The Buddha – A Documentary Story Of The Buddha’s Life

This documentary by award-winning filmmaker David Grubin and narrated by Richard Gere, tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our personal bewildering instances of violent change and spiritual confusion. It features the function of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millenia, have depicted the Buddha’s life in art rich in beauty and complexity.

Hear insights into the ancient narrative by contemporary Buddhists, which includes Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Join the conversation and discover more about meditation, the history of Buddhism, and how to incorporate the Buddha’s teachings on compassion and mindfulness into everyday life.

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Organizing for a productive life isonly  worldly with out the important spiritual element for success. Unfortunately, a lot of people are raised with a a lot more money and possession orientation than spirituality at its core, even even though they may well have a all-natural spirituality that could be created. This absence of the spiritual in life plans actually creates a dry  hunger that further drives a materialist view simply because there are handful of viable options. The excessively sweet or illogical presentations of a lot of religious and spiritual traditions might also be to blame and drive the intelligent individual away.

Buddhism also has significantly to offer for those with a devotional nature, but does not insist that individuals conform to a distinct model in order to advantage. In general, nonetheless, the logical and skillful adjustments modeled in Buddhism are useful and desirable to the thinking person. We can thank the early Buddhist Indian sages, such as Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti, and other folks for the detailed analyzes of reality and logical philosophy. We can also thank the Indian Hindu philosophers that predate the Buddhist program due to the fact it was in response to the Hindu philosophies,  that they were developed. The fantastic Hindu sages became the excellent Buddhist sages by becoming defeated with their personal logic! The great debates of early Buddhism had been also wonderful social sporting events drawing wonderful crowds, royalty, and followers of the debaters, like Olympic events with heroes of logic. Ashvagosha is one particular example. Soon after his public defeat by a Buddhist logician, he was so distraught that they locked him in the Buddhist library, from where he emerged as a Buddhist scholar!

In the spirit of that great tradition, we return to the actual discussion of preparing for the future primarily based on a Western materialistic worldview, but only briefly, due to the fact this debate will go on for some time. Let us now switch to an additional way of seeking at planning for the future because life is brief no matter how extended it lasts, from each the Buddhist and reasoning non- Buddhist viewpoint. If we had been honest with ourselves, we would see that neither we nor any individual else is completely prepared tfor greater evolutionary improvement. There could be so considerably much more achieved in the remainder of this life. Despite the fact that the retirement excellent of many is to get a motor home and go to Mexico, or Texas, travel, pursue other interests, or be with close household and buddies, it is uncertain they will be capable to do that, since life is as unpredictable as attempting to program for a financial future in a bad economy.

There are affordable preparations and planning necessary for the future, despite the fact that you possibly do not know what they are at this point.  In accordance with evolutionary maturity, we will every single have to enter into a new way of getting after death, with no the physical kind that comprises so big a portion of our identity. At that point, it will not matter whether or not you have been vice president of an important company, owned a Ferrari or a fancy getaway residence. All of these will become as nothing at all in comparison to the need to obtaining prepared and transformed the deep mind. That calls for happening throughout life.

Nearing the time of death, you will not specifically know what it is you are supposed to be mentally preparing for, other than goodbyes and unfinished organization. If passing is sudden, of course, there will not even be time for ordinary preparation only the distillation of the preparations and useful changes you have already accomplished will be with you. With blinders on to inner life and still not being aware of what to expect, you will definitely enter a distinct way of being. Regardless of whether you think in reincarnation or not, does not matter, this is the stopping point or event of a human life. Oriental individuals fairly significantly already think in transmigration soon after death. Even so, in the West, several people would say, “Nicely, this part of the discussion has nothing to do with me simply because I do not believe in reincarnation.”

However, it really does not matter whether or not you think in reincarnation or not. If you believe in past and future lives, then you have an obligation to boost the basis worth throughout this lifetime that increases the future life potential. In that way, you can either rejoice in, or be anxious about the karmic life prospective you were offered as the result of some previous life. For the duration of this life, some may be thankful for experiencing such a great chance. Other people may well be nervous because they fear they could have turn out to be even more distorted for the duration of their organic manufacturing process of living.

But now you are currently nicely along in life, working with what you have brought into this existence, is not that so? Some individuals begin out very effectively, with tremendous possibilities, but do very small in this life, even though it may seem as though they were effective. It was as if every little thing fell into their lap without having needing to try extremely hard. They usually got excellent grades at college their job just landed into their lap and with so several possibilities, they became members and pillars of the community. In spite of every little thing, that individual could be the laziest individual on earth from the viewpoint of their possible!

Yet another person who struggled hard to acquire education and to get a job. To do as properly as they did needed a tremendous amount of individual work. What if they have been somebody who actually could say, “I did the best I could,” close to the time of their passing? They might not have received the accolades or tremendous success of this other individual, yet they improved the worth of their quite being tremendously by their efforts! It is difficult to judge these lengthy-term gains.

However, if you do not believe in reincarnation and only this life, it is even much more important to be ready for an additional way of becoming that will be really unlike human life. Since you do not think in previous or future lives, therefore, it will not be a human life, and you only have this 1 opportunity to make a excellent show. You need to be quite cautious how you conduct your self in all regions of life if you do not think in reincarnation. Most men and women believe that by entering into the unknown way of being right after passing, there will be some other sort of evolutionary process, like a conveyor belt going from birth to death.

If you really feel this is too esoteric, I briefly refer to another program of information. In accordance with current scientific knowledge, no energy is lost, only transmuted. It is also increasingly acknowledged that it is attainable for thoughts to function even when the physique is disconnected, such as out of physique or close to death experiences. This exploration into consciousness could even consist of research of awareness of events taking place at yet another place. Study into consciousness itself is a new frontier for science, nonetheless in its infancy, but it is very developed in Tibetan Buddhism.

Returning to our discussion with regards to reincarnation, it is not quite skillful to consider that we can spontaneously become this new issue right after death, without having effort. This is clear when we examine our life, the organizing we do to make issues come out nicely. When we do not strategy, at best absolutely nothing special occurs, or factors turn out not so nicely. These days some schools believe that it does not matter regardless of whether a student does well or not everyone is passed to the next grade. Then it means a poor student will have double pressure in the subsequent grade to be what they are not, function with expertise they do not have, in order to achieve new understanding based upon a nonexistent foundation.

Consequently, it tends to make logical sense to include spiritual arranging as portion of profession and lifetime plans so that right after “retirement: from this life you are taken care of. Start by producing time each and every day for quality meditation of your decision.


Domo Geshe Rinpoche is a reincarnate Lama of the Geluk tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Domo Geshe Rinpoche lineage includes Je Pabongka Rinpoche, Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and the wonderful Geshe Jampa Chombe. As a reincarnate, Domo Geshe Rinpoche has achieved substantial education and retreats in the classic manner. Rinpoche’s present incarnation has been teaching in the United States for a quantity of years, held many retreats and given other spiritual training from the Geluk and tantric lineage.

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  1. [] Thanks Ken- only one more stop to go before I’m back in Boston; don’t expect any photographs though- I don’t think I’ll be taking my camera with me to Minnesota (!!!).

    [] I actually didn’t take any of my filters with me to Tokyo- I kept it very bare, very light: just the D90 and the 35mm and the 55-200mm (that I never used). There were actually quite a few occasions I missed my tripod- like at Shibuya Crossing- and my polarizer- like on the entire bike tour.
    As for the Score me in Colors group, two things: (i) the other pic you linked to has a girl in it. Of course it’ll rank higher. (ii) I like getting opinions from different sources. DMU is very strong in architecture, street, and abstracts, but not so favorable towards other things. Look through the pool in SMiC and you’ll see its a totally different (and somewhat lower quality, but with it’s own gems here and there) thing altogether.

  2. [] Well, we almost decided to go to DisneySea in Tokyo, but opted out when we realized we weren’t really that intrigued.

  3. Makes sense when you are in Tokyo. I would not have gone either. haha. So many other places to see and experience.

  4. Buddha wz an atheist.Did not blv in god or life aftr deth.He condemned Idol wrshp and rituals.He asked us 2 liv a smpl and down 2 earth life devoid of greed and ego.How many so called Buddhists ,are practicing hz teachings? 2 call oneself a Buddha admirer or A Buddhist iz the latest fashion of the rich and ignorant.No time 2 sit and read books on Buddhism.Sir Buddha,Jesus,Alla,or Bhagwan cannot change the nature of man,who wants 2 enjoy all yhe pleasures and comforts of life.Nothing wrong in that but it should not be harming others.Life comes only once, enjoy it 2 the brim at U R own cost without harming others. AM I WRONG? Plz uz U R mind without fear.No god can do any thing 2 an honest and sincere man.Do take out some time 2 read books.This can B done while travelling or sitting on commode. Remember MONEY IS A GOOD SLAVE BUT A BAD MASTER.Dont beiev in non sense= NONSENSE. Bye fr now.

  5. [] Thanks, but I simply don’t have the drive that Billy has. His two index fingers have too high a stamina level. You just have some good work beginning to come through- must be all that gear finally starting to do it’s job. haha

  6. The first 29 years of LIfe. The full return of Saturn: complete pure Epicurean hedonism. ? Think about it.

  7. Since you’re obviously trying to be the new Billy Wilson you deserve a shout out. I really like the lines and composition of this shot. Nice work!

  8. Hello to all my Buddhist friends. I am a Muslim and i love justice and peace. And i know Buddhism is religion of peace, calm and justice. If Buddhism is religion of peace why Buddhism monks and armies killing innocent poor Muslims in Myanmar? If Buddhism is religion of peace and anti_violence why no Buddhist around the world stand up against violence and stand up for peace?

  9. Once,Buddha said that don’t follow or to bend down to anyone, except your own soul and experience.(As we know : Buddhists do not pray to a divine authority or Creator God, but they do turn their attention or meditate to the divine and spiritual nature of reality).

    But one of the deciple confused and asked him that, "why do the people bowing ,bending themselves and says; Buddham saranam gachhami( I go to the Buddha for refuge)?".Then the Buddha replied: they are bowing for Buddhatwo (knowledge,wisdom) not for me (Buddha).

    Correlationally’ Siddhartha(Buddha) was born in the kingdom of Kapilvastu in Nepal.At present this birth place of Buddha is called Lumbini in Nepal.At that time, a clan called the Shakya’s ruled Kapilvastu.At the age of 29, Siddhartha decided to give up his worldly life. So on… after several years,he has able to achieve nirvana,& become Buddha (enlightened being),Buddha means a knowledge.A holy birth of this planet, infinity light.Messenger of,not even only a humanity but the whole spirits and’s a beyond’s a spiritual  knowledge itself.We can not conjeost to Buddha under the human boundary’s flag.So It’s for all human being and entire universe.

    Am I kidding ? Yeah! I know so many mistakes have been happened since I’m talking about Buddha.As I’m a normal human being,It’s out of my capacity, discribing about Buddha through my very little knowledge.

    Dear film maker,
    You have made an amazing documentary,no words to describe,I’m really fascinating and being spellbound with the meaningful​ massage,music combination,and good source as well.

    People might be confuse about  Nepal and India somewhere,while watching this documentary.Kindly note that Nepal and India are two different countries.Nepal is known for its exquisite natural beauty, with the iconic Himalayas running across the northern and western part of the country. Nepal is a country of highly diverse and rich geography, culture, and religions.Country contains eight of the among 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest — the world’s tallest and Kanchenjunga, the world’s third tallest respectively.Nepal is the only country in the world that has remained independent through out its history.& a birth place of Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha).May be I’m wrong but let me tell you that you missed to captured  lots of holy places of Nepal,which concern to Buddha directly and indirectly as well.

    (Nepalese pledge : BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL). ??✌✌

  10. 35:00 omg the ascet!!! omg
    also, anyone knows what is the style of music playing in the background, its just so amazing

  11. Sir, let us think with a fearless and independent mind.Buddha,himself,was a failure in life.He broke all his wedding promises,he promised his wife.He deprived his wife of the BREATEST PLEASURE of life,called orgasm,for which V marry.He was a bad father,as he robbed his son of fatherly love,affection and guidance.Is this the duty of an ideal father or an ideal husband? How many parents want 2have a son in law like Buddha? Would U like 2 hav a fthr like Buddha?Answer this wth sensible mind.Always use U R brain fearlessly and analytically.What is the contribution of Buddhists 2 help the society? DalaiLama himself lives in extremely luxurious life,travelling in expensive fleet of cars,flying in private jets etc.has tonnes of gold and cash,makes him totally anti Buddha.Non violence is excellent,yet the no. of non vegetarians,is increasing,wars ,rapes ,dacoities,sober crimes,cheatings all R increasing by the day.Buddha condemned idol worship,condemned the Vedas,Puranas,all religious scriptures and rituals,is any body following Hz teachings ? Are Buddhists helping the poor farmers,who R our food providers ? Can’t Buddhists help the poor villager by providing toilets? or helping them just 4 hours in field work? Buddhism is a time pass and fashion of the confused rich.How many labour class ,R Buddhists? Buddhism or any other religion–has done any thing fr the uplftment of the society.Many fanatics may b criticising m.Just open U R minds which R shut,called mental block.

  12. This documentary is a great introduction to the Buddha for everyone, from smallest child to adults 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful resource

  13. 500 years before Swami Vivekananda, Buddha teach people the simplest way of living but we human being always try to find new Gurus to make it complicated, we read quotes of Buddha and Vivekananda but never had time to read more about theirs life. We will never change.

  14. proud to be nepali … buddha was born in nepal not india because he didnt wear dhoti like indian……..

  15. [] Thanks! I’ve emailed you the full res version. The file’s a bit hefty, but it’s big enough that you can see all the CA issues I have with my favorite lens. Heh

  16. [] Yeah- that was exactly the thing. I kinda wish we had more time.
    [] Thanks- I guess some people just don’t get it. Oh well- so it goes.

  17. Great composition and colors. When I first saw it I thought you went to Epcot in Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but that is just what my mind thinks first because I have been there so much. LOL. I forgot that you have been traveling the world. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  18. Praise be to Lord Buddha & all the Messengers of all religions. "God hath raised up Prophets and revealed Books as numerous as the creatures of the world, and will continue to do so to everlasting." ~Selections from the Writings of the Bab, Baha’i Faith

  19. I would suggest mild hallucinogens to increase ones enlightenment. The Mazets used Salvia. Sort of a jump start.

  20. All Buddha not to be your Great King of heaven. All Buddha wish you can get success & happiness in your lifetime.

  21. I’m a Hindu, and I love the Buddha. I do not think he was adamant that gods do not exist; simply indifferent to such an idea. I view moksha a more like the nirvana he describes. The ultimate release should be ultimate, not simply more stimulation and emotion. In some ways the Buddha may have been resurfacing ancient traditions, hidden by centuries of mankind’s inner demons. May Lord Krishna bless all the Buddha’s followers, and may Hindus and Buddhists live together in harmony.

  22. wow. I love the symmetry and the cleanness of the lines here. I honestly can’t believe those scorers up there…especially the person who gave you all 1s.

  23. Buddha was kept inside a bubble because even before he was born, a renowned fortune teller had said to his father that he will leave his family if he sees the outside world.. missing fact in the documentary

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