The Farmer and The Seeds I Stories of God I Animated Children´s Bible Stories

The Farmer and the Seeds is an animated children´s Bible story which tells the tale of the parable of sowing seeds on rich soil, just like possessing the Lord in your heart.

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Image from web page 60 of “The little lame prince and his traveling cloak : a parable for old and young” (1900)
Identifier: littlelameprincecraik
Title: The small lame prince and his traveling cloak : a parable for old and young
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887
Subjects: Fairy tales Folks with disabilities
Publisher: Philadelphia : H. Altemus
Contributing Library: Details and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
hechild was alive and effectively, and then wentaway until the following month. While his initial childhood lasted, PrinceDolor was happy adequate. lie had each and every CS 56 The Little Lame Prince. luxury that even a prince could need to have, andthe 1 factor wanting—love—never havingknown, he did not miss. His nurse wasvery sort to him, although she was a wickedwoman. But either she had not been quiteso wicked as men and women stated, or she grew Letterthrough becoming shut up continually with alittle innocent youngster, who was dependentupon her for every single comfort and pleasure ofhis life. It was not an unhappy life. There wasnobody to tease or ill-use him, and he wasnever ill. lie played about from space toroom—there were 4 rooms, parlor,kitchen, his nurses bedroom, and his ownlearned to crawl like a fly, and to jump likea frog, and to run about on all-fours almostas rapidly as a puppy. In fact, he was verymuch like a puppy or a kitten, as thought-significantly less and as merry—scarcely ever cross,though occasionally a tiny weary.

Text Appearing Right after Image:
u He mounted to the leading of the tower. (67) The Small Lame Prince, 59 As he grew older, ho occasionally liked tobe quiet for a even though, and then lie would sitat the slits of windows—which were, how-ever, significantly bigger than they looked fromthe bottom of the tower—and watch thesky above and the ground below, with thestorms sweeping over and the sunshinecoming and going, and the shadows of theclouds operating races across the blank plain. By and by he started to understand lessons—not that his nurse had been ordered toteach him, but she did it partly to amuseherself. She was not a stupid woman, andPrince Dolor was by no implies a stupidboy so they got on really well, and his con-tinual entreaty, What can I do ? what canyou uncover me to do ? was stopped, at leastfor an hour or two in the day. It was a dull life, but he had in no way knownany other anyhow, he remembered noother, and he did not pity himself at all. 60 The Little Lame Prince. Not for a extended time, till he grew really abig small boy, and cou

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Who is Allah? (eight) What if the Quran revealed unto a Mountain?

A lot of Individuals do not know their Almighty Creator, Allah.

This series is aimed to support the readers which do not know who is Allah.

It is said, anybody is hidden but when he talks he reveals himself.

In this series, Allah reveals himself by means of his Words, the Noble Quran.


In the Quran (Verses 59:20) says what will take place if Allah had caused the Quran to descend upon a tremendous mountain?


Verse 59:20 says:

If Allah had had triggered this Quran to descend upon a tremendous mountain whose summit is higher and whose base is deep in earth?

What will happen?

The mountain with all its may will be humbled and surrendered

The mountain with all its strength will be cracked and crumbled

Why the mountain will do that?

From the worry of Allah due to the fact of the promises and threats contained in the Quran.

Allah strikes such similitude mankind, that haply they may reflect, and so become believers.


Verse 59:21 in six diverse translations:



Had We sent down this Koran upon a mountain, you would have noticed it humble itself and split asunder for worry of Allah. Such are the parables we strike for men and women so that they will reflect.


Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, you would surely have seen it falling down, splitting asunder since of the fear of Allah, and we set forth these parables to men that they may reflect


If We had caused this Quran to descend upon a mountain, thou (o Muhammad) verily hadst noticed it humbled, rent asunder by the worry of Allah. Such similitudes coin we for mankind that haply they might reflect.


Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, verily, thou wouldst have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for worry of Allah. Such are the similitudes which we propound to guys that they could reflect.

Sahih International

If We had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from worry of Allah. And these examples We present to the men and women that maybe they will give believed.

Muhsin Khan

Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, you would certainly have observed it humbling itself and rending asunder by the fear of Allah. Such are the parables which We put forward to mankind that they might reflect.

Safaa Abdel-Aziz

Co-Chief Editor, October Weekly magazine, Cairo, Egypt.

Member of the Egyptian Society of Save Children.

Member of the Egyptian Society of Tourism

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  1. Makes sense. how many times do we want to be the fertile soil, but one too many bad days later, we feel like the weeds are strangling us? It’s hard. But we must choose to keep strong.

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