The LEGO® Story

As The LEGO Group celebrates its 80th Birthday, we take a look back at its history with this quick animated film.

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Billy Curmano
Interviewee for the Secret History of American River Men and women project
By Wes Modes on 2014-08-09 ten:21:52
tags Every year America has a vacation in November that has taken on almost a religious reverence which we get in touch with Thanksgiving. We give this holiday so a lot honor that it ranks with us along with Christmas and Easter as an essential vacation in the hearts of household and as a nation. But this vacation, so wealthy with tradition, has it origins in the earliest days of the founding of this nation.
The early years of the explorers to come to the American continent had been hard ones indeed. Those explorers, we now contact The Pilgrims, faced harsh weather, unpredictable relations with the natives, disease and other challenges as they carved out residences from the wilderness they found right here. Because their earliest homestead were in the northeast, the winters had been harsh and their potential to develop homes that could keep them warm and to find adequate meals was a continuous be concerned to the guys and ladies trying to raises households in America.
So anytime they received assist from the native population, it was viewed as a present from God and accepted with the greatest of joy and celebration. A Native American chief by the name of Squanto saw the plight of these new neighbors and saw to it his tribe helped these young households to survive. In addition to delivering food and wisdom about how to construct structures that could maintain them secure in the winter, Squanto taught them to fish, how to prepare eel and other strange sea creatures they harvested and how to farm.
This act of friendship was the origin of our revered holiday of Thanksgiving. The Virginia Colony established the tradition of holding a day of collective prayers of thanksgiving, and that tradition continues these days. Except it is not just a day of thanksgiving for the kindness and generosity of Squanto to our forefathers. We take advantage of this day of reverence and thanksgiving to be grateful for all the very good factors that God has blessed this nation with.
The foods we use to celebrate Thanksgiving have been ones that the pilgrim travelers identified native to this nation and the foods that, with the help of Native American teachers, they discovered to capture, harvest and prepare to feed their families and prosper in their new house. Turkey was a game foul that was in ample supply to the pilgrims when Squanto showed them how to hurt the bird with dependable good results.
The vegetables we adore to have on our classic menus also had their origins in the early lives of the pilgrims. Potatoes, cranberries, sweet potatoes, green beans and all the rest had been vegetables that the pilgrims had to find out to harvest, farm and prepare from natives of the land. So in several techniques, our modern holiday, despite the dominance of football games and the upcoming Christmas vacation, retains the atmosphere of those early celebrations.
And the which means of the holiday, despite commercialization, has been retained. Americans have a lot to be thankful for. The abundance of the land, the overall health of the most prosperous economy on earth and a society that is free and in a position to encourage freedom in other cultures are just a few of the items we celebrate at this holiday time. But for most of us, it is a time to gather loved ones and friends close to and be thankful to God for our wellness, for the blessings of jobs and for the privilege all Americans share to be able to reside in the greatest nation on earth where chance is ample that any of us can make it and do nicely if we perform difficult at our chosen region of expertise. And these are issues genuinely worthy of giving thanks for.

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  1. This is such a cool video! I don’t mean to be THAT person, but can anyone watch my new video? It’s the first video I’ve ever made (It’s a lego stop motion) and I worked really hard on it. Just click in my channel name to get there and also please like it.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just sat on my bed for nearly 18 minuets watching a video about the brick system

  3. Legos:
    10% Building
    20% Searching for that ONE DAMN PIECE
    99999999999% Stepping on them and wailing in agony

  4. And then came along the shitty Kreo sets who do nothing but transformer sets today

  5. I watched this part of this in maybe 2015 because of it being in my recommended,and 2 years later here I am,obsessing over the Ninjago TV Series and all three Lego movies,what a time to be alive indeed ❤️

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