The Genuine History Of Christopher Columbus

Monday, October 12th is Columbus Day, which we have celebrated in this country considering that the eighteenth century… and that is possibly long adequate. When you find out the actual details of what Columbus did when he got to America, you will discover one of the darkest chapters in American history. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (Feel Tank), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you feel in the comment section under.

“Second, Columbus wasn’t a hero. When he set foot on that sandy beach in the Bahamas on October 12, 1492, Columbus found that the islands have been inhabited by friendly, peaceful men and women referred to as the Lucayans, Taínos and Arawaks. Writing in his diary, Columbus said they had been a handsome, sensible and sort folks. He noted that the gentle Arawaks had been remarkable for their hospitality. “They presented to share with any individual and when you ask for something, they never ever say no,” he mentioned. The Arawaks had no weapons their society had neither criminals, prisons nor prisoners. They have been so kind-hearted that Columbus noted in his diary that on the day the Santa Maria was shipwrecked, the Arawaks labored for hours to save his crew and cargo. The native individuals have been so honest that not a single issue was missing.

Columbus was so impressed with the tough perform of these gentle islanders, that he right away seized their land for Spain and enslaved them to function in his brutal gold mines. Within only two years, 125,000 (half of the population) of the original natives on the island have been dead.”*

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The Genuine History Of Christopher Columbus

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NYC – Empire State Constructing on a Foggy Night
The Empire State Developing is a 102-story modern Art Deco style skyscraper, declared by the American Society of Civil Engineers to be 1 of the Seven Wonders of the Modern Planet.

Rising to 1,250 (381 m) at the 102nd floor, and a complete structural height (including broadcast antenna) of 1,472 feet (448 m), it was the first building to top 100 floors. It remained the tallest skyscraper in the planet for a record 41 years till the construction of the World Trade Center, and shortly afterwards the Sears Tower. It weighs approximately 330,000 metric tonnes, has a total floor location of 2.two million square feet, 6,500 windows, 73 elevators, and 1,860 measures to the leading floor.

The building stands on a website initial developed as the John Thomson Farm in the late 18th century and as soon as occupied by the original Waldorf Hotel. Excavation started in January, 1930 and building began that March. The project, involving 3400 workers, was hurried to completion in order to take the title of &quotworld’s tallest developing&quot from the nearby Chrysler Constructing and was officially opened after 410 days on Might 1, 1931, when President Herbert Hoover pressed a button in D.C. turning on the building’s lights. From its opening till the 1940s considerably of its workplace space went unrented. This lack of inhabitants earned it the nickname &quotEmpty State Building&quot in its early years.

Designed by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, the Empire State Building’s distinctive art deco spire was initially designed to be a mooring mast and depot for zeppelins. However, after a couple of test attempts with airships, the idea proved to be impractical and dangerous due to the powerful updrafts triggered by the size of the creating itself, even though the T- shaped mooring devices stay in location. Despite the fact that the lower floors occupy the entire block, there are various &quotsetbacks&quot in the building’s design and style, as essential by the zoning law of 1916 . These setbacks give the building its exclusive tapered silhouette.

Floodlights illuminate the prime of the building at night, in colors selected to match seasonal and other events. On October 6, the lights shone red, white and green–the colors of the Italian flag for Columbus Day.

The Empire State Building was designated a landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1981.

In 2007, the Empire State Developing was ranked #1 on the AIA 150 America’s Favored Architecture list.

Empire State Developing National Register #82001192

For a lot more of my photos of the Empire State Constructing, click right here.
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50 thoughts on “The Genuine History Of Christopher Columbus”

  1. The world was different at that time conquest and enslavement of those peoples was the natural way of the world don’t be so ingenious where you don’t even give context , Natives had practiced slavery just as everyone else does to make him out to be some demon of that time is wrong

  2. HAhahaha, THats exactly what happened in Africa for 200 years starting in the 14th century. Welcoming humans are always on the losing end.

  3. Oh Chunk you Brown Buffalo, Islam is Evil and the quicker you realize this the better you’ll be. Stop projecting the evils of Islam with World History. Your just like every other liberal, zero accountability and the they did it too syndrone. Straight out of Hellary’s book.

  4. my history class is doing a project were i am forced to try and defend columbus. finding it pretty hard

  5. Why do people keep using the word discover. The African (Moors), Indians and Mexican were already here. Why is it we brush under the rug the animalistic demonic behavior of Europeans. The people of this country are demons.

  6. More virulent Leftist hate propaganda, not backed by any concrete facts? All poor, blameless, beautiful, gentle victims who gave Columbus, (the pure evil devil), a warm welcome? "Chop their heads off" Rape after rape after rape"? PURE LEFTIST HATE TALK. Do not swallow all this Leftist anti-Western propaganda. The enemies of Western Civilization then teach "Indigenous" in school, that all of North America originally belonged to noble native tribes, who all lived in peace and harmony with eachother, and had no "bosses", and nobody owned any land. Because in stead they shared all the land with eachother, and had great reverence for Mother Nature. Then the evil White Invaders arrived and demanded to know who was in charge, and who owned the land. But the innocent natives were puzzled by this question because they had never had such arrangements. They are told that over there in gloomy Europe, the Whites were so violent and thieving, that they all had to live in castles, and behind huge walls to be safe . . . etc. Leftist activism designed to instigate violence against persons perceived to be "White" today, is not history, it is hateful agitation against millions of blameless persons, who may then be subject to hateful acts based upon the perceiption of their lighter complection. Leftist, vengeful, political propaganda.

  7. Cortez did the same thing to the myans so you are wrong to only hate the whites for the genocide of the natives.

  8. O m g this columbus will get the death penalty for what he done now days and I’m english but come on people men have been pricks all over the world since the beginning shag it kill it take it your just pricks from the first and probably will be to the last your all jurks keep on wanking and no I’m not a lesbian in fact I was with a man for 36 years lol

  9. Just one thing that gets overlooked a lot. The Europeans came over and brought diseases. This killed millions, possibly even most, of the native Americans. So many that the village that became Plymouth Colony was completely empty in 1620. This was accidental. No one knew what even caused disease back then. Columbus of course was a murderous evil scumbag, that is beyond question. But he and his cohorts are only partially responsible for the decimation of the natives. Anyone talking about this and not adding that context is missing a big piece of the picture.

  10. Pope Alexander the VI. Gave orders to Columbus to enslave the natives. Please do the research…. that pope belonged to Borgia family…..colleges, universities of the entire world were commanded to twist the truth. By the Vatican, The Vatican pope bloodline areowners of education system of the world and financial system of the world…

  11. I’ve never celebrated him I remember thinking as a kid "how did he discover America or India in his mind if people were there" . I use the day as my break day. They should change the name to honor the natives or just stop praising him in textbooks.

  12. I would love to go back in time and *rape* Christopher Columbus with a baseball bat.

  13. Unbelievable….I will never celebrate or pay homage to Christopher Columbus. Feeding  babies to the dogs as food? He was worse than Muhammed who hated dogs and had them all killed. But killing the babies for dog food!!! Genocide of over a hundred million people because he wanted to convert these people by the sword and rape. Just like Muhammed selling girls of 9 and 10 and burning, raping, beheading one and terrorizing. Some one needs to tell people that to celebrate his day is worse than celebrating Isis.

  14. North America has many Native American place names but very few native Americans. Central and South America has mostly Hispanic place names but genetically many native Americans or "mestizos." So who eradicated the indigenous peoples of the New World? These guys getting so emotional over these atrocities, it just seems odd when the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are in an odd way celebrated here in the U.S.

  15. By the way, the original journal the keep talking about has long been MISSING! Forgot to mention that I guess. Several of his quotes are from a journal known to be a forgery! IDIOTS!!!

  16. My book addresses and debunk every falsehood in this video word by word. My book is titled "Christopher Columbus The Hero- Defending Columbus from Modern Day Revisionism" by Rafael. Available on Amazon. It is propaganda videos like this one that inspire me to write the book.

  17. Why lie to us we were just kids I don’t understand but yet I do I think the government controls all of this we are taught young to conform and listen and work pay taxes to make them rich there is still a form a slavery it’s called the "American dream"

  18. Columbus originally wanted to find a route to China, and instead landed on the island of hispanola. He always tried to establish better relationships with the native people, but spanish royal officals and generals had no interest in that and preffered slavery and theft. And what kind of logic is it to blame Columbus for everything that happened after his arrival?

  19. Humans have a dark, disturbing and many times disgusting history. Man’s inhumanity to man continues to this day. Are we in 2017 really any different?

  20. Anything to do with politics or history should be avoided if the young turks are talking. Their name literally was used by people that committed genocide.

  21. What a bunch of bullshit. The Taino’s were captured in war. Servitude in Europe (not slavery) was better than execution and actually more like a lottery cruise trip. Imagine going from living in huts to pouring tea for a living in Europe. The Indians started the war by executing every single one of Colubus’ first colony – which was in a perfectly peaceful agreement with the indians. They were back-stabbed.

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