The Hindu Interpretation of Creation | The Story of God

In India, Morgan Freeman learns about the Hindu’s story of creation at a shrine to Ganga.
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About The Story of God:
Right now, for better or worse, the power of religion touches all of our lives, no matter what our faith. This is Morgan Freeman’s journey to find out how our beliefs connect us all. This is the quest of our generation. This is the Story of God.

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The Hindu Interpretation of Creation | The Story of God

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Udaipur IND – Jagdish Temple 02

Jagdish Temple is a huge Hindu temple in the middle of Udaipur in Rajasthan. A big tourist attraction, the temple was originally called the temple of Jagannath Rai but is now called Jagdish-ji. It is a major monument in Udaipur. The Jagdish Temple is raised on a tall terrace and was finished in 1651. It attaches a double-storey Mandapa (hall) to a double-story saandhara (with a covered ambulatory) sanctum. The mandapa has an additional storey tucked inside its pyramidal samavarna (bell-roof) even though the hollow clustered spire above the sanctum includes two far more, nonfunctional stories.

Lanes taking off from a lot of of the sheharpanah (city wall) converge on the Jagdish Temple. It was developed by Maharana Jagat Singh Ist in 1651. It is an instance of Māru-Gurjara Architecture.

By Daniel Mennerich on 2013-ten-21 06:03:58

Caste program is the bane of the Indian society. It divides and keeps the Indian society into sectarian groups and classes. The roots of the caste system are traced back to time immemorial days, the age of the Vedas or Puranas. Although a single see discriminates among the castes as upper and decrease castes on the basis of their origin, an additional view traces the origin of the castes to varnas which classifies the caste technique on the basis of their functions.

It is an irony regardless of of the growth of culture and civilization in the modern day India nevertheless the caste system prevails and plays a predominant part in the Indian politics and society.

The Indian government, maybe realizing the problems of eradicating the caste technique from India, is offering the reservation program to the socially and economically backward castes in the educational institutions and in giving employment opportunities.

At the exact same time, the Indian Government has enacted laws to get rid of untouchability amongst the so referred to as reduce castes, by particularly declaring untouchability as a social evil, sin and a crime towards humanity and God. It even prosecutes the offenders beneath the provisions of Untouchability Act.

Although the differences among the caste technique continue to be deep rooted, unscrupulous politicians exploit them to their best benefit in the program of elections and in reality the vested interests in politics want to perpetuate the caste system. As a result communal tensions and clashes between different communities periodically happen and therefore the caste distinctions become deep rooted and the caste system will get perpetuated.

Recently in a remote village namely Uthapuram in Madurai District in Tamil Nadu, the caste technique manifested itself in the form of a wall known as ‘Untouchability Wall’.It separated the residential regions of two castes, the people of routine caste on the a single hand and the people of ‘Pillaimar community’ on the other hand.

In the yr 1999,when the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu had the worst communal clashes, this specific village ‘Uthapuram’ also received contaminated with communal clashes,in which a number of persons died in each castes. Unable to bear the onslaughts of caste clashes, a few households of Pillaimar community deserted their village and went to Tirupur, a textile city, to eke out their livelihood and still they are residing there. The impugned ‘caste wall’ was raised to some distance by some Pillaimars in their patta land so as to prevent the invasion or intrusion or the cost-free motion of the ‘people of the pallar community’ (schedule castes men and women regarded by the upper castes as untouchables) who are residing on the other side of the wall.

In March, 2008, the existence of ‘the caste wall’ or popularly recognized as the ‘wall of untouchability’ came into light in a popular day-to-day via the efforts of a political party, CPI (M).It called upon the government to get rid of ‘the caste wall’ fixing a deadline, which led to dramatic events at Uthapuram village. The CPI(M), even threatened to get rid of the wall, if the government did not come forward to do it.

Immediately, the Madurai District Collector camped at Uthapuram village and held numerous rounds of talks with the Pillaimar neighborhood for the removal of ‘the caste wall’.Led by their leader Mr.Murugesan, the Pillaimar neighborhood, known as on the government to set up a police station in the Uhapuram village so as to safeguard them and to have talks with them. On the guidelines of the government, the District Collector dismantled a portion of the wall therefore paving the way for the motion of men and women on either side of the wall.

Protesting the action of the government, the complete Pillaimar neighborhood vacated the Uthapuram village and went to a close by hill and camped there temporarily. Staying in the open chilly air affected the health of the young young children with fever and diarrhea But the Pillaimar neighborhood refused to accept any health care support extended by the government and also refused to come back to their village till their demands were met. It was actually pathetic to see thousands of people camping at the hilly tract in the open air and remained adamant in spite of of facing a lot of odds and threats like illness, wild animals like jackals and innumerable venomous snakes.

Right after a week, 1 A.C.Shanmugam, a common leader of a political outfit, managed to persuade the Pillaimar community to return back to their village, by arranging and fixing an appointment with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for more talks.Now Uthapuram village stays calm without any communal issue.But the differences in between the two caste communities are alive.

Therefore the institution of caste remains a sensitive and volatile situation in India and time and again, it raises its ugly head, both in politics or society.

The Deccan Chronicle (daily)

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  1. I don’t understand when western media comes to India why they meet stupid people who have no knowledge about Hinduism. Clearly the lady does not know what Hinduism says about beginning of universe.

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  3. Indian Believes in god’s stories thats why they are far behind the technology , they always think that everything was created by god and it is impossible for humans to understand the god creation.

  4. I’m Christian, but I love learning other religions and cultures. I respect all religions except satanism

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  6. Everything is just a question, who created brahma,then who created it,who created it,who created??Just a big question… and also never ending or endless…??

  7. Every thing and being is born of Brahma unweighted* (fire) until for some reason or the other, it comes into contact with water. Hence the subsequent weighted matter or body for a few decades only.

    The water-body cannot hold fire (ENCODED DNA-electro-magnetic current with a specific IP) for too many hours. It gets exhausted and enters into coma (sleep), thereby expelling the hot unweighted self back to the cosmos, for the night. You water body sleeps like a driver less car with the motor running.

    There is no such thing as sleep or dream. It is coma and navigation at unimaginable speeds** into the cosmos or terrestrial space.

    **we know not the speed of unweighted matter. So fast, it is being in many places at the same time. Time becomes obsolete. The speed of light is primitive.

    Fire like each cell cannot survive within water. A cell last about 2-seconds and your water body drowns 10-trillion cells each day that end up as the dreaded mucosa in the pharynx zone (and the stomach) where it clogs the breathing ability, and consequent oxygen intake capacity. The result is most start breathing through their mouths in order to cope with their clogged pharnyx zone.

    Haritaki powder as well as medicinal tobacco snuff will degrease the pharynx zone and you won’t believe in the results. Since haritaki powder is not available here, I use snuff three times a day.

    To check your performance, you will be no different than a 15-year old in agility except for the fact that an adult weighs more. And you will start breathing only through your nose.

    Since oxygen is the real power source, food is secondary. Your diet should be limited to whole wheat+ghee+honey+fruits+vegetables.

    Never consume dairy. Ghee is purified butter and only ghee can be consumed from dairy. Remember milk is pus.

    *to understand weighted matter, consult your Planck chart.

  8. This is only a small fragment of the whole story. Let’s make this clear. This story is not meant to be taken literally. Ancient sages and rishis knew that the best way to convey message with deep philosophical meaning is through story telling. This allows the message to be conveyed without distorting the essence of it. This story has a deep significance in Hindu or eastern philosophy. Let’s look at the whole story of Decent of Ganga to the earth first and explore the symbolism behind the story . There was a king Sagara who performed horse sacrifice to expand his kingdom. In this tradition, where ever the horse sets his feet, that territory is claimed by the king. But in this case the horse gets lost. King sagara had 60,000 sons. He sends them to find and bring the horse back to the kingdom. His sons couldn’t find the horse and they eventually end up in front of an ashram where they see a sage in deep meditation. They thought that the sage might have stolen the horse. They attacked the sage when he was in meditation. Sage opened his eyes and the 60,000 sons were turned into ashes. The sage conveys the message to the king and tells the king that in order for your sons to be liberated the water from Ganga must flow over their ashes. Sagara couldn’t accomplish this task. After few generations, bhagiratha was born and he wanted to liberate his ancestors. Bhagiratha meditated upon shiva. Shiva promised to help him by bringing the Ganga from heaven to the earth and acted as a mediator between the water from heaven to earth. By doing so, bhagiratha was able to liberate his ancestors.
    So what is the story telling us?
    King Sagara represents mind. His 60,000 sons represents thoughts, emotions, desires born in your mind. Horse represents your sense perceptions. Horse move freely in the world and claim their ownership. In this story main cause of the cascade of suffering was a horse. Like wise our senses are responsible for our sufferings. Earth represents objective world where our senses (horse) gets lost. The sage who was in deep meditation represents karma. He punishes for their action but also provides them with the way to liberate themselves by suggesting That Ganga must flow over their ashes. Ganga from heaven represents the divine knowledge and shiva represents supreme consciousness or god who act as an intermediate to channel the divine knowledge(Ganga) from higher plane(heaven) into the human minds by translating it into the terms humans can understand to liberate themselves. Bhagiratha represents your soul or your real self. Through his action and penance he was able to able to cleanse his mind with divine knowledge received from shiva to attain realization.


  10. There are alot of fantasies in hindu epics and even more than one creation stories than this,and no religion is short of such fancy stuff.
    Peolple are always seeking spiritual satisfaction inorder to get out of the daily messiness of life.Hinduism and other dharmic religions have plenty of ideologies to help them.That is all we need from a religion.Pointing to an ancient myth of creation and portraying it like the whole Hindu community believe in that, is an absolute false notion.

  11. Please do one based on the Christian perspective. I’m sick of seeing stuff about other gods except the one true God Almighty from The Bible

  12. idiots its the creation of the mighty river ganga not the universe
    in our mythology we belive this mighty river is actually the smallest part of the whole milky way

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  14. This is not the creation of universe according to Sanatan Dharma. National geographic! This is the CREATION of GANGA

  15. If you don’t have proper knowledge don’t speak, Lord vishnu created multiple bramhas, we have multiple unviverses, Lord vishnu or sir kirshna is eternal supreme soul

  16. But it has an scientific reason,actually hinduism is very scientific religion….. I,will tell u actual fact now of brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh..
    The people who are big saint or lord Vishnu are
    called Vaysha,and he stands for gruhasti means a person who is accompany of a family ,he is god of those.In sense people who are living on earth there (palan poshan) is done by Vishnu.Brahma who created universe is in nature and Shiva means Shankar is god of those who are sadhu and he kills evil….there is more story of these gods I,can’t write so much now☺

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  18. I have a hindu friend, he said everything is just a lesson weather you do good or evil everything is just a lesson to purify our soul through birth, live, die and reborn. Until we reached Nirvana or until we reunite with Vishnu’s state.

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  20. acc. to bhagwad geeta,,,, KRISHNA is only creator of all materian world,,universe ect,,, all demigods,,,,souls{including humans,,animals,,trees souls} are portions of krishna,,..!!! KRISHNA{creator} is unborn,,,,,, he was always there in eternal form acc, to geeta…!!!! jst 1 question v cant able to understand,,,,how creator is always there is past,,,,,, was there no any starting in creation of creator?? thts y,,,,,, human mind is incapable… and i think it wll always remain incapable in knowing god….!!!! if v think as atheist,,,,then jst thinking about "how this creation hpped from nothing…. our minds gets unique sensation,,… and then v realize v r not capable of knowing this and wll nvr become tht capable..!!!!!

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