The Book of the Damned Element 1: True Story of Occult & Supernatural Phenomena, Audiobook, Paranormal

The Book of the Damned Part 1: Collection of Occult & Supernatural Phenomena, Time-travel, Poltergeist, Audiobook, Paranormal, Supernormal by Charles Hoy Fort

Rookwood Pelicans in the Rathskeller
The Rathskeller in the Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
The 1907 addition to The Seelbach in Louisville, Kentucky, included a German rathskeller created of Rookwood Pottery produced in nearby Cincinnati, Ohio, by workers hired from the Art Academy. Rookwood Pottery was founded by Maria Longworth Nichols (later Mrs. Bellamy Storer Jr.) in 1880.

According to &quotThe Seelbach Hotel, A History of Louisville Tradition&quot by J. Theriot in August, 1988, &quotIn creating this costly sort of pottery, decorations had been drawn by hand on the clay just before firing, generating the style element of the ware. Following baking, numerous glazes had been added in subsequent firings. The floors, columns and walls of the eighty-foot square area have been produced of the pottery. The ceiling is fine-tooled leather.&quot

To complement the room, The Seelbach Realty Company’s president, Charles C. Vogt, presented the hotel with a $ten,000 present, a Rookwood-faced clock. Such a collection of Rookwood was really rare and, nowadays, The Rathskeller is 1 of only two surviving ensembles of this art form.

The Rathskeller (ratskellar, a German word which means restaurant in the town-hall cellar) was constructed in Bavarian tradition. The Seelbach’s Rathskeller menu offers this description: &quotAs a matter of fact the Rathskeller in every single crucial, artistic detail, is a reproduction of the underground drinking and council hall of 1 of the renowned castles on the Rhine.&quot

The graceful arches supported by noble columns give a cathedral-like effect. The archway pillars are encircled with Rookwood pelican frescoes, a symbol of excellent luck, and the ceiling above the bar is covered with hand-painted 24K gold leaf leather detailing the signs of the zodiac.

The Rathskeller accomplished immediate recognition. The July 1912 edition of Hotel Month-to-month describes it as obtaining a &quotseating capacity from 300 to 400.&quot Not only was it a lovely nightspot, conveniently positioned for the after-theater crowds, but it was also one particular of the 1st air-conditioned rooms ever built. The Seelbachs vowed to maintain the area at least ten degrees cooler than the outdoors summer temperatures. To do so required 40 tons of steam-made refrigeration every 24 hours.

When the hotel was sold to Abraham Liebling, 1 of the 1st improvements was for the managers to lease a corner of the 1st floor to Walgreen Drugs. The Seelbach welcomed this renovation. Since prohibition and the nationwide ban on alcohol sales, the very first floor bar had closed and The Rathskeller was little a lot more than an extension of a restaurant. With the drug retailer on the major floor, the restaurant simply located a home downstairs in the basement. Several years later after prohibition ended, management moved the restaurant back up to the renovated first floor and closed The Rathskeller for extensive changes. In April 1934, it re-opened with a 56-foot bar staffed by six bartenders. With these renovations, the basement bar moved into a new era. Instead of merely supplying a stopping place for late-night theater patrons, The Rathskeller would now provide its personal musical and dramatic entertainment featuring regional bands and occasional very first-run theater.

When Walgreen’s lease expired in 1941, management opted to open a new nightclub, tentatively known as The Seelbach Café-Bar. The club took away from The Rathskeller and in 1945, when the Legionaries offered to rent the basement, which includes The Rathskeller, for a members-only club, the managers agreed. Nowadays, The Seelbach’s most treasured heirloom, The Rathskeller, with its dramatic design and style, lighting, and hand-carved architectural specifics, is once again operated by The Seelbach and is accessible for private events.

The RathskellerThe Rathskeller is the only surviving area in the world totally encrusted in Rookwood pottery. Rookwood pelicans pervade the area, and despite the fact that the Hotel’s tourist info likes to cheerfully note that the pelicans are there “for good luck,” it’s also accurate that the pelican is regarded in some occult mythologies as a symbol of resurrecting one’s young children right after possessing killed them oneself, by anointing them with one’s own blood. The pelican has also long been synonymous with the Phoenix (the mythological bird of occult initiation, wherein one particular is reborn into a new awareness or gnosis) and with Henet (a pelican goddess from pyramid-era Egypt, who appears on walls of ancient tombs and in royal funerary texts).

The Seelbach Hotel was the dream of two German immigrants, and over the past century it has gained the reputation of a single of the finest hotels in the region.

&quotThey opened the doors in 1905, the original expense was about $990,000 dollars,&quot says Larry Johnson, who is now the lobby concierge at Louisville’s Seelbach Hotel.

&quotThe poker space had the distinction of becoming exactly where Al Capone came to play poker,&quot Johnson says. &quotHe possibly would have stopped here on his way back to Chicago from being in eastern Kentucky, exactly where he picked up his moonshine.&quot It was the era of Prohibition and Al Capone played it safe at the hotel, often facing a mirror in the poker area to keep an eye on his competitors … and on his back. And Johnson says there have been &quotlookouts&quot throughout the hotel. &quotWhenever the police came into the lobby, somebody would step on the button and the doors going into the poker room would automatically close and he would know to get out.&quot

And secret passageways — now sealed up — permitted just that. &quotOne of the doors went out and down to the street, and the other door went downstairs to the tunnels underneath the hotel. They would go down into the tunnels and he could go anywhere from a block to a mile away type the hotel without being noticed.&quot

Louisville police never ever caught up with Capone, no matter whether he was escaping a card game or from an additional area he favored: the Rathskeller. Now a backdrop for corporate events and other parties, Johnson says the Rathskeller was a &quotbig evening club back in the 20s and 30s, it was a USO in Planet War I and World War II. Throughout Prohibition, it was a dinner club.&quot

Capone wasn’t the only effectively-identified character to frequent the Seelbach. An Army captain stationed at Camp Taylor also gained really a reputation at the hotel. F. Scott Fitzgerald, he frequented the bar and supposedly he was kicked out on a number of occasions for getting a booze hound and getting a small rowdy,&quot Johnson says. Regardless of his brushes with the law, Fitzgerald loved the opulent hotel. So significantly so he wrote about it years later in the Fantastic Gatsby.
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  1. Any of you guys start to notice that there are an awful lot of different spiels out there claiming truth? Think for yourself is my motto. Follow no one but yourself. And blah blah blah.

  2. The reader is fantastic and the book has me fascinated, but if I get one more ad that blasts me out of earth’s gravity, I will give it up and get the book and ask one of my more literate carers to read it to me.  It is such a shame that some of these channels cannot place ads between chapters and cannot have the audio at the same volume or lower.  I will not buy any product that the ads blast me.

  3. Absolutely Incredible Knowledge & Insight! It’s so generous & amazing that these books are read to us too! I am so very grateful & thankful! I love the narrator, he always reads so Flawlessly! His voice is just as smooth……he keeps me listening, like being unable to put down a great book!
    This channel & everyone involved with bringing all these books to life by making them into Audio’s, are just such Extraordinary, amazing, and absolutely incredible people!

  4. Why are they the damned? I used to be able to do all that stuff (not well but I’ve seen other worlds)
    I didn’t do anything morally unjust so why damned?

  5. this guy wrote x-files in 1909 well kinda imagine pouring over all that data long before index searching i commend his dedication to open the eyes of those sad brainwashed masses

  6. This guy clearly doesn’t understand logic yet he insist on trying to use it. His arguments are extremely circular. It pains me to listen to this. I came here to aquire a deeper understanding of the psyche(soul) and it’s modes of existence but clearly after listening to this for 40 minutes there is nothing substantive in this for me

  7. The guy who reads this kinds of sounds too white to be reading this.
    Like he’s too legit, Somebody call R. L Stein.

  8. talk about next level meaning of this so called comprehensive world..bring on the eye open version of the higher level of education us humans are about to go through. a worm whole of learning and eye opening study. .food for thought which is wisdom gives the person fullfilment and the soul may grow..with the eliments we walk.

  9. I’m 43 min in and although after the first 10min I thought I understood the idea the author was trying to impart, I now find myself scratching my head and feeling pretty lost.

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