The History of Hockey (CBC Documentary)

Hockey: A People’s History – Episode 1

A Simple Game: One winter’s evening in 1875 a young nation develops a new passion that explodes across class and gender.

Redbacks W2 v W3 (1)
It really is excellent to see the ladies together once again. I actually missed them over the summer season off season. There is some real talent in this group and some stories of victories previous that could be told as well.
By Chris J. Bartle on 2013-03-10 15:53:57

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50 thoughts on “The History of Hockey (CBC Documentary)”

  1. Who invented Hockey? And don’t give me that "it’s not important who invented it." If it wasn’t as important as people try to pretend, then the truth would have long been common knowledge.

    Four black families from Nova Scotia started the game of hockey way back in 1815. Since then there were black hockey leagues. Native Americans started playing too at one point. By the time the 1890’s came the sport began undergoing a takeover by Victorian bourgeois whites who later morphed it into the NHL and possibly destroyed much of the documented history of hockey.

    As a result you have you white boys today being shocked at seeing one black player on a team (at least they did during the ’70’s when I was in high school) to cursing a lone black player for scoring the winning goal. This video sums up some research I did and names the offspring of four escaped slave families having moved to Halifax Nova Scotia playing this sport in the fall of 1815 with no record of hockey being played on any level before them; The Courney, Williams, Munro and Leale families were the earliest and likely founder/inventors of hockey.

  2. The British have nothing to do with the game of hurling (not Hurley). It’s an ancient Irish sport, whose origins lies in prehistoric times.

  3. I know Canadians hate all of us Americans cause they think each and every one of us is a mirror image of trump, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. If only they knew that. But from all the great things that have come out of canada, hockey has gotta be the greatest. This doc. made ya feel warm and fuzzy like it was a Christmas special broadcasted on the evening of Dec 24

  4. Let’s get something straight the United States all of the retarded people there say they created the sport but really they stole the sport

  5. Merci pour le Documentaire… Thank you for uploading this documentary. Living in Québec, this game is like a religion.

  6. Growing up in Minnesota, I definitely feel a connection to the Canadian hockey culture.
    Dad used a water truck to make an ice road from our backyard to the rink every winter.
    Our neighborhood social circle revolved around that rink. If you couldn’t find someone, you knew they were at the rink.
    Every Sunday the adults in boots would play against the kids in skates. Other days we all threw our sticks in the middle, and picked randomly. There was no warming house, so we used the snow cave kids had made to get out of the wind.
    Dad would shoot off bottle rockets to let us know when we had to go home.
    That was my childhood each winter.

  7. This was totally awesome!!! I love how they re-created the old equipment, the old rinks, and right down to the old clothes from the period. I’ve read about this stuff in books, but this was like hopping in a time machine and watching the very first hockey games! Very, very cool. 🙂

  8. Hockey never existed until I invented the stick and puck in 1955-6. I fully developed the sport into professional in 1957 with the formation of the Detroit Red Wings at olympia that was my invention of the artificial ice rink. Everything in these documentaries is storys made up all sports was invented by me from my birth in 1953 to present

  9. Romantic, but not accurate accounting of hockey’s origin. Hockey was begun in Nova Scotia but descendants of runaway American black slaves, well before the McGill experiment. Do a little research.

  10. Hey somecoolpeoplz first of all your fuckin retarded hockey was invented on March 3rd 1875 it was not invented the way you think it was

  11. This video is very misleading the original founders of hockey are black men and there’s not one piece of document in the history books paying homage or giving due credit smh! This video is BS!

  12. in the netherlands in the middle ages they played hockey on ice long time ago, search for hendrik havercamp paintings..they awesome

  13. Bandy was "invented" in the UK. Hockey is essentially just a knock off from it. However, as hockey was selected as an Olympic sport, it grew larger.

  14. Thanks, Canada!! I play rec league every week. I’m 37. I’ll play til I can’t skate anymore. Again, thanks Canada!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. please tell me this documentary is not about to say USA invented hockey..that country is lies..I’ve heard that in there school history there taught that Canada gained its Independence by USA telling Britain to give it to us lol

  16. Never played hockey before and cant skate worth crap. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri I was big into football. We don’t have an NHL team, but I really enjoyed and Im starting to get into hockey nowadays. This is awesome.Thanks

  17. Forgot to mention the innovators who made hockey what it is today, The Coloured Hockey League. The league formed by freed African slaves, predates the NHL and ran from 1890’s until 1924. But you experts don’t seem to remember that or give credit where credit is due.

  18. I started to appreciate this sport, however I live in a country in which soccer remains as the so called "King of the Sports"

  19. I’m an American, I love baseball, and have played it many times, I love basketball and have played it many times, I love football and have played it many times. I love hockey, but I have never played it. Adding that to my bucket list.

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