The Day I Snapped (Mental Overall health Documentary) – True Stories

Stress is the classic ailment of the 21st century and accepted as part of our working lives. In reality, tension is typically perceived as a barometer of good results. Dynamic pros appear keen to publicise the reality that their lives are blighted by this modern day anguish.

In contrast to socially acceptable moaning about minor stresses and strains, The Day I Snapped investigates what occurs when the stress of operating life causes a significant meltdown. Linda, Elinor, Simon, Justin and Linn had been pushed to the point where they have been prepared to ‘snap’. This is a extremely human account of what occurs when anxiety gets also much to cope with. The story of a GP, a teacher, a social worker, a farmer and a businessman whose pressure levels rendered them unable to function. How did the situation reach breaking point in the first spot? How did they deal with it? How have their lives changed because?

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Chillicothe Ohio ~ Carlisle Developing ~ Just before the Fire 2003 ~ Restored
But that was then, soon after a fire accidentally set by two teenagers in April 2003 gutted the 4-story, Romanesque-style developing that since 1885 has covered a downtown block.

Now, following a 3-year, $10 million project, the Carlisle will reopen today with office space for Adena Well being Program on the very first floor and 32 urban-loft apartments for the healthcare students in the hospital’s doctor residency programs on the other 3.

On the National Register of Historic Areas, the Carlisle is simply identifiable by the trademark tower that juts far more than 100 feet into the sky and its fancy mansard dormer windows. It’s prime real estate at the heart of the town square, across from the Ross County Courthouse in a city wealthy with history due to the fact it was Ohio’s initial capital.
By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on 1990-01-01 00:00:00

It is broadly known that knowledge is the crucial element to have a very good overall health. And how about the incorrect knowledge? It performs the other way around. There are quite a few misterious stories abound weight loss diets. Some are truly serious and affect not only weight but your all round overall health.


Myth # 1:

One should totally cease going to a rapidly meals restaurant

Truly you do not want to deprive your self of such foods. If you know what you consume and how a lot of calories you intake, trust me on this, you can go to a fast food restaurant practically every day and still drop weight.


Just do not indulge in super size combo meals alone. Eat salad or a grilled chicken breast sandwich with no or much less dressing of mayonnaise, bacon or cheese. Do not consume French fries or fried chicken &amp drink water rather of soft drinks.


Myth # 2:

More protein implies far more muscle tissues

Ian King, fitness trainer and author of a book Muscle explains Protein can in fact curtail weight achieve. He further explains, “Your body burns about 20 per cent of each protein calorie just digesting it while for carbs it is eight per cent and for fats it is 2 per cent. And if you consume a lot more protein than your physique requirements, it will use the additional protein for power”. Health-related experts recommend, there is no point consuming much more protein diet simply because only at least 2 grams of protein per kilo of your weight is adequate.


Myth # three:

Crunches make for six-pack abs

Robert dos Remedios, an author of the greatest selling book Men’s Well being Power Instruction is also the Head Strength &amp Conditioning Coach at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, says, “Hundreds of crunches do not make a six-pack. It really is since that six-pack is already there hiding beneath a layer of that flabby chunk”. You 1st need to get your physique fat down to 10-12 per cent.


Myth # four:

Do not consume after 8 or 9 pm

The critical issue about weight loss diet program is how a lot of calories you consume in a day or in a cycle period of 24 hours, not when you consume them. In a offered day if you consume fewer calories for the duration of the day time, it is completely fine to eat late at night.


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All weight loss diet program herbal tablets are safe as they are organic.


It is generally believed that any weight loss diet pill which is labeled as natural is protected. But that’s not true. Ephedrine is a really renowned drug for weight loss. However, it’s been banned by federal authorities simply because it has been researched &amp found to be unhealthy. So it is usually ideal to consult your doctor about weight loss diet program pills.


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It takes 20-25 minutes of exercise to burn fat

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Folks on a weight loss diet plan usually comply with a strict diet program free of fat exactly where in reality the basic rule is that, if your calorie intake is much more than your fat burning effort, you pile on the pounds. It does not matter no matter whether the calories are coming from fat, protein or carbohydrates. Omega-three polyunsaturated fat, a kind of fatty food located esp. in oily fish which do not lead to weight obtain can be added to your weight loss diet program.


Myth # eight:

You have to say No to sugar.

Again the same rule applies-if more calorie is coming in than going out, you obtain weight. So it really is not sugar, it’s calories that are creating you fat. Meals could be sugar-totally free and nevertheless contain a fantastic amount of calories and carbohydrates.


Myth # 9:

Sustain a strict diet regime

Keeping a strict diet plan esp. eating only a particular food groups and totally eliminating other food groups is a very unhealthy diet plan. Physicians suggest eating a diet program obtaining entire meals groups in order to maintain great wellness. This also boosts your metabolism.


Myth # 10:

You can lose weight with a pill

There is no such factor as a fast fix when it comes to weight loss. No one particular can replace healthy consuming and workout with a pill. You may lose weight for a even though right after taking pills, but once you go off pills you quickly regain the lost weight. So it is always advisable to verify with your doctor prior to going for a weight loss diet plan tablets.


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85 thoughts on “The Day I Snapped (Mental Overall health Documentary) – Real Stories”

  1. I am SO glad that I was able to leave the psych-hospital I worked at. I made pretty good money in various jobs I had, but pissed away most of it just trying to maintain a level of happiness because I hated my damn job. Fortunately, I did pay off most of my debt before retiring/quitting and due to inheritance and State pension no longer have to work. I feel sorry for those still stuck in the grind. I did it for nearly 40 years. Money is best used to buy your freedom.

  2. I went on a medical leave of absence from my job for exactly this reason. They denied my leave of absence and was told I could either quit or be terminated. This was August this year. Still trying to get unemployment, because the company denied my first request. All this after almost 20 years of dedicated service. I still don’t know how to feel about the whole ordeal.

  3. Been watching these…taking Psychiatric nursing course…been depressed since she 11…it has taken a lot of prayer guidance, medication and therapy to be ok…it still gets hard at times but my purpose and value as a hula being my spirituality is what keeps me going

  4. Few years ago I struggled so bad with two co-workers I ended up with an internal bleeding ulcer. One day I left work because I knew something was wrong. By the time I got home I had lost my vision. Couldn’t even see the phone screen to dial 911. After many tried the ambulance got to my house and they checked my blood pressure it was 70/40.
    I left that job and I no longer do anything that’s doesn’t make me happy. God always provides.

  5. These people talk as if they had no choice and that the situations they found themselves in were not as a result of choices they had made. If we cannot own that our life is the result of our choices and that we have the choice to change it, then what kind of logic are their brains running on? There are people in this world who have severe physical limitations yet they do not allow them to limit what they do with their lives. I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘mental health problems’ just an inability to think and see things clearly.

  6. Please take a moment to check out and like my Facebook page. You can find some mental health places here. And if you know a place, please share it!

    I do need money to keep up the search for mental health places and websites so please donate here on my go fund me page.

    Or you can donate to my PayPal!

    You can also email me if you just need to reach out to someone (See PayPal email).

  7. I am fairly young i have recently joined the labor market though i haven’t find myself yet. What i realized is that working hard and having a job even if you are not happy in it became a necessity nowadays you have to work hard to survive and be responsible for yourself not cause you wanna buy luxurious stuff. The economic conditions in my country is so fuckin’ deteriorated. Being stressed is a normal thing for those who work especially for those who are still looking for their passion. I also think that everyone need to find the place that fits his personality to feel satisfied with what he does and to feel that sweet feeling of being tired after spending the day doing sth he likes rather than feeling that awful feeling after spending the day doing sth he doesn’t like though it is pretty difficult to find out that thing. Very insightful video. As a person who passed by depression before i can tell that under a lot of pressure for a prolonged period you reach a closed path your behavior change gradually you don’t notice it even if you noticed it you don’t realize that your condition is that bad or even there is something wrong with you. The ones who notice clearly the change from the very begining are those who knows you. Real stories thanks for this video i hope that you can upload more videos about psychology you are one of my best channels on youtube.

  8. The physical effects that depression and anxiety have on the body is incredible. I hate having to constantly deal with this, sometimes I don’t think its me but having to deal what we have made our society on a daily basis and never being able to stop.

  9. Im a healthcare professional. I’ve had a nervous breakdown having to manage work and home. I know exactly how they feel!!!

  10. The truth is this world suck and people are waking up to that fact. Now the 1 percent better watch out because the majority might just come for you all.

  11. For anyone looking to get additional information we have videos discussing various mental health topics.

  12. Watching that lovely gent in the blue shirt talk about his time in finance is giving me flashbacks. Solidarity brother. I was a management and research consultant for years, it nearly ruined my health altogether.

  13. Been there and done that…. I always wanted to be a nurse. After 3 yrs of working at an urgent care I was losing my mind, I was literally going crazy, and considering suicide. Thank God I have a supportive family. I quit 1 yr ago and just now feel like I’m starting to get back to my old self.

  14. I worked in a big hotel (hilton) doing housekeeping having to clean a ridiculous amount of rooms which were then scrutinised. The supervisors would bully you if they were not perfect. I was constantly in panic and trying to work faster and faster, I had to gulp food while working as I had no time to go to the canteen, one day I was so stressed I started vomiting and had diarrhoea on the train home, another day I broke down in tears in the corridor after being bullied all day by a supervisor at which point I knew I was done.

  15. I had to leave my CNA job,way too much stress from management, co workers gossiping and drama, some how I was in charged without the pay making sure people showed up for work. It was too much I was going to blow. I feel much better. My mental illness is a bit better. Now I’m ready for a change in career.

  16. Depression is something super weird and still not very well understood by science, I hope they make progress soon! problem is that pharma companies are getting too much money out of people being ill… there is no profit in healthy minds. 🙁 Ask any honest neurologist, they don’t even know HOW antidepressents actually work… it’s all guessing and theories…. really sad.

  17. We need to invest in more green spaces, more architecture that appeals to the soul, more good music, more human touch, more spirituality and more compassion.

  18. This sick society we have inherited comes from fighting our german brothers in the second world war . Jews have worked there way into our institutions and now control all elements of our society. Overthrow the Zionist occupied government and we can be happy healthy and free. The holocaust is a lie.

  19. I can totally understand why he went into building. its very easy to loose it when you are under pressure putting up with latent abuse stereotyping not feeling you can compete. I felt up and down for years not stable. id get out of my head to cope. its not easy to mix for me. im on anti depressants after loosing my job and unfair pressure. ive had pain in the to of my arm for 6 months plus flakey skin round nose ears and felt tired. dont eat well and have cut myself off. lost 2 partners who died baby was siamesed and a divorce and violent bad tempered ex wife who physically emotionally abused me and I felt trapped cos she threatened to kill herself if I left.

  20. Fantastic architecture picture and wonderful building in center of the city, glad to see they spend the money and time to bring it back to good uses. Nicely done my friend and have a wonderful Wednesday my friend

  21. let down. this says snapped. i wanted to see people in stripes and orange explaining how they beat a co-worker till they werent annoying anymore. they largest contributor to stress is the realization that the reward for a job well done is more work that your co-workers are too lazy to do.

  22. These people are British. They’ve suffered miserably but they also have universal healthcare, paid leave, in home medical care. In USA they will throw you under the bus. They’ll punish you for having problems. Your only value in America is your cash value. You quit your job- no medical insurance, no care. If you have no family to care for you in America you’re screwed. These are all great people but I doubt they would find their second lives in recovery if they were Americans. I wish we had lost the revolution.

  23. It is interesting that many of the people here had pets who helped them throught their breakdowns . I never had a pet thought my breakdown and always loved them and I think they would have been very beneficial

  24. This doc was deep. It makes me think. I like the guy who went from stockbroking to building/construction. He mentioned how some people might like the previous life (competition, sales) but it wasn’t a good fit for him at all and he was cracking. But building is something he loves. I think there really are different kinds of jobs for different personalities and those who can find what suits them and makes them happy are lucky (or, smart lol?). I’m glad he found what suits him better. I am not there yet in my own life, but I did used to do a high-pressure corporate job which, yes, made good money…then I quit and am travelling and currently still waffling (alas, lol) but in there, I did do some temporary jobs which were SO low-stress compared to the other one. Even though they made a fraction of the income, it’s like…wait, so we DO have a choice in life…who says I HAVE to do the high stress one? Like, why would you choose to spend your days doing that when you can get money for something peaceful and low stress? Money is a big thing but it just made me realize there are other options out there. You could get some training in a less stressful field and do that…

    I’m glad the last lady started taking singing lessons. Singing is something that puts me in a better mood, too; it’s kind of a physical outlet. And that guy who can go stroke a badger whenever he wants, haha! more power to him! and the farmer guy seemed to be ending on a note of hope, too, with his nice supportive wife. The only one I still worried about was the social worker who tried to kill herself. I wonder if at least eventually she could take up volunteering at a homeless shelter or something. So, she still has some purpose and is doing some good but minus the pressure and helplessness of her previous role. Ianno

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