The Basketball Saddest Story Ever Told

1 of the saddest basketball stories ever told about Patrick Dennehy

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In 1967 after taking off from the USS Kitty Hawk, a combat pilot by the name of Charlie Plumb set out on his seventy-fifth mission over North Vietnam. Despite his greatest efforts and endless hours of tactical education, Plumb would at some point shed a battle in his F-4 Phantom jet and finish up in the famed Hanoi Hilton.

For the duration of his remain as a POW in Vietnamese manage, he suffered stark humiliation, was starved, beaten, and forced to inhabit in gross sub-par situations. Right after his release in 1973 Charlie discovered himself possessing dinner with his wife when a gentleman method and asked him, “You’re Plumb. You flew fighters in the Vietnam conflict?” Plumb responded by affirming the man’s identification of his past. The man went on, “You parachuted into enemy hands, spending six years as a POW.” At this point Charlie was dumbfounded by the man’s history lesson. Curiosity was killing Plumb, he had to know how this stranger knew so a lot, so he asked.

“I packed your parachute” the man replied.

In order to be a fantastic team leader and grounded basketball program, folks have to be placed in positions to take advantage of their strengths. Had the Navy place the incorrect particular person in the position of parachute rigger, Charlie’s outcome may possibly have been quite different. All players have a place where they add the most value. In order to coach your team to accomplishment this lesson have to be understood and measured using three guiding principles:

1. Understand your team.
two. Know the Circumstance.
3. Know your personnel

These 3 principles make up the parachute of team leadership. I would invite you to share the story of Charlie Plumb with your team and balance the ‘star’ with the significance of the ‘man who packs the parachute’ and challenge your team to shake the hands of all who have packed their parachutes over the years.

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