The Determined Anthony Rizzo | SC Featured | ESPN Stories

Considering that overcoming cancer at the age of 18, Chicago Cubs very first baseman Anthony Rizzo has risen to the top of the baseball world.

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Bulls Pitching Alter
Taken in the course of the Durham Bulls’ 8-three loss to the Columbus Clippers on 8/one/2007.

Published in the Chapel Hill News for &quotYour Best Sports activities Shot&quot on September 5th, 2007. [Note: My name is spelled incorrectly as Tom rather of Tim.]

By Oberazzi on 2007-08-01 21:05:12
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41 thoughts on “The Determined Anthony Rizzo | SC Featured | ESPN Stories”

  1. Anthony Rizzo is a great player on the field, but that’s not where it ends. He is an amazing person off the field. He brings it to the point I feel I might cry. LETS GO RIZZO.

  2. actually that is one of the words u dont wanna hear but usually isn’t the words as a parent you dont wanna hear is that your child is dead, right?

  3. Hate the Cubs but Anthony Rizzo is cool cat. Hopefully the Indians can pay you one back. but all in all cool guy!

  4. Can tell you this guy is without a doubt and has been a clean player in his whole career in baseball if this was his story.

  5. Rizzo is awesome man. Btw anyone else notice that he played The Scientist by Coldplay on the piano? Wow he 10x more awesome

  6. I’m not buying this story sorry. People who use chemo and radiation don’t bounce back they just die I’ve seen several people use this shit and it just kills people instantly. Doctors won’t take it nobody will take it except people who want to die quickly. They even tell you it has a 0% success rate after five years. This was eight years ago I know he didn’t have chemo radiation he may of had cancer (doubt it )but I know he didn’t use that crap for his treatment. This is a story to get people to continue to buy that garbage and it still has no success rate. They been using it since the 50s and yet have had trillions of dollars in funding to change the methods to beat cancer. Nothings changed they have tons of different methods now much more successful they’re all illegal and they refuse to make them available to the American public. They’re controlling our life cycle by giving us cancer making sure we don’t retire, Because we pay 30% tax all of our life never receiving a dime in return. The average life in America is 70 the average retirement age is 70. Wake up folks….
    All that aside he does have a sweet uppercut swing Id strike his ass out.

  7. I’ve always followed the cubs and brewers. Probably couldn’t pick one over the other to be a favorite. Rizzo and Ross though are two class act guys.

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