“There’s A lot more to the Story” – Dylan Larkin

“There is Much more to the Story” – Dylan Larkin | Presented by Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop​ | Hear from Dylan as he talks about his loved ones, being drafted, his journey to the NHL, and his knowledge so far getting part of his hometown group

Nashville Predators
Toots waiting for the faceoff. His dad often attends the games and from what I hear is a hoot…He and his brother grew up playing hockey. Even so his brothers life ended prematurely at the end of a gun…Tragic story. But he comes from a extremely tiny fishing village in Northern Canada. So he has come a long way from home to play skilled hockey in Nashville.

My Nashville Predators didnt get to the 2nd round this year. But heck we overcame alot of adversity AND this was a rebuilding year..So all items considered..Im glad we still have group and Im proud of what the guys accomplished.
By MrMedia on 2008-04-21 15:22:49

50 thoughts on ““There’s Far more to the Story” – Dylan Larkin”

  1. 4:09 thats my friends, really good friend. Got me in Warped Tour for free one year. Got me some "exclusive" parking for a free at the Joe a couple times. Didn’t think I’d see him in this video!

  2. 3 dislike really he it’s the best rookie this year! And it’s a beautiful video for Larkin and wings fans

  3. Honestly, he’s my greatest role model. He works so hard and it all pays off. What makes him so special is his passion for the game. He has had a dream since he was a young kid and never gave up on it. He’s got so much skill and knows how to handle the puck. He also seems like such a genuine, nice person. I hope to be like him one day and play in the NWHL. I’m so happy for him and can’t wait to see where he’s going to go. 🙂

  4. As a Penguins fan, I hate the Red Wings because of the back to back Stanley Cup finals, but I can’t help but love this kid and his story. Playing for your childhood favorite team? Getting Drafted by them? He’s a real up standing guy, best wishes to your career Larky, from a fan of a rival!

  5. Steve Yzerman wasn’t ‘The Captain’ right off the bat. It took time. He didn’t even have the privilege to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs his first year but he still turned out to be one of the best. I’m not guaranteeing Larkins future will look that way, but you never know what development can do as the years pass on for these kids in the NHL nowadays.

  6. He’s gonna be captain one day. He’s so mature and such a hard worker, hard to believe we’re the same age.

  7. A inspiration for the kids and Dylan is a hometown player so I like very much Detroit for this reason 😉 #LGRW and #71

  8. As a canucks fan I hate you guys just because I’m jealous… all your late round picks are gems, you NEVER miss the playoffs, not to mention the history and the rings….

  9. It’s inspiring to see talent, humility and work ethic embodied so strongly in one individual. Good luck, good health and a long career of highlight reel goals to you Dylan. I’m sure you will be a big help to the kids in hospital wards and local charities either.

  10. Sabres Fan here: Dylan Larkin is really good at hockey. It’s Cool that he’s always played Hockey in Michigan.

  11. glad hes putting lakeland on the map, as someone who plays there 3-4 times a week i think it deserves more credit than it gets

  12. It’s crazy seeing him in the nhl, my cousin played the USA development team a few times about a year back…no idea who he was then but look at him now!

  13. Let’s hope we’re watching the next Steve Yzerman and he leads by example as well as statistically. No doubt a great skater……but anticipation, creativity and vision are what it takes to reach greatness in the NHL.

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