The Secret of Skiing

Anything from my Larry Miller Stand-up collection. its a extended narrative but interesting non the less.

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By QTTheory on 2012-01-29 00:11:49

The American strategy to skiing is slightly different from the European a single, where it is still extremely considerably a pursuit of the richer. Right here it has grow to be intermingled with slacker, youth culture, as snowboarding is just as well-liked, and some spirit of youth is injected on to the slopes. However this is barely a staunch resistance to the bourgeois feel of European slopes, basically a reappraisal. The snowboarders are mostly the spoilt offspring of rich parents, genuinely an appropriation of the slacker culture of the nineties rather than a true extension.


However it still leads to a a lot more active slope, more exciting, rather than businessman and their households on a day out, there is at least the chaos and reckless abandon that youth brings.

Right here the slopes are exciting and rapidly, and run a whole gamut of levels of capabilities there are a range of slopes that will suit newbies, as well as younger skiers, leading up to intermediate, then to sophisticated, then perhaps even suicidal, you’d be amazed some of the ski tracks you see on some slopes.


Here are some excellent ski places to check out in America.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has the superb advantage of getting on the border of two states, as a result enabling you two staggering views, on a single side the lovely Lake Tahoe stretches out in front of you like an endless blue crash mat at the foot of the mountain, while on the other side you have that grand Californian wilderness, these towering redwoods that seem to scratch at heaven.

This is a very hip spot, aided by its regional location there are the Lake Tahoe rentals that let you to take in all the organic beauty of the location while taking the time to hit the slopes. Lake Tahoe itself is a casino town but that does small to detract from the all-natural splendour of the region.

Right here there are some fantastic lively slopes that will please skiers of all potential ranges. If you are feeling particularly decadent you can even partake in the regional ‘heli-skiing’ that is jumping out of a helicopter straight on to a slope.



Colorado’s most popular resort is Aspen, a entire town dedicated to skiing and mountain activities. Right here there are some fantastic bars which compensate slightly for the steep costs of the slopes you can get beer and food on the low cost at least. This is a ski resort to the wealthy and popular full of glitz and glamour though if you have your wits about you can hit these slopes with no having to remortgage your property.


The Poconos

The Poconos are some of the great overlooked slopes in America. Normally the area is noticed as a retreat with excellent beauty, but from Poconos rentals you also have access to some wonderful skiing and snowboarding possibilities.



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49 thoughts on “The Secret of Skiing”

  1. What was the name of this? I’ve been looking for the whole stand-up act for a long time. Thanks for posting I love this story!!

  2. First time I went skiing, I got lost. XC skiers were passing me. I finally hiked to a lodge and I was so hungry I ate the dregs of someone’s soup who had finished and presumably went back to skiing. The second time was better.

  3. This is up there with Abbott and Costello’s "Who’s on first?" routine. Absolutely classic and priceless. 🙂


  5. i’ll NEVER get rid of my VHS of this.  the sound quality isn’t the greatest, but i still have the whole thing!
       "and then, i meet women.    lets do it… "

  6. @mrn1ceguy03 if anyone knows how to hook up a dvr machine to a laptop for copying then i may surely consider it. b/c if i record from a tv it gives off a lesser quality and the sound sometimes could be choppy.

  7. OK, I have this on an old VCR tape, and with credits it’s 58 minutes and 30 seconds, so we’re missing quite a bit. In a few places the joke comes from his expression or motions.

    The first time you realize Miller is a genius is the second time he coughs, which happens about a minute before the skiing bit starts. He coughs once during this audio too, and it has a special meaning you won’t understand without the first part.

    So if you never saw the whole HBO show — NANNERNANNERNANNER! ;-D

  8. @Kingdom007Hearts You should record it and upload the video to youtube so the world can enjoy it 🙂 I’ve been searching for years to find a video of this

  9. I haven’t skied since I was a teenager. The list of injuries includes a broken nose, two cracked ribs, a broken arm and a twisted knee. Now that I think of it, given that I am in my mid-thirties and have only now kicked my pain killer addiction; maybe I sholdn’t ski again.

  10. @rickideemus i have it saved on my DVR and i’ll never delete it. Also i uploaded the remaining special the other day.

  11. Fantastic story teller. This skiiing skit is so on the money. Happened to me just the way he said it. Larry Miller is the greatest.

  12. I saw this on his hbo special. The first time i watched it i laughed until my ribs hurt. Thank you for posting it.

  13. @RKade8583 i found it on some random fan blog years ago. if you want give me your email and i will send the whole thing to you

  14. @mrn1ceguy03 i’ve honestly been trying myself for quite awhile. i managed to dvr it when it appered on hbo comedy back in 2009. i refuse to delete it until this special is put on dvd.

  15. anyone know where I might be able to find the video for this performance? either a place where I can buy it on dvd or a website or something?

  16. @DarkHunter2012 the whole special is up now on youtube. the skiing vid is the last part and the other vid is the rest of the audio files.

  17. OMG! THANK YOU!!!!! I saw the special twice many many many moons ago after the first time i went skiing and related to every minute of it. I’ve been looking for it for years! Was starting to think it was just my imagination cause no body I knew had every seen it.

  18. @Bygboi69 i’ve been giving it some thought and i ‘may’ record it from my webcam. granted the video quality wouldn’t exactly be HD but i’ll think about it. personally i wish HBO or whoever owns the copyright would just put it on dvd already.

  19. Yes, he’s brilliant and this is one of his best bits. He was Great on Law & Order in a dramatic role. But my favorite film role of his is in A Mighty Wind. The look of pleasure on his character’s face as Jennifer Coolidge’s character compliments him by saying "It’s like we only have one brain between us" is priceless.

  20. Two of my favorite lines are:"She had mistaken me for Oedipus." and "Now he’s giving lessons. He’s unbelievable!"""
    I had tears running down my face!

  21. You can watch this…laugh till your sides hurt…and then watch it again so the same thing happens! Then go enjoy "The Five Levels of Drinking!"

  22. @kalicat1 Yes, it’s most of an HBO Comedy special titled "Just Words." You can still catch it on HBO once in a blue moon. Whoever owns the copyright is crazy not to make a DVD. What, they think it’s too intellectual with the reference to Oedipus? Not enough dirty words for a mass audience? This is sublime story telling by a true master, a comedians’ comedian. It’s up there with the best of Carlin, Pryor and Cosby.

  23. @Kingdom007Hearts Is there any way to find this whole thing? How did you find it? I remember it from a late night way back when and I’d love to see it again.

  24. @Kingdom007Hearts Excellent! Just pop "Larry Miller Just Words" into the search box. World needs to hear this, and they should listen to the Just Words part first.

  25. Wow, I was looking for this one (audio, or video) of this here. It’s one of his best works (aside from his Stages in Drinking).

  26. So accurate! Every year I run a school ski trip and every year more than one student comes back to the bus with a story very similar. This year I saw a women who forgot to get off at the top or maybe she tried and then had second thoughts because when the chair stopped and she was now facing downhill she only had one ski on. …. maybe she too forgot to lift her tips up! I wish he had added a bit on putting on lift tickets. A bus load of kids trying to put a wire one on is hysterical.

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