Tommy Morrison: Boxing Documentary

Documentary on Heavyweight champion boxer Tommy Morrison, his life and profession.

Tommy Morrison (born January 2, 1969) is an American heavyweight boxer and a former Planet Boxing Organization champion. He lost only three out of a total of 52 skilled fights. Morrison’s nickname, “The Duke,” is primarily based on disputed claims that he is a grandnephew of Hollywood star John Wayne. Morrison was a co-star with Sylvester Stallone in the 1990 boxing movie Rocky V.

Morrison’s specialist boxing profession ended for many years when he tested good for HIV in 1996. Beginning in 2006, Morrison attempted a comeback, stating his HIV diagnosis was damaging.

Morrison began his professional boxing profession on November 10, 1988, with a initial-round knockout of William Muhammad in New York City. Three weeks later, he scored an additional very first-round knockout. In 1989, Morrison had 19 wins and no losses, 15 by knockout.
In 1991, Morrison, already the recipient of significantly tv exposure, won fights against opponents James Rapid Tillis and former globe champion Pinklon Thomas. He was offered an chance to face fellow undefeated fighter Ray Mercer, the WBO title holder in a Pay Per View card held on October 18, 1991. Morrison suffered the very first loss of his profession, losing by 5th round knockout. Morrison had six wins in 1992, like fights with Art Tucker and Joe Hipp, who would later grow to be the initial Native American to challenge for the planet heavyweight title. In the Hipp fight, held June 19, 1992, Morrison was suffering from what was later found to be a broken hand and broken jaw, but rallied to score a knockout in the ninth round. Soon after two wins in 1993, including a single more than two-time world title challenger Carl “The Truth” Williams, Morrison discovered himself fighting for the WBO title once more, against heavyweight boxing legend George Foreman, who was himself generating a comeback. As both males were famed for their punching energy, an fascinating battle was anticipated, but Morrison chose to stay away from brawling with Foreman and spent the fight boxing from extended variety. Morrison was in a position to hit and move successfully in this manner, and right after a closely contested bout he won a unanimous 12-round decision and the WBO title.

Morrison’s 1st title defense was scheduled against Mike Williams, but when Williams withdrew on the night of the fight, Tim Tomashek stood in as a replacement. Though Tomashek had been ready to fight as a backup program, some news reports created the impression that he had just been pulled out of the crowd. The WBO later rescinded their sanctioning of this fight due to Tomashek’s lack of expertise. Nearly instantly, talks of a fight with WBC champion Lennox Lewis began, but have been halted when virtually unknown Michael Bentt upset Morrison in his subsequent bout. Bentt knocked Morrison down three instances, and the fight was stopped in the initial round in front of a reside HBO Boxing audience. Morrison recovered by winning three bouts in a row in 1994, but his final fight of the year, against Ross Puritty, ended with a draw.

Morrison won three fights in 1995 before meeting former #1 contender Razor Ruddock. Ruddock dropped Morrison to his knees in the 1st round, but Morrison recovered to force a standing count in round two and compete on even terms for 5 rounds. In the sixth round, Ruddock hurt Morrison with a quick mixture, but just as it seemed Morrison was in difficulty, he countered with a tremendous hook that put Ruddock on the canvas. Ruddock regained his feet, but Morrison drove him to the ropes and showered him with an extended flurry of blows. Just as the bell was about to sound, the referee stepped in and declared Morrison the winner by TKO.

The considerably-anticipated fight with Lewis, who had also lost his planet championship, finally took spot following the Ruddock match. Morrison was knocked out in the sixth round.

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50 thoughts on “Tommy Morrison: Boxing Documentary”

  1. if tommy would have stayed with his first game plan i think he would have went futher but like the rocky movie i think it got to his head and he started with the drugs if he would have blocked more i think he would have been one of the greats i mean 43 knockouts out of 48 wins and only 3 losses and 1 draw is a big deal

  2. Anyone that wants to talk shit about Morrison can eat an aods infested dick….47-3 was way better than michael "crack smoker " bent…and ray mercer fucked men for money.

  3. why is there no conspiracy for this white guy? they killed him. he did drugs, but not needles and he wasn’t gay. who stuck him with hiv?

  4. not the greatest heavyweight of all time, but for sure one of if not the best left hook in the business.

  5. Tommy Morrison and Mike Tyson fought so similarly. Their movement style, their aggression, their specialty left hooks. I think the only thing Tyson truly had Morrison beat in was jaw strength. Both were incredible fighters in their heyday and I would’ve loved to see Tyson and Morrison fight. It would’ve been amazing I’m sure.

  6. Mr.Tommy Morrison you are still the champ to"yo in went to heaven with fight never give up n I watch your 90 fights very good hitting.I will miss u??

  7. His 11th fight was my first time to see him.I was potentially going to do some matchmaking for Cayton. My initial analysis was he was not ready to go in to deep waters just yet. They don’t show it in this film, but he was about to pass out after that fight which went four rounds. My thinking was he needed to go up against some long guys who could dance and give him rounds. Insread then went with guys who would go toe 2 toe simply to showcase him. You have two ways to look at it: match make him for exposure, or for improvement opportunities. I personally thought "meh"…seems like a good dude, had I the chance to get with him I would have told him to stay clear of he great white hope shit I’m white as fuck and will tell you had Tommy been black this documentary would not exist

  8. I met Tommy right before I joined the Navy. He was in San Diego looking up alternative medicine for HIV . He was a very nice guy and very polite. Still hard to believe he is gone!! Rest in Peace Champ!!!!

  9. boxer s  have it tuff  not many at all   foreman  is  1  that had a good career and  still liven a good life       Tysons  broke   ali suffered with alzhiemers    and Morrison aids – un protected sex –  he wasn’t a junkie

  10. the media didn’t give Tommy enough credit that he deserve > even after Rocky he wasn’t known around the wold > good they made a documentary about him . i believe he was a great fighter .

    rest in peace Tommy

  11. and he could take a hit to . he kept breaking his hands in his fights thats how hard he could hit broke his jaw as well on the fights that went the distant . He broke my Tv One time when we was watching the mercer fight

  12. I love the way since Morrison isnt black and isnt in the click…they think he isn’t in the click…but he was educated, and wasnt a dumb nigger

  13. This was awesome. Takes you back to that time period and shows rare footage of his early career. Learned things that I did not know.

  14. Morrison was a bum with a glass jaw and no stamina. Look at what Ray Mercer did and I would have knocked out Morrison in 3

  15. he would have been on top for a while he woulda webt down in history with mike tyson , lewis , and foreman

  16. The Duke was a truly underrated fighter. His crushing loss to Ray Mercer really damaged his reputation. Would have loved to see him fight Tyson.

  17. Great fighter in his prime. Would of be a heavyweight champ in this era. Awesome left hook and heavy hands.

  18. he should of never talked shit about Mike Tyson. Tyson would have crushes him. Tommy broke my heart in 91 when he lost to ray.

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