The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake’s

Die Antwoord’s Ninja recounts a wild story about Kanye West and Drake.

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Image from page 198 of “The Caldron” (1904)
Identifier: caldron_1921fort
Title: The Caldron
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Fort Wayne Higher and Manual Training School (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Subjects: Fort Wayne Higher and Manual Instruction College (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Publisher: Fort Wayne, Ind. : The School
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Net Archive

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
it was all about.Upon closer inspection he may well dis-cover a bat and a ball and conclude thatit was baseball they were mimicking.Such it was. Given that that time we haveworked up a number of very good baseballplayers under the supervision of MissHeighway. We chosen class teams andseveral games have been played. If youhavent heard considerably about it so far, youwill hear of it and turn into interested init your self. Letters will be awarded for baseballas they have been in basketball. For varsitybasketball eleven F. W. monogramswere distributed and for the winningclass team the number 22 with a circularblue background was offered to sevengirls. If you didnt see them it wasnttheir fault, for the girls flaunted their])rize(l awards ahead of the ])ublic eye inthe ideal way they knew how. So endeth the tale. Total .112 Hertha Stein—I saw you drivingwith Sam yesterday, and he seemed tohave only one arm. Dolly Gest—Oh, no the other armwas about someplace. Paye 1 Hundred Ninety PLAT-O Concentrating Table (IATKNTKU)

Text Appearing Right after Image:
The Plat-O Table is employed for separating minerals, such asgold, silver, copper, lead. zinc. and so forth.. from the rock or ganguein which they occur. It is also widely utilised in washing coal,graphite and iron ore. Manufactured and sold exclusively by DEISTER MACHINECOMPANY EAST WAYNE STREET FORT WAYNE, IND, U. S. A. E. Deister, Pres. and Gen. Mgr. W. F. Deister, Vice-Pres. E. G. Hoffman, Secy. and Treas. Anthony

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50 thoughts on “The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake’s”

  1. I’ve been a fan of DA for so long, this interview paints such a rational down to earth human. I totally agree with his sentiment about being a fashion accessory.

  2. Can someone answer me this, if he liked Kanye West why didn’t block his number? I’m confused? You went to Paris crib, hung out with and played Ball with Kanye at Drakes crib and then ate banana pudding with Yeezy and Travis Scott!
    I’m confused? What biting? It seems like you had a good time! Can someone explain to me is he joking?

  3. I still don’t know this ninja guy, but I definitely like his "I’m fresh outta fucks to give" attitude. Not just that, but he’s not riding rap’s nutt sac for attention. Fucks the "Fashion accessory" thing kinda sums it up. The rap game is full of bunch of homoerotic douche baggery.

    Ninja sounds like a normal ass dude. FYI if the people you associate with aren’t like that, you’re sucking scrotum. Just a fact.

  4. Ninja and Kanye West just went to Drake’s to play basketball and then Travis Scott came by to eat Kim Kardashian’s banana pudding

  5. i did not know what to expect.. this was by far the funniest and most entertaining story ive heard for some time. so funny?

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