3 Brief Scary Story Horror Animations (Vol. two) REACTION!!!!

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Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum ~ Sir John Bennett Clock ~ Dearborn Michigan ~ My Old Photo
This bell tower serves as a central meeting point with the historic Greenfield Village Henry Ford Museum. Initially positioned in London England, the Sir John Bennett constructing was relocated to Dearborn, MI in 1931.

&quotSir John Bennett liked the mythical story of Gog and Magog, the ancient protectors of Britain, so he re-produced them for the front of his shop. The clock figures, Gog and Magog, toll the chimes of this shop every 15 minutes.

Sir John Bennett was a productive clock, watch and jewelry maker in London, England. This constructing stood a grand five stories at its original London site. It was scaled down to two stories when it was moved to Greenfield Village. Nowadays, it is a sweet ship inside.
Constructed in 1931 in Greenfield Village. Exterior decorative components from original shop in London, England
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo – NO MULTI FAVES on 1990-01-01 00:00:00

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  1. Those were great stories gattor thanks for uploading the first one was creepy like how in the world did his son go missing was he an illusion from his parents mind of the boy they thought was his but wasn’t and what happened to that woman why was she paranoid how did her husband end up dead where she was cleaning up his blood did she do it? And the guy who was stealing everyone’s food was he a cannibal? Since he ate Tracy’s heart

  2. I love watching your reaction videos I’m too scared to watch these alone but when I watch this it’s like I’m not alone so I don’t get as scared.?? keep up the good work!

  3. unless someone offers you food, then you only eat what you pay for and brought! i would get mad too

  4. Gattor ur the best i watch ur vids all the time even when they are old and keep doing what u doing like omg i wish i could meet u and i alwayd agree with u bc my family even watches u so keep going hwir looking good too

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