To Be A Man: Transgender Story (LGBTQ)

This is a story about Levi Hansinger, who transitioned from female to male over the initial year of his transition. He struggles through finding himself, but with the continuous support of this mother and loved ones, he aims to uncover out what it means to turn into a man.

Shot, Directed, Edited and Produced by
Danie Easton with Eastowest Productions

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Mustafa Sarwar

Intersect looks at the what it implies to be a Particular person of Colour who also identifies as LGBTQ+ in Scotland. The project consists of a series intimate portraits as nicely as frank discussions with individuals who tell the story of queer PoC in modern society.

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50 thoughts on “To Be A Man: Transgender Story (LGBTQ)”

  1. It’s incredible the differences between the female to the eventual man, I’m just amazed. If I was shown two pictures, the before and after of this person, there’s no way I would guess in a million years that it was the same person. The transition is like the pregnancy and then the birth of a new man. It’s not just the body but the whole face changes and he’s unrecognisable to his former self. I’m in total awe, and what’s incredible still is how very attractive trans men are. Outwardly, and in general you can’t really tell the differences between trans-men from naturally born men, but through watching a lot of trans-men story videos on UTube, trans-men are more sensitive and they listen more, in general, to other people and are more open with their emotions, something that is only just evolving in naturally born men, so they can learn a lot from their trans-brothers….I’m just saying

  2. Reminds me how I came out to my dad, I intended to do it on my 18th but if that was the case I still wouldn’t have told him now so I did it five months early on my cousins 18th cause why not, I felt ready. I just straight out said it dad I’m trans which went better than expected though we still haven’t brought it up again and it’s obvious he expects me to just forget about it and change my mind so not so brilliant but oh well.

  3. A tragedy I’m sorry… But its the truth… Being born a woman is a blessing… Please women, do not be confused and do this to yourselves… You are all loved as you are already…

  4. I wish i had the compromise with my parents. Seeing as they kicked me out im not sure we will ever get to that. But congratulations man, youre doing great.

  5. Fantastic job man! Congrats on all the progress, and thank you for making this video and paying attention to the details. You’ll help a lot of kids with this for sure! Cheers!

  6. Levi i applaude you your courage is amazing well beyond your years what a good looking guy you have become thankyou foe sharing your journey im so happy for you…myself not so much i too am a transgender man i knew at the age of 4 i was different i felt out of place i wished every single night that i would wake up as a boy and crying every morning that i wasnt i retreated into my own world and dreaming constantly about who i want to be my body is wrong puberty was pure hell and i mean hell i was angry i felt physically sick everyday never looked at myself i could go on about how i still feel to this day im now 35…but i can never become who i need and was meant to be im a mother now and my daughter only has me and this would confuse and devistate her i suffer with depression this is the main cause i hate this body that feels like it doant belong to me…my family would never ever understand people judge a lot where i liv i dont care what people think of me but again its my daughter most of all that im thinking about here…my partner has no clue she wouldnt understand either so im carrying on as best i can these feelings are buried occasionally they surface but i guess im so used to doing this now…any way congratulations on becoming who you were meant to be dude love from the uk

  7. Levi were u get that testosterone injection… We’re r u from? Im in same suitvation which u crossed.. Reply to me

  8. I can understand why liberals feel the way they do about transgenders even though I believe they exaggerate cases. I think there needs to be a slightly more humanitarian side to conservatives as well as a more realistic scientific side for liberals

  9. Hai levi…ur so handsome transman….we have defirent story iam a gay under go of hormones but i stop it coz i dont have money to buy pills…but iam also want to become a real girl….iam so happy for u coz u made it…gluck and enjoy life…???

  10. Wow, you look so much more comfortable now that you are your real self. And you’re hot – hope you don’t mind my saying so! What a fantastic smile.

  11. So nicely shot. I loved both the cinematography and the story (and the honesty in it). THANKS. It somehow reminds me of Leo Mateus’s channel.

  12. Thank you for giving others the ability to tap into your experiences and offer them the same hope on this road ahead of them and that you have now traveled and flourished in…

  13. Levi, huge congrats on your profound transition, this documentary, & your loving relationship with your mother. Her acceptance & your happiness is so evident & beautiful to watch. As a trans man myself — I’m truly moved to observe & relate. The world is thankfully changing & the love/understanding of the trans experience has been a vital aspect of LGBTQ acceptance as a whole. We still have a long way to go but thank you for sharing your story. It’s very important because your humanizing something that so many people still don’t understand. Thank you, my friend.

  14. *DUDE*
    When I heard your voice without the T I legit thought it wasn’t even you lmao
    well done on your transition!

  15. So glad his family are with him on this, and it’s so sad people like this are rejected by their own parents, well, all I can think is ‘some parents aren’t worthy of their own children’ it might well be difficult to process at first, but some don’t even try, or start hiding behind various assorted ‘holy books’ to back up prejudice; well shame on you for being cowardly and feeble minded, my Mother once said ‘my children could _murder_ and I would still love them’ not that any of us actually _have_ but I was lucky to be brought up by people who really knew what it was to care for others, it’s not every parent who has the guts to do that when things get challenging…

  16. so touching, you, your story, your mother. no mater what gender you become you are very sensitive human being and the way you accept yourself so good will make you completely irresistible to anyone who has eyes and heart.

  17. I’m a biological male and I think he’s attractive. I think I could be open to a trans man. There are some handsome ones out there. But seeing the vagina would change the situation dramatically for me. It sucks because he’s handsome but I don’t want to break anyone heart because my feelings changed . That’s what I’m scared of.. I fully support you though Levi:)

  18. This is beautiful I’m glad his mother supports him we need more parents like her I’m gay but I support trans community all the way
    Very beautiful and touching video congratulations Levi

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