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Comic book superheroes have some of the greatest (and at times lamest) origin stories. But what exactly is an origin story, and why do we as readers care about them so a lot? These days, we’re breaking down the three sorts of superhero origins, and what components they require to include to assist establish the character and the planet they live in. Most importantly, we’re not just teaching you how to write origin stories, but we’re also exploring the psychological causes why they are critical, and why nearly every single comic book movie is doing it incorrect! Plus, need to some characters’ origins be left ambiguous? All this and far more on Comic Misconceptions!

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50 thoughts on “The 3 Types of Superhero ORIGIN STORIES! || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync”

  1. Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl are all good examples of this. Arrow vowed to kill everyone on his dad’s list, but eventually moved on to everyday criminals. The Flash got his powers by chance. Supergirl was born with her powers but it was still chamce that she came to Earth amd eventually protests it.

  2. Hey, so I have this idea for a superhero and I want to see if it’s any good. She goes through trauma at a young age, is cynical, borderline sociopathic, essentially, but she meets someone that becomes her lifelong friend. He teaches her compassion and social skills, slowly, but surely. Eventually, she decides to help the kids in her town, to prevent them from going through the same trauma as she did, and she does this by stalking, analyzing and attacking the criminals in her town, with the help of her friend. Then, there’s this new guy in town and creates total chaos, destroying years of progress, etc. They serach for him, they try to analyze him, they attack. There’s an explosion. A lot of people die. She dies. The bomb was nuclear. But then it’s revealed months later that she survived, with these incredibly dangerous atomic powrs, and leaves town to start a new life to sort things out and maybe leave this place alone for a while. All this while still trying to better her mental state. What do you guys think, could it be a good story? At least, origin wise?

  3. Scott Niswander was an ordinary boy, albet a boy who loved comic books, so much so that he began to research the Origins of his favorite ones. When that got boring, he began to look up interesting things about them, such as the origin of Spiderman’s black suit. Wanting to share this information with the world, he formed the YouTube channel Nerdsync, alongside his closest allies. No longer would the would be ignorant about their favorite comic books, thanks to a young man’s passion for comic books.
    How’s that?

  4. I would like your channel if you didn’t think you’re entitled to insert an ad into the middle of your videos. You’re an idiot who can’t get a real job. Talking on the internet is not something you should be able to support yourself with. You should get a job at Walmart if you can’t find anything else.

    And Vandal Savage had as much to do with the Hawk’s origin as Doc Ock had to do with Spider-Man’s. That was a retcon.

  5. I’m making a comic Batman spoof, except he’s a corn, and a hawk.
    It started as an anti-vegan joke, "SAVE THE VEGETABLES"
    Then, it turned pretty original. I think, while keeping the vibe of Batman.
    His father got eaten, his mother married an abusive man afterwards, he turns into an alcoholic, he gets kicked out from the house, he’s homeless, gets drugged, sent to prison, police found evidence of drugging, releases him, is on trial, someone gives him a briefcase ("someone" is the first villain), gets rich from that, gets a good school, courses in technology, and computer science, learns martial arts, and improved science. The first villain sets up a first technological attack (Percy made an AI and HH corrupted the system, so that it would follow his orders), not knowing it was Percy (our protagonist) and gets traced, Percy tried to invade him. Percy is injured, he retreats, his city is attacked, his mother dies in his arms, her last words "Your father will see me, but I may not see him." (as she knows she’s going to hell for what she’s done to her family) he immediately found evidence that Hooded Hack (the first villain) did it. He sets out with armor, gets attacked, and goes with the signature present day armor. Is it too sad or edgy?

  6. My favorite superhero origin stories are: moon knight, rorschach, and sandman(Wesley Dodds), punisher is also pretty good.

  7. +NerdSync You were talking about how it was pure coincidence that Kal El ended up with Jon and Martha, but if you watch the Smallville TV series, I think in Season 3, you see Jor El scouting Earth for good people, suggesting Superman WAS meant to end up with Jon and Martha… But how could Jor know about Kryptons Destruction… Ah yes, the Terrorists on Krypton complaining about the destruction of the planet.

  8. 11:50 – And then the Joker said once, that he remembered his past differently any time he remembers it. That was echoed by Heath Ledgers Joker telling everyone a different version about how he got his scars. And I like that idea cause Joker IS a crazy psychopathic killer and not a normal guy. (And even we can’t remember anything the same cause the brain is a funny thing and reimagines sometimes…)

  9. Somtimes its kind of boring to introduce superhero origins to peaple becouse they alredy know about that particular hero. For instace spiderman: his orgin story was told through 2 reboots and when the amazing spider-man it can become second nature for peaple and a twist. While other superhero orgins such as deapool is both funny and intrestng with the fact that his orgin stroy goes back an forth with a first personal narrarive to make that origin story intresting.With the movie Man of Steel did the same thing but without the narrative and thier are sequces of flashbacks and forshadowing that lead Clark Kent to be Superman but it was not intresting enough. If I want to write a story of a superhero in a movie or words I would start with a orgin stroy to keep audiences guessing.

  10. My other character involves getting shot by a plutonium bullet and getting and absorbing the speed of that bullet

  11. What always bugged me about Batman’s origin is the crime scene: Crime Alley. Rich people wouldn’t go into a dark alley at night in a tough neighborhood. They usually get killed at home in their mansion study by their butlers, disgruntled employees, Col. Mustard or relatives, for their inheritance or triple indemnity life insurance policy, in cozy mysteries. I like the retcon of Spidey’s origin to a genetically engineered spider, instead of the ’60s radioactive one. The Bystander Effect scene would make more sense if Peter did it, before he got his spider powers, since he would be a helpless human, scared of crime, like everybody else in ”60s New York City.

  12. wolverine having to say bub to everyone is very misleading to people getting into comics lol!
    They might take it literally & think that’s the source of his powers lmao!

  13. My origin story isn’t any of those

    My origin story evolves dragon urine consumption and Tarzan inspiration

  14. (sorry if you’ve already made this, i just found your channel) can you make one of these on supervillians?

  15. Though Joker’s origin is muddled the linking thing of it is tragedy like the Batman’s origin, showing be it hero or villain, all it takes is One Bad Day.

  16. There should be a video about how it’s really hard to create a new superhero because everything has pretty much been done.

  17. Here’s a question in the anime berserk where does guts origin story ends to me it’s the third movie but what do you think

  18. "Oh, Superman is the last survivor of Krypton!"
    Then comes along Supergirl, General Zod, Faora, and a few others.

  19. You could still learn martial arts, like Batman. You don’t need powers or millions of dollars to be a superhero.

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