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  1. Damn, minge, is hot as fuck, like most women in the DPRK. Too bad she is a traitor to the people’s state and is now a Christian filth bag. Oh well, maybe she will renounce her filthy ways!!!

    Long live the memory of Kim Il Sung

    Long live the memory of Kim Jong Il

    Long live Grand Marshal Kim Jong Un!!!!!!!

  2. This is a product of a screwed perception of the world derived from false presentation of the democratic peoples republic of Korea. The defectors are controlled by the capitalist governments of western society to say these things and in return are given what they are told is freedom and democracy. The fact of the matter is in the juche way of life and though the typical narrow minded American or western citizen may not see it this way, is model so that the pimple are the sole contribution to the collective. Without the worker you have no economy, without the farmer you have no good or resources to power the economy and without the guidance of the collective you have no country. This is a truly beautiful way of life and in no way do the north Koreans see Kim Il Sung as a God but as the man who in there time of need bring the people salvation from there imperialistic opposes and passed the juche ideology down to comrades Kim Jong Il and after his death to comrade Kim Jong Un. North Korea was in everyway a thriving and independent nation driven by the juche ideology, and unfortunately due to mother natures brutal toll on nearly 5% Korean population fell into a spiraling recession. However if you truly had researched the true democratic peoples republic of Korea you would have also known they are a huge contributor to the western world intact at one time almost eighty percent of fresh fruit and veg imported across the world was grown in the farmlands of north Korea. Now let me ask you this if your country was facing famine and economic decline who wouldn’t leave legal or not. But if it so bad how come so many western citizens and defectors are now defecting to north Korea? Socialism and the juche idea is not as scary as one thinks and is actually a very amazing way of life and supports the equal distribution of unity under a sovereign date in which democracy supports…..well you all live in a democracy…even the Chinese have fallen victim in many ways to the imperialist revolution, and it will only be matter of time before the tyrants of the USA buy them out to. It’s already happening now just look at all the Chinese workers.making your imports at a quarter a day. There’s American influence ecru where and they are taking over turning the occupied into them so that they will be easy to clean up after they invade. North Korea maybe the last remaining country in the world who has not fallen victim to imperialism. Read for yourself and don’t let me explain after all IM just a video game characterful runs a muck in liberty city. It’s up to all of us to see past the propaganda of the western world and open our minds to a new world order that isn’t about killing off people.and robbing countries of there national resources. Viva la Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read comrades…..just read!!!!!

  3. She lived in isolated North Korea until she was 16, but this young woman speaks fluent English with a perfect American accent? I call bullshit.

  4. i hope you failed Humanities II Final Project on the basis that all your information was so unoriginal.

  5. North Korea is what happens when America turns every country that adopts western values into vassals of America and other countries realize what’s going on.

  6. People this i a glimpses into the NWO, say hello to atheism where you god is the state and your bible is the Civil law code.
    I rather have a imaginary god we could dispute all day and reform, than a physical telling what to do.

  7. Despite the girl does not seem believable, the video does achieve its point which I believe is to help people understand a little more about North Korea. Thank you !

  8. nice yanki accent! she dosn’t look like she has been in yanki ruskiland or where ever this pathetic attempt at propaganda was made to have a yanki accent. STOP FILLING THE NET WITH REPEATED "FACTS" ABOUT NORTH KOREA, SOME PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH!

  9. Death to Evangelist Christianity!!! It’s Eurocentrism and Jesus worship means the cultural death of North Korea..Long live Juche/Songun philosophy!!!!

  10. At the same time when Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial LAw in the Philippines, Kim Il Sung too also made Juche Ideology become the North Korea’s state official ideology similar to the Philippines’ "New Society".

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