The Winter Patriots: A Revolutionary War Tale

The Winter Patriots explores a single of the darkest moments of the American Revolution and how the Continental Army, below the command of Common George Washington, was able to save the trigger of independence by means of 1 brilliant military campaign at the end of 1776 and the starting of 1777. Follow Washington’s forces as they cross the icy Delaware River on their way to their surprise victory at the Battle of Trenton. Watch as Washington crosses the river as soon as more and fights the British and Hessians on the Assunpink Creek and at the Battle of Princeton.

The Winter Patriots is the second animated feature presentation made by Wide Awake Films and George Washington’s Mount Vernon – the home of General George Washington. Check out to learn more.

Stolen and returned
For the duration of the noon hour nowadays, there was a Christmas party at operate, to which the Loved ones Court employees was invited. I attended it, but didn’t consume much even though there was food galore. Following the meal, there was also a present exchange with a novel twist. Fifteen employees had signed up for it, so there had been fifteen gifts. Every single participant would draw a number, then be referred to as up in numerical order, whereupon he or she would pick one of the gifts and unwrap it. The other participants then had the choice of stealing that person’s gift and creating a forced exchange. I do not don’t forget all the other guidelines, except that I believe the individual who drew no. 1 had some kind of droit-du-seigneur more than every person else’s option.

I had not signed up to participate in this occasion, so I just sat back and watched. Commissioner Harris, who was also present, had commented to me earlier about how tired I appeared, which was true sufficient. In an apparent effort to cheer me up a bit, she approached a couple of minutes later, handed me her number — it was six — and recommended that I choose out a gift to give to Vanessa. I hesitated at initial, because I had not planned to participate and had for that reason not supplied a present but then I decided no harm would be accomplished, given that she was forfeiting her claim and enabling me to use it rather. As a result, nobody would be deprived of anything by my participation in the event.

Her tiny work to cheer me up worked really successfully, but most likely not in the way either of us had expected.

My turn at some point came. I stood up and announced that if the present I picked occurred to be a Nikkor 105mm macro lens, I was going to maintain it, regardless of what the guidelines stated. Every person laughed, and then I picked out a present, which appeared to be a book. I wondered aloud if it was some thing Vanessa would even like, or for that matter, if I would, either. Was it a function of military history, or an edition of Dante’s Inferno, or some sort of gothic tale? Either of the first two would interest me, of course, but not the third possibility — despite the fact that Vanessa, on the other hand, may get pleasure from that one.

I was going to hold on to the package without unwrapping it, but was told that I had to do so, in order that the other people present may possibly know what it was. This would aid them in deciding what, if anything, they would steal, and what the ultimate fate of the present would be.

Having unwrapped the present, I discovered that it was certainly a book. Not only that, I was delighted to find out that it was full of the type of useless but amusing trivia I often look to absorb like a sponge, and which can generally preserve me entertained for hours on finish. So I sat down to flip by means of this small volume, and as typically occurs whenever I am engrossed in a book, I quickly became completely oblivious to every little thing else that was going on about me. I discovered hours later that numerous amused comments had been exchanged in that area as the attendees watched me. Not only was I completely absorbed in the book, but it speedily had me laughing as well.

I was in the grip of a extremely entertaining story about the Kingdom of Talossa when a bag was all of a sudden dropped into my lap by a court clerk named Rae-Ann. With a twinkle in her eye, she asked me to hold it for her — then grabbed the book and walked off with it as everybody else in the room busted out laughing. I spent a moment or two trying to make a decision what to do, but guidelines have been rules, so I ended up accepting my unfortunate fate. But dang, I thought to myself — could not Rae-Ann at least have waited till I completed that story about the Kingdom of Talossa? And to top it off, every person wanted to know what was in the bag, so I pulled out its contents, which turned out to be a supersize pack of chewing gum. I never chew a lot of gum, so I quickly started attempting to come up with some technique to reclaim the pilfered book.

Lastly, as the gathering was breaking up, Rae-Ann walked up to me with a smile, handed me the book, and told me to return it to her when I finished it. Her smile and general demeanor produced me wonder if she genuinely expected me to give it back. She took the gum in exchange, which I did not thoughts at all, of course. Given that I wasn’t confident if her giving me the book was intended to be a conveyance in charge easy or if Rae-Ann was retaining some sort of reversionary interest in the house, I decided to assume the former and act accordingly.

Later I e-mailed Rae-Ann and congratulated her for possessing provided absolutely everyone such a great laugh at my expense. I was created to realize that my obliviousness had in fact been the catalyst for this practical joke, and I told Rae-Ann that there was ample historical precedent for my behavior with the book. As indisputable proof of this, I then included a link to this image, identified right here in my Flickr photostream, and which I told her could be among the most revealing photographs ever taken of me.

Meanwhile, as quickly as I returned to my workplace, and before I did something else, I completed reading that interrupted tale of the Kingdom of Talossa — about which, by the way, an even much more entertaining article might be found here. (Hm — I just read that entire webpage, and I think I am going to apply for citizenship, as the Kingdom of Talossa sounds just like my sort of location! Someday I will surely want to turn into its prime minister, and I think I have an outstanding shot at generating it, soon after which I am confident to turn out to be a single of its excellent prime ministers of all time. Stay tuned, every person!) 🙂
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  1. This is an excellent video. I wish more historic sites would produce videos like this. Thank you for uploading it.

  2. I live in Bensalem, PA where the southern most crossing took place. Gen. Cadwalader’s grave lies in a small church cemetery very near my house. Also near me is Joseph Galloway’s old Manor.

  3. Washington was a terrible leader power hungry, his earlier command when fighting for the british 125 colonial soldiers in his command  massacred a band of French soldier who where having breakfast in a woods they happened to be a political party going to the british lines, this was the official start of the seven year war,,,
    25,000 soldiers half the british army?  I don’t think so , on xmas eve Washington attacked a few hundred hessiens who he knew celebrated xmas and it was a common thing no army faught on Christmas,  Washington knew this . they rallied stupid men to fight so they could gain power and wealth ,

  4. Complaint…Wide awake films symbol is a pyramid with a single eye in it? I know Washington was a Freemason but c’mon, really?

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