The Hong Kong Story (History of Hong Kong 1841 to 1997 )

An superb documentary about Hong Kong’s fascinating history right before Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese sovereignty. The film was developed by Elaine Forsgate Marden and directed by Libby Halliday. Copyright of The Film Company Ltd.

Here’s a hyperlink to an superb timeline of HK’s history:

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Interviewee for the Secret History of American River Individuals project
By Wes Modes on 2017-05-15 12:29:31

Do not often wear was divided into male and female. Several centuries ago, our ancestors wore womens clothes shop to hide her nakedness and shield the physique from cold, rain and snow. Skirt as a separate component of the wardrobe, appeared reasonably lately. In this post we will speak about the history of the emergence of women’s skirts. 

The name “skirt” is derived from the Arabic word “Juba,” which translates as a tunic with no sleeves. Rich attempted to bar all the way to differentiate themselves. For this purpose, ideally approached loops. The Church also refused to remit to the ladies who came to communion with the “devil’s tails.”

The longest trail in dress FLANMARK.COM was the Queen Catherine II. 70 meters in length and 7 in width, it was worn 40 workers.

In the XVI century skirts had been produced immense size. They are stuffed with horse hair to develop volume. The severity of this “filling” was not by virtue of a fragile girl. Then come up with hoops. Skirts of the time place in by the maids. We had to go to the center of the skirt and fasten it to the corset.

In the XVII century womens clothing store has grow to be far more hassle-free. The impact of splendor was obtained from placing a few skirts. Their number could attain 15. Petticoat was 1 and although it erased, the hostess was lying in bed.

In the XVIII century fashion FLANMARK.COM has returned to the dome. Frames were constructed of metal or wooden rim, which stretched the fabric. If you stroll skirt gave out a characteristic noise. Skirt at the time called “screaming”. The church was strongly against such a mode. Those who came to serve in such attire prinarodno stripped and burned the skirt.

Skeletal skirts were veryheavy. For instance, the weight of a wedding dress could attain up to 100 kg (!),. The bride was added to the church on their hands, so you go on their own she could not.

In the XIX century crinoline was invented, replacing the frame. Cover, braided horsehair was replaced with a wire. At the end of the XIX century invented bustle. His pillow your skirt just below the waist behind.

In the twentieth century have been in fashion FLANMARK.COM costly skirts. Often the price of attire reached several thousand. The skirt is an independent element of the wardrobe.

At this time started to wear skirts in Russia, replacing the usual sundresses into two components: prime and bottom of shirt. On holidays Russian girls wore several skirts to appear thicker. Certainly, in Russia complete girls have been quite eye-catching and swiftly took a wife. Skirts for each day were produced of canvas. Vacation dressing is made of cotton of a variety of colors.

Skirts were divided into skirts for girls and married women. In the 1st case, the length was up to a foot in the second – down to the toe. Prosperity of the loved ones was determined by the quantity of skirts, which bore his wife. For instance, the Cossack was up to twenty different colored skirts and blouses necessarily couple of.

In the Kuban girls wore skirts with fourteen years. When the matchmaker to his older sister, younger son gave her skirt. It was believed that because my sister will not be in a position “to place his sister in the tub.”

In the Ancient Rus’ skirts have been cut following: floors skirts have been not sewn on the edges. Its known as undershirts. Later, there were skirts with embroidered fields that are in the middle of a single color panel. Dressmaker in Russia came up with “pleat” floor skirt. They piled floor, tied with string. From this area for a lengthy time did not disperse, and had a nice crease.

Young girls soon after marriage wore skirts produced of red cloth with silk ribbons, pieces of velvet and buttons. If they became teschami-in-law, then they changed her skirt.

The brightest and most beautiful skirts worn by married females prior to the firstborn. A variety of ornaments produced skirts sometimes extreme. Their weight can reach 6 kg.

A girl’s outfit consisted of a shirt with a belt, more than which tied a belt. At the age of majority in devchinu wore a skirt-ponevu. Now she was ready to matchmaking and marriage.

In Europe in the early XX century it became fashionable FLANMARK.COM skirts, pull the ankle up to a point that move in them was virtually not possible. There was a model of the skirt by a British actress Cecilia Sorel. For a new spectacle she required a special costume that would significantly fade and make expressive poses. Following the premiere performances, “lame” skirts had been an attribute of the aristocracy. Every single self-respecting society lady at receptions appeared only in a skirt.

Model and reduce skirts varied depending on the musical trends prevailing in a offered country. So, rock and roll spawned a wide and airy skirts that open lingerie dancers.

In spite of efforts to save the public the length of the skirt at the knee, designers anyway swiftly shortened skirts. Attempting to Coco Chanel to shorten her skirt up to a certain length has failed.

This revolution in the planet of skirts produced Mary Quant. She came up and brought into fashion FLANMARK.COM a mini-skirt. At the end of 1960th years the image of adolescent women has been especially common. In the image of the contemporary lady is the ideal fit mini-skirt and higher hair. In contrast, such a candid outfits a few years, was invented by the maxi skirt. Reign it was not extended, style FLANMARK.COM was once more go around the circle, returning to the timeless classics.

The amazing point is garments – skirt is every single fashionista. style FLANMARK.COM is not constant, each and every 10-15 years it has changed the trend, but at any time of the skirt will be an fascinating element of a successful suit lady.

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  1. *searches “History of”*
    *”History Of Hong Kong” shows up*
    Me: Huh? My home city?
    *clicks on this video*
    Me: …Ok.

  2. I’m an Indian.. I was always fascinated by HK…this brought me here…nice video.. I didn’t knew before Indians people played a role in HK history… What a diverse City it is…"Pearl of orient"

  3. What’s missing is trade imbalance with the Brits. The Brits were buying tea and the Chins would take only silver in exchange. Soon, the Brits were running out of silver. So, in order to get the silver back front the Chins, the Brits learned the Chins were into opium. The Brits pushed opium in exchange for silver. The rest is history.

  4. When I was in Hong Kong in 1970 the Chinese were excited that the Brits had to give up control in "only" 27 years, This 5000 YO civilization is remarkable -especially today (2018) with their Silk Road Initiative of developing the world in the world wide paradigm of "the common interests of mankind" as opposed to the British Empires controlled (U,S. faction) paradigm of geopolitics (live by my rule or I will make sure U don’t live at all), easily provable that all the negative "sower grapes" comments that follow come from the mental slaves of the Empire . The big picture – the earth – will proceed along with either Massive development and living standards for the people or massive destruction drought on by complete analyzation by the empires geopolitical paradigm thru their thermo nuclear, Period. Com’on slaves – lets hear ur sour grapes on what I say,,,, expose ur limited warped view – and all u financial elates – look foreword to "apprenticeships " in a 15 year program of digging ditches to help u understand that actual work will replace your speculative financial way to "wealth".

  5. If hongkong belong to Brit, black people belong slaves. You’re dumb fking stupid. I don’t care what history goes, it something we can’t change the true fact, it like we’re born & die, no matter what we can’t change it, just like we can’t change what done in history. Brit was colonize hongkong in past, but it not men it should belong to British, you’re asshole.
    (I’m not hongkongese or Chinese, I have nothing hate, against black people, but if saying cause Brit colonize this land so it’s should belong to them. So why black ppl spend their life over hundred year to being freedoms, have their right human-right? So many people act stupid here, you’re scumbag, brainless.
    Hongkong still belong to China (while I don’t like it though) they’re not depend country but they’re also not depend on China that much, hongkong have their own laws, have their own mr.president of hongkong,etc..I don’t think that bad. They still belong to China but they still have their own voice!

  6. Brits are drug seller. Selling drug to naive Chinese kids. And you are proud of it? Please think hard whether you want to bring this belief to your grave.

  7. Its just democracy and freedom, not race. I’m British so I may be biased, but its obvious that the freedom and democracy installed by the British is being slowly eroded by Beijing, leaving many people who grew up in HK in what is a modern, western society wondering what will happen. The biggest mistake China made in the past was adopting communism. It is a flawed system

  8. Any Chinese people who I have met have been the greatest ambassadors for their no doubt excellent country and culture. It is wonderful to see the great mix of cultures in Hong Kong, perhaps a model for future international friendships. No empire should rule over free peoples and all cultures need to be equally respected. Let’s hope China will not make the same mistakes of the British and European empires. People not politicians make great nations.

  9. am i the only one or anybody here who noticed a nepali “GURKHA” playing piper music instrument….
    Jay Nepal!
    Hail nepal!

  10. +lcyw20 香港的繁荣很大程度上甚至说一半以上因为过去国际上对大陆的封锁,因为二战后国际东西方对立,大陆只有通过香港才能与外界进行相关的物资、金融等的交流,香港才逐渐取代上海成为远东的中心,背靠大陆这么大的战略纵深,独享大陆与外界交流唯一窗口,香港怎么能不发展?就是新加坡也是很大程度上受益于此,近些年,新加坡、香港交替称为世界最大港,很大程度上就是受大陆的影响,现在北京逐渐给上海松绑、给上海空间,香港无法垄断大陆与外界交流唯一窗口地位,还做着晚清时期大陆那时老大的梦,这是不可能的,务实才是最需要做的。当然从历史角度看,香港甚至台湾,虽然现在存在一些问题,但是我坚信在解决这些问题的过程中,我们中华民族整体是在进步的,这点很重要!所以要有耐心、韧劲,要沟通、多交流、务实、坦诚。

  11. Hong Kong is the best example of the power of freedom and capitalism.The PRC has for the most part kept their word on the ‘two systems one country’ plan since 1997.The result is that not only has Hong Kong exploded to become perhaps the most dynamic city in the world,but China itself has opened itself to the benefits of a much more open economy with the incredible corresponding growth and wealth one sees from Shanghai to Shenzen to Guangzhou.

  12. I believe Hong Kong is a beautiful place with a colorful history and the people of Hong Kong are what make it such a special place.

  13. The Muslim Community of Hong Kong were also part of the police force and arrived from India & Pakistan. They built the first Masjid (Mosque ) in 1850.

  14. So at the end of the WWII China had a chance to get HK back, fortunately, China didn’t get it back then, otherwise, HK would have suffered cultural revolution decades later, 1997 was the right timing for HK to return home.

  15. The Battle of Hong Kong, in 1941, was fought by the "British and local volunteers" and "their allies," here. Would it have been too much to say "British, Indian, Canadian, Chinese, and others," (who fought together, against overwhelming odds)? This shows a bias similar to Hollywood movies, in which Americans won the war against Japan, as if no one else fought in Asia; except, here, it is the British, (who comprised only a quarter of the troops), who against the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. I find that insulting.

  16. They only went to 1997 in this video because Chin, Bruce Lee’s relative, killed 1.2 billion of those "fuckin’ ugly reds" in China that year.

  17. What year have first Chinese find & live in hongkong land to recordI don’t care about history, war, colonize,etc..I’m more care about people, lifestyle,etc..
    (I don’t speak English well)

  18. History is full of conflicts. the despotic Napoleon empire made some of the most important advancements in law and civil reforms since the Romans. The British used brutal colonialism to lay the foundation of the modern secular democracy. Hong Kong has only been under Chinese control for 20 years, it’s still early days to judge the Chinese central control system.

    In terms of economic effectiveness, the Chinese system has created an economic miracle for China in one generation. There is no doubt to this fact. Whether that economic prowess can transition to social enlightening is the next historical test for all Chinese.

  19. Ghastly place. Garish in the extreme. The eternal unrelenting din is all pervasive & ineluctable. Zero privacy. Riddled with crime. A horrible vain people, who’s only object in life is to get rich quick, by the first available means that presents; and who’s only measure of worth is how rich one is, & what they can get out of you. They will cut your throat for a penny advantage, & often just for practise sake. That’s the way I see HK.

  20. The Muslim Community of Hong Kong were also part of the police force and arrived from India & Pakistan. They built the first Masjid (Mosque ) in 1850.

  21. The Muslim Community of Hong Kong were also part of the police force and arrived from India & Pakistan. They built the first Masjid (Mosque ) in 1850.

  22. The British deliberately moneuvered Opium into China in order to comatose the ‘masses’. Just another evil action of that foul Empire.

  23. Face it the BRITISH Empire is DEAD and GONE.

    If it wasn’t, then Hong Kong would still be Administered by the British.

    ACCEPT the FACT that China has RISEN to take its PROPER Place in the World as a POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL CULTURE Once Again.

    As for the Brits, SHUT UP and Listen to your MASTER Uncle Sam.

  24. I remember my father talking about Hong Kong. He would say how busy everybody was 25 hours a day, and how literally it was the original city that never slept….. manufacturers could place any order and it would packed and shipped anywhere in world record time. People made fortunes before today’s global world.

  25. look at how these british hypocrites pretends to care about hong kong, they left hong kong without even giving them the right to stay in UK. and you don’t ever expect they would fight for hongkong with the commies. they are just in for their own beneft, not for the chinese in hong kong.

  26. it is not true. Most hongkongers are Indian vietnamese descents .british took they to hongkong to kill Chinese. The hongkongers killed more than million Chinese .they should go back to their homeland

  27. I wanted to cry for the poor lives of Chinese when the British army backed drug traffickers forced their opium upon the Chinese and robbed from China killing many poor Chinese lives, burning and looting Chinese national treasure.

    I’m happy now to see bad karma is back to Britain. With the Brexit coming soon, the drug addicts roaming British streets, Muslim populating every British town, terrorism, and more, Britain will be worse.

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