The Most Critical Spiritual Story You Will Ever Hear

Nithya Shanti shares ‘the most critical spiritual story you will ever hear’ with friends in Dallas, TX.

Adore stories
Some brief.
Some eternal.
Some old.
Some new.
Some sad.
Some content.
Some erotic.
Some spiritual.

All has one particular issue in typical.
It is the most powerful mirror to see our faces.

(This piece fell off the Christmas decoration of our division. I place it in a book published in 1910 to get the shot. Now I am thinking, may possibly be the crop is a bit also tight)

By aftab. on 2009-12-15 15:05:13
tags As well young? Not famous enough? Not spiritual sufficient? Not a great sufficient person? Maybe if I was thinner, nicer, smarter or older? What is stopping you from writing your spiritual autobiography?

The words spiritual memoir, or spiritual autobiography, are ones many folks shy away from. They’re words that we think have been set aside for these “other people” who are a lot more spiritual, far more intelligent, much more evolved or far better identified. Do not miss out on a spiritual adventure that can alter your life and enrich the lives of other individuals: you have a story to share.

Everyone experiences doubt, fear and insecurity. How can we muster up the self-assurance to believe that our story must be written? Firstly, we can acquire comfort by realizing that a spiritual memoir does not need to be shared with just anybody. Writing and sharing with a trusted spouse, pastor, household member or pal can be a increasing, healing and enlightening experience. Keeping your writing for your eyes only is a wide open option. You are in manage of how, and to whom, your story unfolds.

A fantastic way to determine if you need to create your spiritual autobiography is to begin writing. You haven’t signed a contract as a outcome of spending a tiny time writing about your life. You can alter your thoughts! A straightforward commitment to writing one particular page in a journal each day can help you determine if writing your story is for you. You may find out that seeking back on your life brings you peace, understanding and insight you by no means thought possible.

If you happen to be not sure how to begin, you could uncover comfort in knowing that there are no rules here. You can inform your story even so, wherever and whenever you want. This is your life and you get to decide what you happen to be going to do with it. You can write 12 chapters about the 12 happiest moments of your life, share your story in chronological order, start with these days and work back to your very very first memory, write about your preferred photographs, works of art, quilts or memories. There is incredible freedom here.

Think about how a little commitment to sharing can snowball into one thing effective and amazing. One particular web page written in a journal, every single day for 365 days, can cover a lot of ground. Anticipate much more insight, a greater understanding of yourself and hope for your future if you embark on the journey of the spiritual memoirist.

Remember that you do not need to have to have an audience to take this autobiographical journey. It really is OK if you are the only person who ever reads the words you place to a web page. Perhaps your mother ends up getting your only reader? Perhaps you tuck your story away as a gift for your young children when they are grown? No 1 can know what God has in shop for your story, but you can be positive that His program for it will unfold. This is a spiritual journey so you are never traveling alone. God will reveal His plans and purposes for your life.

Create a web page each and every day and see what unfolds. You have absolutely nothing to shed and considerably to acquire. Commence a 365 day trip with a notebook and a pen. It will not be extended before you know if spiritual memoir is for you. You may locate that you are on a journey that never ever has to end. You may possibly find out that you never want it too!

Alisa E. Clark believes in the energy of spiritual autobiography. Her site invites viewers to develop and share one’s own spiritual memoir and makes it possible for readers to understand more about Alisa’s personal spiritual autobiography: Dancing in the Doghouse. You can understand far more by going to

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  1. I do feel the crop is a bit tight, and like Rick said – focus should’ve covered the entirety of the heart, whatever amount of book comes along being irrelevant.

    But then again, I default to square frame and only go elsewhere when I can’t get a nice crop with it =P

  2. Thanks everyone.
    This picture has become quite popular it seems.

    Looks like people still do care about love stories =)

  3. An excellent idea. And yes, a little more breathing space would be nice.

    However, I believe you can do even better on the reshoot: get a greater depth of field -say f/8 – and a much tighter angle to the plane of the page edges… this gets you more of the sparkle in focus without adding a wider band of book… then adjust so that the focal band is corner to corner within the frame.

  4. Amazing capture my friend… love the colors and excellent use of the lens to produce such beautiful dof.

  5. Excellent idea – I would never have thought about using a book as part of the decoration for such a shot.

  6. Hey, I never said all the heart should be in focus… just a little bit more (so the entire leading edge is sharp)

  7. your crop is perfect but i’d have preferred the point of focus shifted lil towards right.
    lovely write up and concept..well done!

  8. I actually disagree with both Rick and Ifty. I like the fact that the whole of the heart is not in focus – it gives a feeling of allusion and unpredictability, and those are certainly two very dominant aspects of life and love. If we knew everything, there wouldn’t be much of a mirror and very little self-discovery through someone else’s eye, eh?

    However, do note that I’m curious to see how the picture turns out if those suggestions are followed. (=

    Nicely executed, Aftab Bhaia.
    Happy holidays!

  9. very nice concept and composition, as always.
    i’ve looked at this image several times and its driving me crazy.
    i look at it and want to hit the rotate button so i can see the image right side up.

  10. i am feeling,your crop is totally perfect…. no wonder are always best at this type of shots…. and i always wait to see these awesome shots from you … 🙂 🙂

    Salute …

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