The San Francisco Giants: A Tale of Two Years

It really is time for Even Year, Odd Year, but with baseball and trainwrecks in 2017. Oh, boy, what hasn’t gone wrong for the Giants, this year? Hopefully, this video will give some sort of understanding… somehow.

Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 – 60
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I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that, until last evening, I had in no way been to a specialist football game in my life. Baseball, basketball, and tennis: yes, of course. High-college and college football games: sure, although that was a extended time ago. Indeed, the last college football game I watched (in individual) was in the mid-60s, when I was invited to the annual Harvard-Yale game by a Radcliffe student I had begun dating — a improvement to which my MIT college roommate reacted, in shock, by howling, &quotRadcliffe? You happen to be dating a Cliffie? She must be a pig!&quot After which he pulled out his flute, each and every time he thought she may well be present when he returned to our off-campus apartment, and played &quotOld McDonald Had a Farm&quot till he collapsed in gales of laughter on the stairwell. Highly inaccurate, I hasten to note, and entirely unfair. But I digress…

Anyway, a freelance writer, Mitch Ligon (whose photo you can see right here in one of my Flickr sets), invited me to accompany him final night to the New York Jets – Philadelphia Eagles game out in the New Jersey Meadowlands — yet another initial-time experience. I was given a photographer’s press pass, which gave me access to the locker rooms, press box, various other &quotinner sanctum&quot areas … and, most important, the football field itself. I was provided a red jersey to put on, told to keep outdoors the yellow dashed lines that ring the field, and turned loose for the evening. I felt somewhat inadequate, due to the fact I knew that the &quotreal&quot professional photographers would be equipped with higher-cameras and monstrous telephoto lenses beyond something I had ever touched, or could possibly afford and even although my Nikon D300 and 70-300mm zoom lens is fairly respectable in amateur circles, I had no notion if I would be able to take any decent photos at all…

The other dilemma is that I know little or absolutely nothing about the nuances of football, beyond the clear truth that the quarterback either passes the ball, or hands off to a person who attempts to run the ball downfield. Punts and field-objective kicks are also a familiar concept, but if you never have a great anticipatory sense of who is about to do what to whom, it’s simple to miss the &quotmoment&quot when the excellent shot might be offered. Also, I did not genuinely know something about the players, aside from the respective star quarterbacks: Philadelphia’s controversial Michael Vick, and New York’s newly-named starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I had looked at the team rosters on the World wide web prior to the game, so at least I knew their jersey numbers (#6 for Sanchez, and #7 for Vick, as you’ll see in the images) — but the &quotaction&quot was often so far away (at the other end of the field) that I could not tell whether the beginning quarterback, or 1 of the substitutes, was producing the plays.

Nevertheless, by the starting of the second quarter I was feeling a small more comfy — if only simply because I identified it easy to adhere to along behind the other skilled photographers as they marched (or ran) from one finish of the field to the other, in order to get their gear set up for what they expected would be the subsequent great shot. By the end of the game, I had taken 1,100+ images, including a number of of Michael Vick in a post-game locker-space interview and from the sound of the clickety-click-clack of my fellow photographers, I could inform that numerous of them had taken many thousand. I’ll spare you the technical details of my feeble attempts to get some decent shots I had picked up some very good ideas from the sports-photography chapter of Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography, and I did my best inside the limitations of my gear and my lack of familiarity with the scenario.

What impressed me most about the entire expertise was the scale of modern day expert football — the scale of almost everything. It is one thing to read that there are 80,000 folks in a football stadium it’s an additional factor to actually be there and hear the simultaneous roar of those 80,000 people as a quarterback is sacked or a long pass is completed. It really is a single thing to study that a skilled football player is 6 feet, five inches tall and weighs 350 pounds it really is yet another factor to stand subsequent to many dozen such giants. Heck, I thought there have been only 20 or 30 such giants on each and every team I had no concept that there were 64 of them (a number which will be pared down as the pre-season comes to an finish), or that there may possibly be 20-30 diverse coaches. And then there are the hundreds of &quotstaff members&quot scurrying around all over the spot, carrying out their different duties and assignments and there are the safety guards and State Police, who spent most of the time scanning the stadium crowd rather than watching the players, presumably watching for scuffles or fights or … properly, who knows what. There are cheerleaders also, in this case bearing the official name of New York Jets Flight Crew I had anticipated half a dozen, but there were two dozen perky, lengthy-haired beauties, with permanently frozen smiles, who who danced and pranced just before the crowd at each conceivable opportunity.

All of this has resulted in the photographs you are going to see in this album. I had to delete roughly a hundred of my original images, simply because they have been out of focus, or since a referee decided to walk in front of my camera at the incorrect moment and one more 900 had been &quotokay,&quot but not terribly fascinating. I am positive that none of them are as crisp, sharp, and nicely-composed as those taken by the Sports Illustrated photographer and the other experts on the field but I did finish up with 72 &quotkeepers&quot that I hope you’ll enjoy…

… and, yes, I most likely will attend yet another football game or two in the years ahead. No matter whether I am fortunate enough to get down on the field again is anyone’s guess….
By Ed Yourdon on 2009-09-03 21:55:09

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  1. I think that they have a team that can handle playoff pressure better than most, but have been carried there by an awful NL West in recent years. Now that the West is stacked, their mediocrity is showing.

  2. Well, they’re not going to be good for a while, no farm system. If they’re bad next year they gotta hope that madbum will resign after he opts out. If not they’ll probably trade him and Posey.

  3. Ok, now you have to do something about the A’s! Their basically getting rid of the whole team. It would be hilarious

  4. Giants, Padres, & Phillies one of them will be the Premier Lolcow of the MLB unless some1 out-tanks all 3 of them

  5. U need to do one about the Oakland A’s please! How these guys trade their star players in their prime for good prospects, to do the same thing again a few years later because ownership is too cheap to spend the money to keep the team together. Hence MoneyBall, the ultimate low cow lol

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