Transgender Children (LGBT Documentary) – Real Stories

From the minute we’re born, our gender identity is no secret. We’re both a boy or a woman. Gender organises our globe into pink or blue. As we develop up, most of us naturally match into our gender roles. Ladies dress in dresses and play with dolls. For boys, it’s trousers and toy automobiles. But for some kids, what’s between their legs isn’t going to match what’s between their ears – they insist they have been born into the incorrect physique. They are transgender kids, diagnosed with gender identity disorder, or gender dismorphia, and their dad and mom insist this is not a phase.

Most transgender children nevertheless dwell in the shadows, hiding from a planet that sees them as freaks of nature. Rejected by their households, a lot of develop up hating their bodies, and fall victim to high rates of depression, drug abuse and even suicide. These days, hundreds of households with transgender kids – who have located each and every other over the Web – are taking a significantly diverse program. They are enabling their youngsters to reside in the gender they recognize with, in buy to save them from a long term of heartache and ache.

In this shocking however touching movie, we will adhere to the lives of 4 transgender children to learn what it is like to recognize you had been born in the incorrect body so young. We will find out how youthful kids modify their obvious gender and how families cope with possessing a transgender kid.

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50 thoughts on “Transgender Kids (LGBT Documentary) – Actual Stories”

  1. parents are suppose to take care of their kids and the devil is possessing the parents and the kids plain and simple!!! they know its wrong and even the people that won’t agree with me know its wrong but is all about them and how it makes them feel good and if don’t agree to sin then they will be shamed and casted out of the pleasures of the world, so they just go with it. these parents are pathetic.

  2. Since gender dysphoria can be considered a mental condition/illness, why not treat it with psychiatry etc. instead of trying to change gender which is impossible and comes with a whole other host of problems as confused kids grow up. Life is challenging enough!!
    Americans … please note that other countries do not have a prevalence of these situations so it should be examined sociologically as well!!

  3. I would tell him that be thankful for what you have and if he doesn’t understand I’ll slap him? (for his good)

  4. A lot of the comments here are trash. I like how cisgender people seem to know more about the choices and minds of trans people than the actual trans people. Live and let live, these kids are happy as can be. What gives you the right to talk garbage about something YOU have no idea or experience in and about? Leave them be, can’t you see they are much better ebing themselves now?

  5. I honestly dont know what is right or wrong here. What concerns me is discussing these incredibly complex issues with very young children, and giving them an unrealistic view of reality. A vagina is not just an inside out penis. If the individual goes through with reassignment surgery, they will NEVER be a biological parent. They will be forced to inject themselves everyday for the rest of their lives. Such advanced topics for such young children, and life long impacts….

  6. If I had a son like that I would honesty fall into extreme depression…People might not know this but it really hurts the father deep down. Knowing you won’t have a father/son relationship.I think I would adopt a boy and teach him everything I know and watch him become into a man. So then he can teach his kids and protect his family.

  7. tis is not normal and the mom is not normal is the devil’s world god please send Jesus Christ please come back please♥️✝️♥️ I need you god and Jesus Christ the world need you please ♥️✝️♥️

  8. Kids wants to be a lot of things . i mean so many kids want to be pilots ,doctors and teachers etc .I can never do this to my kid. if they want to be transgender let them do that when they are matured enough and understand clearly what they are going through. these parents are not helping them at all

  9. A complete disavow, separation and dishonor to God, nature and order. To change your natural biological makeup due your feelings of emotional difference is totally Luciferian in nature. Also remember emotions and feelings can change at any given time but biology does not. I guarantee Josie lives in a female oriented environment with no balanced male / female roles defined and praised.

  10. Scriptures are being fulfilled as is was is the days of Sodom so shall it be in the days of the coming of The Son if Man

  11. At least they got what they wanted to be but I can ant really believe this but it’s what they want it’s their life not mine ?

  12. Josie Romero is a pretty little girl, she’ll be a pretty teenager, and grow up to be a fine beautiful young woman. Josie Romero will some lucky guy very happy. I like her just the way she is. She’s a great role model, and Josie Romero is an inspiration to us all.

  13. Hi do you know that Jesus loves you? He died for you. He wants us to repent, believe in him for he is coming very soon

  14. The comments on here are really homophobic being trans is not a mental illness or something they’ll grow out of the parents are amazing if they didn’t help them the kids will probably kill themselves later in life before commenting something bad about the parents or the kids get educated on trans people and their experience in life
    They are happy and healthy kids does it really matter what gender they are as long as their happy does what gender being born really matter as long as they are happy being themselves

  15. I’m a mother of a trans it took a long time for me and his dad to except this. We both still have trouble at times but our son is now happy and full of life, he had his breasts removed but we would not allow treatment till he was 18 he is now 21 and is holding off any more surgery. Our youngest thinks it’s great he has a brother and they very close. If I say her or she he is fine with it. As long as we love him that’s what counts, but starting treatment too early is wrong. And many of my trans friends think the same way.

  16. You are hypocrites you want people to accept you but you dobt accept people opinions and what if accepting yu goes against our religion or belief?

  17. look, i’m trans and i support these kids but starting THIS early?? you could mess up their entire chemistry. maybe wait a few years

  18. I used 2 minutes. Then i saw it was 42 minutes long. Well i got to go just so you know. Its their diet. Sue your government an food an drug commission for allowing rBST, Soy and Milk into food that carry estrogen in it. They have massive amount of it. An if your baby food has Soy. You are feeding them female hormones. An they can weigh down testosterone So you kids will turn out thinking they are female. mixing them is even worse.

  19. I’m not trans myself but I do have a non-binary friend and they always say that I act too much like a boy and not enough like a girl. My mom says that exact same thing and she is always saying put this on, put that on, take that off, throw that away! And I get so annoyed. I have never had a sister like ever, but I have 2 older brothers and I have always been forced to wear things that I dont like. But anyways I should just stfu cause nothing I say matters anyway! ?

    Good day ?

  20. Maybe we shouldn’t sexualize kids? Just maybe? There’s no reason an eight year old should be worrying about having boobs, whether they’re a boy or girl.

  21. Children sacrificed on the alter of leftist dogma. The most accepted and dangerous form of child abuse. A very tragic and sad descent into further compromise and damage. This all begins with parents without convictions over the issues, and a failure to address the issues at the root. I’m not for a moment denying the pain, suffering, and trial & tribulation of all those involved. These are real issues, and I sat here and grieved over these families. But to think that you could simply go with what the child thinks? He says he’s a car: silly. He’s a dog: silly. He’s a girl: let’s see where this goes. For 99.3% of the cases, there is absolutely zero difference on the insanity scale, for all three cases. So why the difference in response if all three premises fail the scientific test? Culturally-influence ideology. When you have no conviction, you inevitably accept and adopt the surrounding culture, which is continually shifting. Especially, in societies more concerned with getting rid of boundaries rather than considering why they were there in the first place. And the moment a parent accepts any of these kinds of claims from their child, they have failed as a parent to serve the most essential needs of guidance and correction. Your child is not your friend, first. Your child is not your, peer. Your child is certainly not an independently-abled being. Your child is ignorant, immoral, and on a path of destruction. When you can come to an understanding of human nature, you are on your way to not only making a great parent, but a great human-being. Your children don’t need you to give them what they want. Your children need you to give them what they need. Will it hurt? Yes, as all correction does to a degree. You must accept the reality of imminent suffering in this world, or you are inevitably bound to adopt a fantastic solution that does far more damage to you, your loved ones, and the society and culture you live in.

  22. I feel sorry for Josi because her mother is so unscientific and that really must have an impact on Jose. For example, her mother asks her: "what is a inside out penis"…. "that’s right it’s a vagina". Well, not really. It’s not that simple.

  23. It’s called gender confusion. It’s being taught in preschool and some parents fuel the fire. Most outgrow this problem in adolescence. You are the gender your body is not what your mind thinks it is. Woe to the children in this insane and very deceptive world.

  24. FACTS: 50 percent of transgender youth attempt suicide; The core cause of suicide is untreated mental illness; Transgender women are 49 times more likely to contract HIV/AIDS than the general population ( Those are just a few facts, and NO — you cannot chalk it up to discriminatory effects.

    It does NOT make you "compassionate, progressive, evolved," etc. etc. to feed into kids’ mental disorder — it makes you compliant & an enabler of an extremely dangerous behavior & disorder.

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