The Most Tragic Basketball Story You will Ever Hear

This is a single of the most tragic basketball stories ever. It’s the story of university basketball player Patrick Dennehy. He was on his way to the NBA, but him and his existence tragically ended.

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All clips were taken from a documentary named DISGRACED on Showtime. If you have the time, go observe the total length documentary there.

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By cdrummbks on 2005-12-18 11:48:09
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  2. Oh yeah this was a big story back in the day. I remember this…

    A wiseman once said "Keep your friends at a distance and your enemies close, because the ones you call friends tend to envy the most".

  3. I was a buck when this happened, remember seeing it on the old Sportscenter with Linda Cohn! But quit throwing the word "Great" around plz!! Average isnt great my man! Subscribed tho

  4. This is why you can’t take anything for granted look at what happened to Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd his friend

  5. I remember watching this story on tv when I was younger. R.I.P. The story of Benjamin Wilson was pretty tragic too. He was a 17 year old High School Basketball Player who was killed near the school. R.I.P. to both athletes.

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  7. Dumb video. Your voice is utterly boring as well. Drop the monotone. Put some power, eb and flow in your voice.

  8. Sounds like the whole murder was premeditated. What a coincidence that these two friends would go out for shooting practice and one kills the other due to a "so-called" argument. He was never a friend. (Jealously is an Evil thing).

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