49 thoughts on “The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale. Tiger vs Wolves ( Save The boy )”

  1. I’m surprised that the tiger didn’t eat the kid! He was protecting it like he was his very own cub! Incredible!

  2. true a little wolf is no match for a tiger but a lion and a tiger it’s on g. Even that wolf did messed up but lion and tiger they are the largest of the cat family.

  3. So a one eyed tiger beats the living daylight out of a wolf pack. Looks like Shere Khan is at it again.

  4. Who thinks a male lion could take down a whole pack of wolves OR
    Who thinks a alpha male wolf can take down a male lion
    comment please
    I think lions will win of course don’t be mean ok just comment

  5. This is the exact opposite of the Jungle book, the wolves are the villains and the tiger is the good guy

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