The History of Saint Patrick – a Quick Story

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I produced this for St. Patrick’s day. Most of you most likely think about a Leprechaun or clovers when you hear of St. Patrick. Who is this man, and why do we celebrate him? I accidentally put in the incorrect date for when St. Patrick was born. I blame that on staying up for 36 hours to finish the video. 😛


St. Patrick was born, not in Ireland, but in Britian about AD 35. Nicely, truly, he wasn’t called St. Patrick at the time, or even Patrick, but was referred to as Maewyn Succat. Good factor he changed his name later, St. Maewyn’s Day doesn’t have the exact same ring. We’ll stick with Patrick just in case I’m slaughtering that pronunciation.

Patrick was really far from being a saint developing up. Until he was 16 he deemed a pagan, or maybe even an atheist by today’s definition. It was at that age when he was taken into slavery by a group of Irish marauders that attacked his village.

Patrick was sold to his master, a Druid chief in Ireland, and served him for 6 years. It was throughout his captivity that he became a Christian. A single day he heard what he described as a voice compelling him in his sleep to leave his master, and discover a ship that awaited him. He fled to the coast of Ireland, and eventually produced it back to his residence. He then decided to study in the monastery, and stayed there for 12 years, for the duration of which he decided that his calling was to convert the pagans to Christianity.

Ultimately he adpoted his Christian name, Patricius, or Patrick as we know it, and returned to Ireland following being appointed a Bishop. Patrick was very productive at winning converts, which upset the Celtic Druids who had him arrested numerous times, but he managed to escape every arrest. Patrick traveled through Ireland, establishing monasteries, schools, and churches throughout the land.

Sooner or later Patrick returned to exactly where he had after been a slave, to pay his ransom to his former master, and to impart his “blessing” upon him. Despite becoming treated cruelly, Patrick did not hold a grudge against him.

As Patrick approached his master’s old homestead he saw that it was in flames. He found out that
the stories individuals told about him had proceeded him, and in a fit of frenzy, his old master gathered all his treasures into his mansion, set them on fire, and threw himself into the flames. An ancient record ads that “his pride could not endure the believed of being vanquished by his former slave”.

There are a lot of legends surrounding St. Patrick. Some say that he raised people the from the dead. Other people say that he drove the snakes out of Ireland, but considering that there are no fossil records of snakes in Ireland at that time, it is hugely unlikely, unless he drove out the fossils as nicely. Numerous think that “snakes” was a metaphor for the conversion of the pagans, meaning he drove paganism out from Ireland.

Green wasn’t the original color associated with St. Patrick, it was 1st blue. It eventually modifications for various reasons, almost certainly simply because of becoming utilized in different Irish flags, and how green is associated with Ireland itself.

Patrick worked in Ireland for 30 years. Afterwords, he retired, and then died on March 17th, in AD 461. There wasn’t a canonization method when Patrick died, that didn’t come until the 12th century. He would have been declared a saint by acclamation, and his sainthood approved by a nearby bishop quickly soon after he died.

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a Catholic holiday, and still is, but has also evolved into a secular vacation, getting celebrated by non-Irish, non-Catholics, and ironically adequate, even atheists.

The tradition of pinching men and women that didn’t wear green is an American tradition that began in the 1700s. People thought wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns, who they believed would pinch men and women for not wearing green. The pinching served as a reminder to these who had been green-abstainers.

These days when individuals consider of St. Patrick, they imagine a leprecauhn in a green jacket, hat, pipe, clover, and pot of gold. Not a man who devoted 30 years of his life to teaching and helping the Irish. Hopefully you now know a small far more about the history of St. Patrick.

Pleased St. Patricks day!
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We all went down to the Chicago river on Saturday to see the Plumber’s local 130 dye the river green. They race around on these small boats and sprinkle about 40 lbs of orange dye into the water. Verify the weblog for more particulars.

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Brian Kelly Memorial Race

The day begins with the Parade Day Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral. This is followed by the Brian Kelly Memorial Race. Next comes the parade which boasts much more than 12,000 participants. The day continues with a range of other activities. And of course, the bars and restaurants are open early that day to help keep the accurate spirit of an Irish St. Patrick’s Day celebration alive.

You do not require to be a member of the Catholic church to take pleasure in the parade kick-off mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral. This is a particular mass that has something to supply any religious faith. It will also inspire you to either join in or watch the Brian Kelly Memorial Race, the oldest road race in Scranton. The race covers a two mile course which is fairly flat (even though there are some gently rolling hills). If you want to watch from the starting point of the race you can go to the Scranton Cultural Center on Washington Avenue. St. Peter’s Cathedral marks the first mile. The finish is where the runners started – at the cultural center.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

If you enjoy a excellent parade you will uncover one particular at Scranton. You will see and hear every little thing from bagpipes to high college and string bands. There are also many floats along with massive balloons. The Irish, of course, can’t be left out. They will be observed in a number of Irish groups and societies participating in the parade.

The parade has been an annual occasion since 1962. It is organized by the St. Patrick’s Parade Association of Lackawanna County. It has received national attention as becoming a single of the ideal parades held on this specific day. Guests begin lining up on Wyoming Avenue, in front of the cathedral. It winds down Lackawanna Avenue more than to Jefferson Avenue. It then heads down Spruce Street to get to Washington Avenue. This is where it passes the William J. Nealon Federal Creating and then the reviewing stand. Once the parade concludes people can wander about for a day and night full of varied activities.

A Celebration for the Grown Ups

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  1. 35AD? Another great example of distorted history or probably what we should call fake history, the BBC is already trying to delete our history so why not youtubers.

  2. all Bullshit! he was made a General of the Pope,s Army & sent into Ireland to MASSACRE all females 13 & up & convert Ireland from Paganism to Catholicism !! as all other countries Rome conquered-they killed all child bearing females & made the children become Catholic!! by taking Pagan Gods & Godesses into the Catholic religion!! read yur history CORRECTLY & not make up the Catholic lies to people who don,t know the truth!

  3. i was writing a biography by copying your words and i didnt look at the description fast enough. i took 20 mins writing the paper. i could have copy and pasted the entire thing in the desc 🙁

  4. The Christians still use misleading narratives to rationalize bigotry against pagans like accusing pagans of mindless human sacrifices based upon the propaganda of Julius Caesar and Christian propagandists even though the most the mainstream ones did were executions of convicts and acts of euthanasia for those with severe birth defects or already dying.

    Fringe groups existed but they were not average pagans.

  5. Nice synopsis. Just showed my hs class this video on St. Patrick’s Day and it gave us some great info! At least you mentioned the snake thing because my students thought I was nuts…

  6. A man who devoted 30 years of his like teaching and helping the Irish? More like 30 years devoted to destroying the then pagan Irish culture by spreading a foreign desert cult.

  7. You mean he was born in England, not Britain, since Northern Ireland is part of Britain is a very vague and confusing statement to say someone wasn’t born in Ireland they were born in Britain.. it’s like saying a Welsh person "wasn’t born in England, he was born in Britain" urmmm okayyyy but that doesn’t clarify much..

  8. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. He didn’t become a Christian while enslaved. His captors were not Christian. He learned about Christianity prior to being kidnapped.

  9. Thats why I hate this holiday, because he started the persecution and hate towards Peagans, which would make him a horribe person, for not believing in the ability in personal beleifs. And yes snake was a metaphor, but he didn’t drive out the people with the religion, not just the religion itself.

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