The Timeline: A Tale of Two Cities Full Show | The Cowboys & 49ers Battle for NFL Dominance | NFL

The Timeline: Tale of Two Cities recalls the historic rivalry amongst the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. Watch new episodes of the Timeline beginning Friday, September 21, with “The Greatest Show on Turf” airing right away after TNF Rams vs. 49ers on NFL Network.

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Sibling Rivalry
The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe had an exhibition titled Dancing Shadows, Epic Tales: Wayang Kulit of Indonesia (&quotWayang Kulit&quot means shadow puppet). As portion of the exhibition there was a room to play traditional Indonesian instruments and to place on your personal shadow puppet show.

Even in play, my older daughter, left, usurped her birth order benefit more than her younger sister.
By outtacontext on 2009-09-07 09:06:19
Sibling rivalry refers to the quantity of strain current in the relationship amongst siblings. And we are not specifically speaking about the tiny kiddie fights our young children tend to have more than toys, we are speaking about the much far more deeper strains and hatred current amongst siblings in today’s planet.

Take a simple and widespread scene for example. Two little brothers fighting for a toy. The mother notices, interferes and requires the toy away from the older one and offers it to the younger a single. She take the older one aside and explains it to him, that considering that he is older he should let his tiny brother play. Hearing this, the older brother throws a fit of rage saying that she’s getting partial. Often such sort of behavior goes unnoticed,ignored or not taken seriously. However the truth is, most of the time massive troubles among adult siblings start from childhood itself. Haven’t you ever heard of siblings fighting more than one thing as lame as home problems? Several a times they have a tendency to cheat every other for cash. Often there are two siblings who haven’t even observed each and every other’s face or heard each and every other’s voice for years collectively. Such is the hatred current among a lot of siblings today.

How far are parents responsible for sibling rivalry? No this is not always the case, but parents do have a lot of influence on how the relationship amongst two siblings are. The very best way to keep away from such kind of unhealthy rivalry is by treating each the children equally irrespective of their age or sex. If guidelines are do be created, each must be following it. If permission is granted for some thing, it must be granted equally. Children need to be taught from childhood about the value of relationships, and how 1 must worth them. Family trips and bonding among family members ought to be encouraged. Nevertheless most of the time, this is not the case. Therefore it results in siblings developing hatred for each other.

Isn’t it weird how two folks who have grown up with each other and loved every single other so considerably, develop up into the worst enemies ever. Never let this come about in your loved ones, act right now!

The author writes text messages and consults for social networking content material like photo effects and quotes. He also writes quizzes on subjects like character, etc.

51 thoughts on “The Timeline: A Tale of Two Cities Complete Show | The Cowboys & 49ers Battle for NFL Dominance | NFL”

  1. 49ers: "Let’s do the dumbest move in history, and give Charles Haley to our arch nemesis."
    Jerry Jones: "Hold my beer and watch this… Jimmy, you’re fired."

  2. What an awesome film. The best thing about this is in the present time September 2017 the Cowboys have built a team comparable to that early 1990’s dynasty. Too bad the niners are nowhere to be found. We would love to give you another ass kicking again on our way to the SB.

  3. "I always laugh when California guys try to act Texas tough."

    Wtf does that even mean? The meanest, roughest, toughest Cowboy of the 90’s was Larry Allan. He is from Northern California close to my home town.

    Your boy Troy was born and raised in Ca and went to UCLA.

    The two biggest play makers were from Florida, along with the head coach of Miami.

    How many big tough texas boys were even on that roster?

    Ignorance and stupidity run deep in the south, and they are proud of it.

  4. 27:55 its amazing that deion slipped and still had the makeup speed to get back in perfect position

  5. as a cowboy fan who was around for that era, i hate Jerry Jones and time has proven him useless!
    Jimmy made that team

  6. This rivalry is what made me love the NFL and just football in general. As a kid I remember hating the Cowboys, I had read all about Bill Walsh plus watching all their highlights from the 80’s. 49ers were my that is until Jim Harbaugh and Colts started kicking ass. Still have love for the 49ers the only team on the West coast.

  7. I am a raiders fan but growing up in California as a Nineties kid, I look back in sweet nostalgia on those cowboy and 49ers games. This would always be the greatest nfc rivalry in my eyes.

  8. Alot of young people don’t even know the early 70’s 49ers with John Brodie at QB were very good and lost to the Cowboys in the NFC title game 2 years in a row.

  9. As the biggest ninner fan Dallas was lucky that Green BAY beat us in1995 playoffs because we would of went to Dallas and beat the breaks off them. That was the worst team Dallas had out of the 3 Superbowl teams. We already beat them in Dallas in week 11 with a backup. Dallas best team was there first Superbowl team 1992 and is one game I actually cried. This is the bottom line they were better than us in92-93 and we were better than them in94-95! It was even down the middle. BUT you Dallas fans should thank Neil Oddonal because with that terrible performance in the Superbowl is the only way you win. Pittsburgh outplayed you the whole game. 2 plays were the difference in that one. BUT I can say this if Joe Montana would of played in the 92 championship game you would of lost. Steve young was the mvp that season but he didn’t win the biggest game like Joe did. Great rivalry but from 1981-1997 there was no body who had won more games than the niners or more Superbowl’s. Dallas can never say that. So final score San Francisco 5 Superbowls Dallas 3. So suck on that cowgirls!?☝??

  10. Wow in that 1994 NFC Championship game the Cowboys turn it over three times in the first quarter and gave the 49ers 21 points in the first quarter alone….. that was just too much to overcome

  11. What happened to Jerry’s TD catch right before halftime in that ’94 championship game?  Why was it not shown here?  That was essentially the play of the game as it increased the lead to 17 points at halftime and showed the Cowboys what the Niners needed them to know….."NOT TODAY".

  12. I never saw or heard about the Bill Walsh interview on Nightline. I do remember driving through the Arizona desert when I heard Jimmy Johnson retired from the Cowboys and thinking that it was the strangest thing I had ever heard of in all my years as a football fan.

  13. Started watching sports in the late 80s. Grew up a niners kid. Theres no nfl rivalry that has topped this. I still despise and respect dallas

  14. The 49ers biggest mistake was not the fact they traded Charles Haley. It was that they traded him to the Cowboys.

  15. 31:46…guess Sapolu’s CTE is having him forget that the 49ers did the exact same thing with Ken Norton Jr the year before. FOH you poi eating bastard.

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