The History of St Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a bishop who lived in the third century in Rome who fight against Emperor Claudius II who ban marriage between two young lovers.

Saint Valentine held the law of the church and helped lovers who came to him, uniting them in a holy matrimony, but it was only a matter of time before the Emperor heard about this and had him arrested.

Valentine was imprisoned. Whilst waiting for his sentence, his jailor Asterius approached him to use his saintly energy, and heal his blind daughter. Valentine succeeded and her sight was restored — they became close and fell in really like.

After a while, the Emperor asked Saint Valentine to agree with the emperor about the ban on marriage, as a result giving up his religion. Valentine refused.

Just just before his execution, Valentine asked for a pen and paper and signed a farewell message to his lover, “from your Valentine” a phrase that lived ever right after.

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Valentine’s Day is the day when men and women send their beloved symbols of love, but handful of are familiar with the true story of the origination of the day.

Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February is the day when we celebrate love. The traditionally kept alive by the exchange of really like gifts in between lovers, or that you send a card to a person you admire secretly. Nowadays there are not numerous who know that Valentine’s Day has its origins in a ritual that dates back for centuries.

A True Romantic

St. Valentine was an evangelic priest who lived close to Rome below Claudius 2nd in the 200’s.

Claudius refused his young soldiers to marry, considering that marriage produced them less willing to go to war.

Bishop Valentine produced ceremony rituals in secret, and when Claudius heard about this “lovers friend “, he had him taken into custody.

Valentine was place to death on February 14th, 269 AD – This date which has since been associated with romance and love all through the world.

Valentine’s Day is the day you must send your girlfriend sweet words and gifts.

The Very first Valentine Card

The established practice of sending declarations of enjoy on Valentine’s Day descent back to St. Valentine himself.

Even though Valentine’s waiting to be executed, he was extremely attached to his guard Asterius’ daughter.

She was sightless, and by means of his strong faith, Valentine succeeded in miraculously giving her sight back.

It is claimed that Valentine fell in love with his prison guard’s daughter, and that he shortly prior to his capital punishment, asked for writing supplies.

He wrote a parting letter and signed it: “From Your Valentine”.

In the time that followed, young Romans began to give gifts to women they admired as a sign of their devotion.

In 1415 the first valentine card was sent by the Duke of Orleans, and the phenomenon quickly spread to the rest of the evangelical globe.

Symbols and Rituals

The symbols utilized or received on the valentine cards, may have underlying meanings, which have been associated with romance through the millennia.

The Heart as a Symbol

As a symbol of enjoy the heart have roots far back in time.

It was felt that the heart was the place exactly where all the feelings lay, and by giving one’s heart to yet another individual is the exact same as providing all one’s enjoy.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

In the medieval occasions, young ladies and guys drew a piece of paper exactly where the name of their Valentine was written.

They walked around with the name on their sleeves during a complete week.

When we talk about “wear your heart on your sleeve” that indicates it is no dilemma for others to see how you feel.

This enjoy lottery nonetheless exists in the type of anonymous letters that are delivered and received.

1 of the pleasant issues about Valentine’s Day is just to guess who the secret admirer could be.

Cupid’s Enjoy Game

In many valentine cards are the images of Amor, the Roman god of passionate and playful love, who was the son of Venus, the goddess of adore and beauty.

Their Greek counterparts are Eros and Aphrodite, as the words “erotica” and “aphrodisiac” comes from.

According to the old myth, Cupid’s lover, the mortal Psyche, fell into an enchanted sleep and killing, and enjoy god had to stab her in the heart with an arrow to wake her to life once again.

This symbol, the arrow and the heart, has in a strange way, survived till the present day.

We nevertheless use a red heart with two names with an arrow by means of, as a symbol of love.

The Written Word

When Bishop Valentine wrote his farewell letter to his wonderful enjoy, he signed it “From Your Valentine”.

The initial accurate Valentine card was as a result not anonymous!

Be bold and create a card to somebody you are secretly in really like with, and sign it with your name – let the individual know whom to invite on a date!

Alternatively, you can write a stunning and sweet letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend, a buddy, mother, father, youngster, or who you now cherished in your life.

Write about all the excellent things you really like about them.

Be generous with praise words, and ask not for anything in return.

Sign the letter and send it!

Adore Incense

If you are single and searching for a soul mate, or to strengthen the love you already have, Valentine’s Day is a ideal day to operate with the couple partnership.

Apply a love fragrance to enchant your Valentine.

Consider of Really like

Pour a tiny rose water in your hands, and rub it in your face, hair and arms.

Spark up a barbecue, and crush some fresh cinnamon and dried rose petals more than it.

Sit next to the grill, and inhale the incense.

Feel about the which means behind Valentine’s Day although you inhale the incense, and remind yourself of all the lovers about the planet that day.


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  1. before cent belonging there were no marriages in Europe women Wer use as cattle in many european books a women’s is referred as objects and …. aristurtal wrote in his book that a women is a person without sole and they are material for human use……he also wright in his book that the words of king is word of God and is rule of kingdom….concept of garage come to Europe from Eastern philosophy…….women’s in Europe Wer covered from head to foot in bad muddy cloths……..girls Wer sold to brothels (escort houses)……and women’s Wer not allowed to go out without masters………

  2. Dear Vsputra, greetings from Cambodia. I found your videos and I would love to use your video with a Khmer voice over to show the real meaning and history behind the Valentine’s Day so that our young Cambodians could understand the meaning behind it? Sadly many young people here think that this day is the day they would find their worth by giving their body to their boyfriends and unmarried couples have made this a selfish and dark days. I am willing to give credit to your website, I ask if I can post it on my social media page. Looking forward to hearing your kind reply.

  3. And clergy today can follow in the courageous footsteps of St. Valentine by officiating wedding ceremonies for homosexual lovers in the same defiant, unconditionally loving spirit! Ecclesiastical disobedience is necessary when the Church, and Civil disobedience when the State, enact unjust policies.

    Roger Wolsey, author, "Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity"

  4. Almost breaks my heart that people now days usually only associate the day with superficial cards and shallow marketing ploys. It’s about a guy who was just defending the people’s basic human right to love and be loved. And he was punished for it.

  5. Hello! Will you be so kind to add a tapescript to your video? We watched it in the class, but some words are not well recognised . The auto subtitles are also not right. Thank you in advance.

  6. Wrong and inaccurate! Saint Valentine did not fall in love with the jailers daughter! Please do not sent out false stories! It was a note sent by a dove signed your Valentine, she was cured then from afar. Saint Valentine was at that point a celibate Roman Catholic Bishop at 80 year of age.

  7. In February 14 it my cat’s birthday Georgy. he may date his girlfreind he always escape from house to find her girlfreind I will celebrate my kitty birthday I’m kidding he will not date Jajaja 3 3

  8. Can anyone tell me what the video says between 0:06 and 0:12 please? I am not a native and there’s a lot of noise at that part of the video. Thanks!

  9. Valentine’s day is considered to be a day to honor saint Valentine. He is the patron of friendship and lovers. His feast day is celebrated on February 14.

  10. that’s true except Valentine never fell in love he married people so that’s why it’s a day for love like he wouldn’t be a saint if he loved a women priest can’t get married not to mention bishop

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