Twitch Livestream | Golf Story Part one [Switch]

**This stream was recorded on September 30th 2017**

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Drug Hat
Soon after this shot, Alex hid a duffel bag of cocaine behind a bush. Correct story.
By borisvolodnikov on 2008-07-28 13:37:36

Nowadays, I will tell a story about the golf clubs.The identify of the clubs is Callaway FT Fairway Wood.

Engineering Story
A merchandise of propriety Fusion® Engineering a stainless steel face and physique mix with the tungsten infused sole to allow Callaway Golf engineers to strategically place discretionary bodyweight for a larger Moment of Inertia (MOI) and exact positioning of the center of gravity (CG). The OptiFit® System permits golfers to choose a Draw or Neutral CG bias to match their person shot form. Also, a traditionally styled hosel was incorporated, along with a decrease top edge and new sole design, creating performance that will appeal to a wider range of gamers.

Callouts Fusion Technology
Multi-material development enters a new phase with a stainless steel encounter and physique combining with a tungsten-loaded sole plate that assists Callaway Golf engineers strategically location the CG for optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping handle.

About Callaway Golf
Just like you, Callaway Golf is often seeking to increase its game. The company’s drivers are developed and built to assist you increase distance and accuracy and optimize shot form to suit your game. With irons, Callaway’s overall performance targets center on come to feel and consistency, along with acquiring the ball airborne from any lie, in any circumstances. Primarily based in Carlsbad, California, Callaway gives a wide variety of goods, every single with superior technologies and a variety of options suited to every single sort of player. From clubs to golf balls and add-ons, Callaway performs many tests to make certain that every item it delivers is an improvement on those that preceded it. Ely Callaway believed in helping golfers of all talent ranges discover more enjoyment and good results in the game, and Callaway carries on that tradition with a passion for the game and a mission of helping you and every golfer get pleasure from the sensation of striking the ball perfectly.

Standard Hosel
A new seem for Callaway Golf, the stainless steel hosel produces the overall performance and customization that will appeal to a wider assortment of gamers while the use of Fusion Technologies maintains all the playability positive aspects of an S2H2® and Tru-Bore® style.

Fujikura Shaft

Innovative style by the industry leader adds to the club’s outstanding feel and performance.

one. A stainless steel face and physique mix with a tungsten-loaded sole plate to offer optimum ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping management.

2. OptiFit® Program supplies two CG options— Draw for promoting a draw or lowering a slice/fade and Neutral for maximum workability.

three. Tungsten-infused sole is designed with a reduce top edge producing the sweet spot more accessible while the dual runner style guarantees cleaner turf interaction.

four. Classic hosel generates the functionality and customization that will appeal to a wider assortment of players.

five. Fujikura shaft adds to the club’s outstanding really feel and performance

I consider this is best to hit off the fairway than the other woods because of the decrease profile/face. It truly is also fantastic off the tee as well, but is a little much less forgiving (in terms of mishits) because of that very same reduced profile/encounter (with significantly less encounter location there’s more room for blunder on poor or off center hits). Much more details about golf at

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  1. Hoping pinky girl’s story is that she loses all self confidence and you have to help her get it back by teaching her useless ass how to golf.

  2. Ray you should play cave story on the switch whenever you get the chance after the explosion of games this month., and you would get more use out of the switch like you said.

  3. how did you play this without nintendo slapping you with their indiscriminate cock? They banned livestreaming.

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    A brown hoodie, pullover or even tees that aren’t just black would be good. Many people who buy merch to wear have plenty of black band tees.

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