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As far as Disney Princess movies go, Mulan was arguably one particular of the ideal. Regardless of how excellent it was, the original Chinese fairy-tale was arguably significantly more intriguing. How can an ancient story prime a Disney classic? Let’s Get down to Company and explore the original Hua Mulan

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Translation of the orginal poem:

Otis Mcdonald
Kevin MacLeod
Be a Man – Disney
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And one particular of these
Uh, the royal purple king of the dandelions?

I’m often so impressed by those who garden and who can raise such fascinating specimens as this…

I described my superb speak to Ozrkclkr earlier, let me not leave out an additional particular person whose knowledge leaves me in awe – Rana Pipiens. I in no way check out 1 of his posts with no feeling each delighted and enlightened by his understanding and marvelous tales of history!
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Modify is inevitable in life due to constant innovations. This is most likely why so a lot of individuals today obsessively take photos of every little thing. Whenever somebody sees some thing worth taking a image of, they instantly appear for a camera in an effort to preserve the moment.


Admittedly, some things in the previous are not worth remembering. A number of devices and some style designs came and went due to the fact these are simply not worthy of anyone’s time. Though forgetting possibly suitable in these instances, other situations have to be re-examined carefully. Historical events and areas are surely worth revisiting to remind us of its lesson.


Many of us would claim that they do not have the time to review a certain history this is why history books continue to gather dusts in bookshelves. However, not all is yet lost since history is everywhere. Architecture speaks of history, when a person sees pyramids, they might automatically believe of the rise and fall of Egypt.


If a single thinks about it cautiously, even a historical occasion can be a achievable reminder of yet another historical moment. Take for instance the rise in homes for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the course of the oil boom. This could serve as a reminder of the sudden rise of Native American settlements following The Trail of Tears. Each these events saw a sudden rise in the quantity of folks living in that particular location. At the very same time it also reminds us of a darker period in history.


The infamous Trail of Tears brought about deaths to thousands of Native Americans. If moving presently is difficult, think about what it was like a hundred years ago. The natives back then had no homes in Tulsa they would automatically contact their house when they traveled. Their migration triggered them a lot of sufferings because of the situations that the colonizers forced upon them.


For one particular, the move was sudden. In the wake of the forced move, looters also became another difficulty as they ransacked the natives’ settlements. The timing of the move also took spot in winter hence causing much more hardship. Hunting for food was nearly not possible during this season and hunger became inevitable. Whenever you get a opportunity to pay a visit to a foreign place, ask your self of its history. Sometimes even some thing as basic as homes in Tulsa or a wall in Tuscany could yield numerous lessons.

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50 thoughts on “The Accurate Tale of Mulan – WooKong”

  1. I am surprised at how much I really love this movie. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Checked it out of the public library recently. and liked it all over again. Thank you so much for this video — I learned a lot!

  2. Well, the Xiangu Confederacy or something (Mongols) raided China and was the reason why the great wall was built.

  3. Story wise – besides maybe the ending a little bit – I’d go with the original ballad.
    Cinematic wise – I’d go with Disney.

    The only reason Disney started her off as clumsy and couldn’t fit in with the men right away was because;

    *_1.)_* It IS a movie. They need to meet a certain time slot to call it a movie XD Plus, there’s not too much storytelling movie-wise if she starts of, goes through the entire thing, and ends with badassery. It’s good for the ballad, not great for a movie; and that’s not even going into my second point.
    *_2.)_* Mary Sue, Mary Sue, Mary Sue. I’ll admit, I love badass characters just as much as the next person, but if she started straight off as one, literally EVERYONE would be calling out Disney for making a Mary Sue. Just look at Rey from _’The Force Awakens’_ XD Great character, everyone still called her out.
    *_3.)_* They need to make her relatable so the audience can connect and sympathize with Mulan. No one immediately starts off as a badass. You might have a natural talent, yes, but if you don’t work and/or practice on that talent, it goes absolutely no where. If she’s just pure badass through and through, while you can still like it, it’s a bit harder to connect with her.

    Disney sadly does usually have to make some alterations to every story they put on the screen, whether for the (usually) better or for worse. At least Mulan doesn’t have as many *drastic* alterations as some stories like Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. Those were…much more _darker_ at points XD

  4. The original was better by a long shot. Real women are strong, vibrant, and wise, as well as truthful, patient, wild natured, and courageous, yet kind. ? just like the real woman I’ve known since childhood, Brea… I was very lucky to be with her. And that she tried so much.

  5. You know what would be a true icon of feminism? The legend of the white snake. Now that’s a badass of epic proportions.

  6. I believe that "Fa" Mulan refers to the Cantonese version as the character 花 sounds like "Fa" in Cantonese while it sounds like “hua" in Mandarin.

  7. So there I was bout to write bout da Battle of Jena when horrors of horrors there wasn’t a forest. And ma brain was all like you can’t add a forest it’s not accurate and I was all like shut up zombie needs to watch daddy fight.

  8. well, it is a poem, not a story, so thats why it so short.

    u know how chinese poems r, they barely make any sense at times usin riddles and indirect speech.

  9. Personally I think the fact that she starts out clumsy and awkward makes her even more badass and empowering because it tells little girls that they can start out anywhere at any level of experience and still break through and do amazing things

  10. It’s interesting to hear the original story of Hua Mulan. Thank you for the video. Well done.
    P.S.: When did Disney ever adapted something faithfully (Maybe except for The Christmas Carol or the 1961-Parents Trap)? Most of their movies based on historical events or novels are changed around to make it more sweet or funny for the families.

  11. Let’s put it this way, a poem is short and doesn’t require character development, movies do. You can’t have a two hour movie of just Mulan going to war and that’s it. Movies need motivation that short stories don’t, if you want your audience to care about Mulan you have to flesh her out, yes she cries sometimes, but wouldn’t you if your family always told you not to be who you truly are? The Disney movie works just as that a movie. The poem works as a poem,so I truly don’t think the two are comparable because they have to meet two different standards.

  12. Yall forget the part where she challenges her dad to a fight in order to gain permission to join the army

  13. 62 lines for a decade of story… And you forgot to mention in the older style of Chinese writing, texts are compressed down in size, so it is more like a zip file of a story…

  14. You get a thumbs down because of all the "empowerment/feminism" bs.
    There is an emerging saying, "If a man calls himself a male-feminist, you can start the clock on the impending rape charge."

    Other than that, fun video! Just drop the faux pas feminist nonsense.

  15. in the original Ballad of Mulan the ending was much darker. Mulan returns home to a broken family and is forced to become a prostitute. She refuses and commits suicide.

  16. Mulan was not married off to a neighbor. She returned home to learn that her father died and the Emperor wanted her for his harem. She was miserable and committed suicide. Her last words being "I wish to be with my father"

  17. I’m confused I thought in real life their government had her beheaded or killed since she went against law.

  18. I heard that it was called fa instead of hua because the poem was originally wrote in Cantonese. The poem rhymes in Cantonese, but doesn’t rhyme in Chinese, but people still think that it is Chinese…….

  19. I found all of your points extremely interesting and very educational. however I think that if the Disney mulan had been a badass from the start then she wouldn’t have been so relatable for young girls of the era. (90’s)

    young girls have a lot more going on in their early years with growth and hormones and we know that physically, we are weaker than men. if we want to be as PHYSICALLY strong as a man then it would require the same sort of and amount of training shown in the movie.

    that is why Mulan’s story is so relatable for young girls and why so many girls now have interests like football and martial arts, big films make big impacts and this one said that if we, as the human race, try hard enough then we can accomplish things thought to be impossible before we tried.

    no offense was intended in this comment. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the two stories.

  20. fa and hua are basically the same word but said in Cantonese and Mandarine. Thanks for the idea for one of our coming Cantonese video~

  21. Ever since being little I’ve loved the story of Disney’s Mulan most likely because she resembled my sister :3
    But ever since I went to college to study Chinese, chinese history and culture I’ve grown more attached to the original story. I think you first need to understand a bit of chinese moral values and society to understand what the story is about and to not be confused by it’s ending (although there are some versions with different endings) It’s is a good story about filial piety and courage!

  22. Wasn’t the villain more of a nod to Attila the Hun and not Genghis Khan? They sing about "Let’s get down to business.. to defeat… the Huns"

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