The phone had died.

  7. "I’m sorry I must move on." I told him in tears. "Do you have to?" He asked. "Tell me the weather one last time iPhone 6 Siri" "The weather is nice." Time to get a new iPhone. Lol ???

  8. Please, don’t go away! Me saying while my walking Barbie doll goes away in a dramatic presentation in class.

    (I know this is not funny).

  9. My two sentence story with a twist:
    My life is over.
    The wife is SOOOOOO slow??
    Edit:Ok after readin all the other stories, i think mine’s the worst?

  10. I held the pillow close scared.
    The thunder hit and finally she slowly stop resisting and breathing
    I killed my sister’sAnnoying robot dog

  11. What an incredible find, I never would have guessed this was just the stables! Fantastic shot, love the dark rich tones here.

  12. Stunning and magical work Bill. What a superb building for a theatre and the colours and lighting is unforgettable in this one. The composition and presentation altogether is first class!!!

  13. I sat there crying, watching the red liquid drip onto the ground. "Oh stop being a baby! It’s just I’ve cream!" My mom said.

  14. MOM!!!!!! She yelled from the bathroom trying to hold back the tears that would escape as mom came she asked "whats wrong" and she said shakily in fear
    "MY PHONE DIED"!!!

  15. At the all my toys are yours now death note saying I thought she meant as in the notebook decked out like the anime and I was like oh God she’s going to kill so many people

  16. A women walked into the room with a sharp knife. “Here you go.” the waitress said as she handed it to a man eating steak.

  17. A Very Touching Story❤❤??

    The Boy touches the Girl’s hand…….The next day the Girl touches thw Boy’s hand…What a Very Touching Story??❤?

  18. When i was 4 i spoke to my mum "im beth did you know that mummy". My mum replies "how did you find out about your dead sister"

  19. A man walked into the house with his daughter "you will be punished" then the girl gulped

    He started to tickle her and the girl laughed

  20. Fascinating history development and stable building reuse, the Masquers actors in Manitowoc also performs practice in a previous stable

  21. "I’m glad I’ll never see you again" she said standing by the open window. The window was by her door and her ex just moved out.

    Tell me if you thought someone got thrown out the window.

  22. Excellent perspective…………………… Nice architecture and a wonderful mix of colors…………………….. 🙂

  23. He said "I want to sweep you off your feet, kiss your lips, and sit next to you and say i can love and protect you for ever, but i cant." He said as they closed the coffin…

  24. 1. As he put her in the back seat, her voice trembling in terror and her eyes pouring out with tears

    "Oh honey, it was only a small needle from the doctor" her husband said

    2. Her sister watched as her lifeless glassy eyes stared back..

    "Hun stop watching at your sisters statue and let’s go home!"

    3.As he threw her to the ground and yelled "YOU RUINED ME!"

    The phone smashed

    4. As her sister seen her, red pouring from her mouth..

    "Sis why do you always drink red wine?" The girl asked

  25. "ʏօʊ ɦʊʀt ʍɛ, ʏօʊ ʟɛʄt ʍɛ aʟʟ aʟօռɛ ʄօʀ ɦɛʀ" sɦɛ saɨɖ ʟօօҡɨռɢ ɖօառ at ɦɨs ɢʀaʋɛ. "ɮʊt աɛ ɢօt օʊʀ ʀɛʋɛռɢɛ.." (ɮtա tɦɨs ɨs ʀaռɖօʍ ռօt ʍɨռɛ. ɨ ʝʊst ɢօt ɮօʀɛɖ ʟօʟ)

  26. The man pushed her on the bed, the girl said madly “STOP IT”

    The older brother didn’t stop tickling her…

  27. "You ruined my life! I hate you and I never loved you! I wish we never got married." The man said to his mistress

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