The Story of Prometheus [Greek Mythology Audiobook]

The Story of Prometheus [Greek Mythology Audiobook] by James Baldwin (from “Old Greek Stories” Collection)

The Myth
The inspiration of this idea is coming from my childhood stories, Arabian Knights and Pirates of the Caribbean.

So finally I accomplished it. I has not design and style this for industrial or anything else, I design and style this just for my childhood dreams stories.

Thanks a lot for the comment &amp :+fav:
I genuinely appreciate it :blowkiss:

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Sea: [hyperlink]

Octopus: [link]

Water Splashes: [link]


Waves: [hyperlink]

Old Ship: [link]

Sky: It is my personal resource…

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25 thoughts on “The Story of Prometheus [Greek Mythology Audiobook]”

  1. wow was prometheus jesus! the one who was before and will be long after! There’s so much truth in greek mythology, Wish I could decode it all!

  2. Greeks are iliterate gypsy!
    We have another proof, the Greek illiteracy before the 8th-9th Ages …
    Greeks to 9 century AD were illiterate!
    Byblos was a commercial city full of various goods ..
    In the city of Byblos, Greeks (among other things) sourcing papyrus and Gubin, for writing.
    Word " Byblos" no relation with reading and writing ..
    Book(Eng.) , german’s Buch etc, had stemming from Serbian word BUKVA…
    BOOK-VA in the Serbian language means Letter!
    Bookvica means alphabet!
    But Bible(the word bible) no relation with Book!
    This was only the name of the city …
    Illiterate Greeks are changing goods for goods …
    We(greeks) give to you the 5 pigs, you(citizens of Byblos) to us 10 Bybloses ..
    The Greeks gave the name for the book, as the name, of the city where did they get the scrolls and papyrus …
    Greeks for volume, say, TETRADIO ..
    Tetradio is quadrate (the shape of a rectangle or square) …
    Greeks perceive shapes as volumes looks ..
    Goods for the goods …
    We give to you the 5 chickens, you give to us 10 tetradio !!!
    This is irrefutable proof that the Greeks were illiterate ( till 9. century AD)…
    Greeks did nothing to write or to read …
    For the Greeks the books and notebooks were commodities exchange, commodity like any other commodity!

  3. the guy has legs too short but that boob is beautiful. ooh women! woman is a devil, that’s what I’ve been told. woman is the devil, that’s what I’ve been told. she takes all your money… then she spends all your gold.

  4. zeus aka jesus killed forethought and afterthought by being all yogi like and living in the now !…

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