The Story of Diwali | Festival of Lights Cartoon Animation

Diwali / Deepavali History and Significance 2015. Deepavali the ” Festival of Lights ” is an ancient Hindu Festival Celebrated in Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) Every Year.



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Ahmedabad IND – Adalaj Stepwell ten
Adalaj Stepwell is a special Hindu ‘water building’ in the village of Adalaj, close to Ahmedabad town in Gandhinagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The stepwell was constructed in 1499 by Muslim king Mohammed Begda for Queen Rani Roopba, wife of Veer Singh, the Vaghela chieftain. The step properly or ‘Vav’, as it is referred to as in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is 5 stories in depth. Such step wells had been as soon as integral to the semi arid regions of Gujarat as they offered simple water needs for drinking, washing and bathing. These wells were also venues for colorful festivals and sacred rituals.

Stepwells, also called stepped ponds, constructed in between the 5th and 19th centuries, are common in the west of India over 120 such wells are reported in the semi-arid area of Gujarat alone, of which the well at Adalaj is most common. Stepwells are also found in more arid regions of the subcontinent, extending into Pakistan, to collect rain water in the course of seasonal monsoons. Even though several such structures are utilitarian in building, they often consist of significant architectural embellishments, as in the Adlaj stepwell, which attracts a huge quantity of vacationers. In the previous, these stepwells have been frequented by travelers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes.
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  1. Please don’t be deceived, these false gods can’t save you – the devil himself masquerades as an angel of light! (see 2. Cor. 11:14) @ all: we are living in the end times, there’s only one truth. JESUS CHRIST says: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the FATHER except through me. John 14:6 Please accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid on the cross for our sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!! We have to come to the cross as broken sinners.

  2. Story is nicely told, But Pleeeease say the evil demon’s name as "Narakaasura" ie "Naraka+Asura" नरकासुरा ! Lets keep the native names correct

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