three True Scary Cult/ Occult/ Witchcraft Stories (Ft. Killer Orange Cat)

3 horrifying Cult, Occult and Witchcraft tales narrated in a collaboration with the 1 and only Killer Orange Cat, locate out what takes place when you adhere to the glow of a fire in the woods, when your brother has an odd buddy, or when your dad is out all night every single evening. Take pleasure in these chilling tales, narrated by a British story teller and featuring Killer Orange Cat, be sure to check out his channel, for the other half 🙂

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‘People don’t anticipate correct fear’.

Image taken from page 123 of ‘[Footprints of the Lion, and other stories of travel … With … illustrations from photographs, and so forth.]’
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By The British Library on 2013-12-01 04:50:55

For those who have looked closely at the Fantastic Seal of the United Sates of America, it displays many occult symbols. Most apparent is the unfinished pyramid with reference to Gizah and the nation of Egypt.

It is stated that the first democratic government that existed was in ancient Egypt and Akhnaton was its leader. He was described as a extremely young Priest-King and Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who exemplified social consciousness in the administration of a wonderful nation. He saw each living point as possessing a Divine proper to reside well, to hope, and to aspire in a world governed by brotherly adore. Described as the initial pacifist, the very first realist, the first monotheist, the first democrat, the 1st heretic, the 1st humanitarian, the 1st internationalist, the initial individual known to attempt to discovered a religion, and was believed to be born a number of thousand years ahead of his time.

This is the blueprint on which the United States government was founded. Akhnaton, like the emerging group of adepts and initiates who make up the Fifth Kingdom of God-Guys, represent the radiant floating capstone or tetrahedron of divine fire on the Great Seal that will comprehensive the masonry of the pyramid. This identical group of enlightened males and girls embody the New World Order and are a new species of humans on the planet, who through their upward climb from the valley of human suffering, have accomplished liberation and created smart by the ascent to the mountaintop of spiritual attainment. They are the guardians of the Race of Man who have guided humanity’s evolution. They are now stepping forward to take their positions externally in the diverse systems, departments and institutions of each the public and private sectors.

The United States of America has been described as the strong kid of Europe established by means of the efforts of the six esoteric orders of Germany, Ireland, France, Scotland, The Netherlands and England.

It was to Francis Bacon of England, however, that the vision for the establishment of the philosophic empire named the New Atlantis was given. Collectively with members from these and other nations, the Notion that we contact America came to be born in North America.

This ‘American Idea’ started as far back as two thousand years B.C. the mystical orders of Egypt had been conscious of the existence of the great western continent named America, and decided that it ought to be the internet site of this philosophic empire.

It was also Bacon’s conviction that the “Order of the Quest” must be set up in the divinely assigned land of America, which he called the New Atlantis, and that the vision and philosophy of the Quest was to be the foundation upon which the American Republic should be constructed.

The destiny of this nation, with an Aquarian soul, will see the unfoldment of its folks bring about a new age of humanity in which Service, Synthesis, Brotherhood, the restoration of the Feminine to equal energy and rulership, and Masonry will be hallmarks.

To America is entrusted the job of creating this a reality for its folks and then to turn out to be a model to the planet.

Name: Etta D. Jackson
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33 thoughts on “three Accurate Scary Cult/ Occult/ Witchcraft Stories (Ft. Killer Orange Cat)”

  1. These stories do give witches a bad name. I just Want to say that not all witchcraft is bad. Most witches are harmless and practise peaceful and good spells. If you’re one of those people that think that all witches are like the ones in these stories: you’re very wrong.

  2. I can’t stand animal animal abuse. I will risk my fucking life to save any animal by soul less humans killing something that can’t defend themselves. All I can say is karma. Fuck you pieces of shit, I bet you wouldn’t like to be stabbed have someone jump on your stomach.

  3. Great job and I enjoyed working with you! Thank you so much for being patient with me as I know this took a long time to finally come together. And thank you for the "one and only" comment..makes me blush 😛 let’s hope these videos do great!

  4. Fun Fact: ‘cutters’ come from a long line of demonic ritual, those guys who whip themselves for Allah and ‘cutters’ are doing the same thing, opening up for demon spirit to inhabit.

    Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.


  5. You were at 100 subs yesterday? 163 as of today. I can only imagine your collab with +Killer Orange Cat will have you at 200 in the next few days. Congratulations! That cat’s magic =)

  6. Ugh… I hate stories where animals are hurt/abused… Great narration though. You both did a fantastic job narrating 🙂

  7. Nice one, guys! Did you shoot the burning fire footage yourself? The video "mood piece" is a nice touch. -Martin

  8. Great job on this video guys, I enjoy both of your work and it was great to see you guys work together on this. The cult stories are crazy. It blows my mind what types of organizations people get involved with out there.
    The only suggestion I have though is just the fire crackling in the second story was a bit distracting. The footage itself fit well and the natural sound sun the background went along well with the video but the crackling itself every few seconds was just a little distracting to me personally. Nothing big, but you might want to think about muting something like that in the future if it’s possible. Again, just my personal view

  9. Thanks to your collab with Killer Orange Cat, you have a new subscriber here! I just LOVE your accent. 🙂 I only stumbled across my first scary story narration video a few months back and am still adding channels to a folder in bookmarks. This channel has already been snuggled into place there. LOL I have this annoying compulsion to have them in alphabetical order, so your channel is safely tucked between Blue_Spooky and BumpInTheNight. 🙂 When I find a new channel, I begin with the oldest video and work my way to the newest. I look forward to binge watching your videos! Best of luck!

  10. *WELL, I HAD TO SUB SINCE IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYTIME I WATCH A NEW "HORROR NARRATION" VID. i AM THE 666TH VIEWER…* Good thing I am a *GOOD, DEVOTED BUDDHIST who fears no man, nor any evil !!* Good luck with your channel, I am EXTREMELY EXCITED TO HAVE FOUND YOU FROM LOOKING AT +The Sinful Savant recent liked vids. & subbed channels. So, who you guys like & sub to, does really help out other channels!! *(AT LEAST IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, LOL.)* Don’t get so big your vids. start to become less frequent and basically JUST SUCK like +Lazy Masquerade *(SORRY TO THE "SENSITIVE PEOPLE" BUT, I AM ALL HONEST ALL THE TIME, OR NOTHING… I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE.)* I wish you luck and I look foward to binge watching the vids I never knew existed, yayyyy lol !! Your newest Sub, Bella B. <3

  11. awesome! the first one reminds me a bit of something that happened to me and a friend. We went geocaching in some woods at night. It was pitch black and a creepy place, near a road called ‘cut throat lane’. My friend told me stories about witchcraft and stuff being practiced in the woods round there so we were getting spooked already but then we found a tree with loads of animal skulls hanging on all the branches. We ran out of there once we saw that! not really much related to that story, just weird witchcraft stuff in the woods made me think of it

  12. It’s only scary if you’re on the other side of it. While Christians fear Satanic Cults & Illuminati, Satanists are fearing Inquisitions & Jihad. While the Middle East Muslims complain Jews stole Israel & fearing Christian Armies that are invading them, attacking.. the Jews & Christians are fearing Muslims attacking with Jihad, & so forth & so forth. Also I’ve seen animal sacrifice in multiple religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Sumerian & others. Even though the New Testament says to stop sacrificing animals, it’s still recorded a time or two in the New Testament. Islam’s done it, Hindus, the Chinese, a couple others. I don’t support Sacrificing animals, I’m just saying most of this world is Abrahamic Sheep & would be kind of hypocrites to blaspheme something others have done when their religion is the same.

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