The paralysed dog who in no way gave up. Sydney’s remarkable rescue story.

We located a street dog terribly injured and unable to stand on the side of the road near a gutter. Flies have been swarming around an enormous wound on his backside. His wound slowly healed but we did not know if he would ever be able to stroll again.

Watch Sydney’s story and please donate to help save injured animals in India :

Our Bonny Lass – Waiting as Usual for the Ball to be Thrown on the Beach at Bexhill-on-Sea
Bonny loves chasing balls anyplace but specially on the beach!

She was born in Ireland and was initially thought to be a labrador/collie cross – but our dog trainer thinks she is a ‘Heinz 57 Varieties’ with some Lurcher and Staffie thrown in! What ever she is, she is adorable!

She is now eight-and-a-half years old and as complete of fun and power as ever! Oh yes, she can also run like the wind and her trainer says she’s the fastest dog he’s ever seen except for a greyhound!

If you are seeking for a rescue dog in the UK, please pay a visit to as they do such an outstanding job in rehoming unwanted dogs!
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In this write-up, we are referring to a pets rescue dog. What is your fancy, mixed breed or purebred?  Are mixed breeds much more intelligent

than purebreds when it comes to pets rescue? Some say yes. Most of the time, nevertheless, it is a gamble, do not you agree? Think about it.

Character, temperament, physical qualities, the environment the dog came from, how it interfaced with individuals, physical characteristics, activities and so on. Just like humans.


The mind set behind a pets rescue purebred is that purebreds are more predictable since your expectations are larger. So, if you are seeking predictability, search out a dog older than two years of age and you will possibly get the predictability you happen to be seeking for.


A pets rescue dog just could be the answer for you. Numerous of these dogs are in shelters since their preceding owners did not do their

homework about that particular dog or breed. They might be there due to the downturn in the economy and the price of maintaining a pet. Feeding, grooming and Vet bills add up extremely swiftly. Adult pets rescue dogs more than two are frequently a excellent selection simply because their requirements are not so time intensive as puppies.


A great pets rescue  

evaluation can truly do a great job of matching dog to new owner. The pets rescue shelter need to be in a position to aid you attain this.


When you choose to get your pets rescue dog, do not take the first cute faced dog that runs to the front of the cage with its sad eyes.

This is quite tough. You can not save them all as a lot as we would like to.

The 1 you do save that fits into your family is the one particular that has the best likelihood of living a pleased full life and returning you much pleasure as effectively. If the pet rescue dog fits in all areas of the evaluation and is not ‘cute’, do not pass it up. It could not mesh with someone else’s lifestyle and may never ever be a

 pets rescue dog and will have to be euphonized.  


Do a self examination as to why you want a pets rescue dog and your plans to give it a pleased wholesome household life. Do your research. Internet and books you can receive at your nearby library or at a pet shop.

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the economic arena as effectively as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement.

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  1. U guys deserve HEAVEN

  2. Sometimes I wondered if these kind of badly injured dogs had more chances with Animal Aid Unlimited than in the US where wealthy vets and shelters would not have the time and heart to save them. Dogs like Sydney will be put to sleep. This is Animal Aid Unlimited with limited resources but hearts loaded with love verses wealthy vets loaded with money but hearts with limited love.

  3. I am trying to understand this. I work in high tech in the US and there are so many Indian people making a lot of money now – are they doing anything to improve the lot of these street dogs? I hope so.

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