Tiger Wolf Fight Scene – The Tiger An Old Hunter’s Tale – HD

Tiger Wolf Fight Scene – The Tiger An Old Hunter’s Tale – HD

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If you have ever killed a deer with a bow, or at least bow hunted, you are nicely aware of how exciting it can be. That is why I am eager to give some beneficial guidance that will aid you on your next hunt.

One particular of the most significant difficulties that most newcomers and experts struggle with is taking a shot without having being noticed. Just before going into detail on that matter, I would like to elaborate on the fundamentals of bow hunting. Assuming that you have bought all the equipment needed, the next step requires setting up a stand to hunt. When choosing a hunting location for bow season you want to important in on two regions – trails and food sources. Throughout rifle season, longer shots are feasible, but with a bow distance becomes an critical element. Due to the fact of this it is imperative that you know what distances you really feel comfy taking a shot. Take into consideration that for the duration of a hunt, your adrenaline will play a factor in how nicely you can shoot. Finding out to control this “fever” will take time, but just remember that hunting and practicing are two separate matters.

Placing a stand near a patch of white oaks that are raining down protein-wealthy acorns, 1 of the whitetails preferred foods, is usually a promising choice. You can also set up close to heavily employed trails leading to bedding and feeding areas.

Most bow hunters stand up to take a shot, but there are others who shoot sitting down. I personally stand up, although taking a shot from a seated position has its benefits. If you do program on shooting standing up you will want to take into account a little bit of bow hunting guidance. Waiting until a deer’s vision is obstructed by a tree will increase your possibilities of remaining undetected. If a buck is coming in to feed it is a great thought to be patient and let it grow to be comfortable in the area. As you may already know, deer are quite cautious animals whose senses far surpass ours. A flicker of the tail is a sign that a deer is comfy and senses no danger. Once you notice the flicker, slowly rise, take aim, and let the broadhead do the rest. Thank you for reading this post on deer hunting suggestions.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that this Deer Hunting Guidance makes you a much better hunter.

51 thoughts on “Tiger Wolf Fight Scene – The Tiger An Old Hunter’s Tale – HD”

  1. 0:19 as you can see he wasn’t trying to kill the kid he went after the guy with the gun

  2. Even though the hunter killed his mother the tiger but at least he brung him back his dead son

  3. Imagine if the tiger replaces shere khan in the Jungle Book, or he goes with shere khan like or as brothers or cousins or friends.

  4. why are wolves always the bad guy!

    just saying so no haters
    edit part:
    btw wolves never eat humans they only bite them because it’s our fault disturbing them or maybe the wolf bites you by an accident.

  5. Its amazing how litle knowlege of wolf behavior they put in this scene
    (Sorry for my Language i dont speek much englisch )

  6. I fucking love this movie, pisses all over the Jungle Book and im a White Westerner.
    This Asian film is fucking awesome, thats why i bought the DVD, and i never buy DVD’s.

  7. u guys hvent seen the true king of beast yh u ussually see mane lions fight but they are not the kings mn the true kings are extincted if it was still here today u would see why the lion rules but anyway lion are african kings they rule africa only tiger outside of africa

  8. I though wolves are saving the guy from the tiger,but then I saw tiger is saving the guy from the wolves

  9. Jacob werewolf transformation (twilight) vs tiger mountain lord i think Jacob would win the tiger is smart but sometimes his wild side takes over him which makes him go after anything that’s dangerous doesn’t even fucking care which makes him lose Jacob on the other hand werewolf form he’s bigger and can make himself bigger like when sam stood up tall against leraunt scared the shit outta him ??

  10. Ugh, wolves do not eat humans ):l
    Wolves run away from people.
    And those wolves could kill that tiger, especially with that amount.
    Know what,

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